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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCLUDES

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Astrology, 248:of Mind - God the Son. The Son of Mind. He who includes. Egoic consciousness. Intellect toAstrology, 504:of all-inclusive Force" because this great Being includes within His focused awareness the fieldsAstrology, 674:are more advanced than ours. Its radiation includes the buddhic plane as far as its humanity areAtom, 43:can again be carried still further, till it includes the atom of the solar system. There, at theAtom, 50:carrying His entire body of manifestation (which includes the human family) into situations whichAtom, 63:through such a sphere as our Earth planet; it includes that life which we call human, and sweepsAtom, 126:stage as yet. There is another stage which includes that, but which enables one to respond also toAutobiography, 231:side of life. This new group of world servers includes two definite divisions. The first part ofAutobiography, 291:ignorance. No one in the Arcane School (and this includes Mr. and Mrs. Bailey and the HeadquartersBethlehem, 83:teaches that the very idea of the Incarnation includes the union of the Logos with pious souls, inBethlehem, 158:and also under the law - reveal in itself includes the beauty which shone forth from Christ as HeBethlehem, 273:people. Its citizenship is wider than that, and includes every human being who is thinking inDiscipleship1, 245:it through a deepening of your love nature as it includes others and excludes your own lowerDiscipleship1, 500:rounded-out development, and whether your time includes (as should the time of all executives) aDiscipleship1, 527:the love of all who know you, which, my brother, includes mine, flow through you; permit theDiscipleship2, 158:with its major attribute of enlightenment, includes the anima mundi, the animal soul, the humanDiscipleship2, 208:flights of our abstract thinking (and this includes the most advanced thinkers upon our planet) ofDiscipleship2, 296:the indication of an evolutionary plan which includes more than the physical forms, and later of aDiscipleship2, 340:in relation to the initiate, a situation which includes past, present and future, and - in thisDiscipleship2, 422:mentioned reality. The initiate consciously includes in his thinking this new area of the divineDiscipleship2, 459:of bewildered and sorely tried humanity. It includes also its joys and aspirations. The glamor ofDiscipleship2, 669:that of Supreme Master. His group of disciples includes all initiates over the third initiation.Education, 51:carried forward into, the world of culture. This includes a very large number. Those who can add toExternalisation, 214:members of the human family. This latter group includes, among others, a number of powerfulExternalisation, 255:(particularly the more intelligent) and includes also the great neutrals if the Law of Rebirth andExternalisation, 289:among us and in all forms of expression; He includes, pervades and remains beyond. He is greaterExternalisation, 545:rivalries is equally urgent, and this statement includes the Christian faiths as well. That theExternalisation, 599:the great spiritual Festivals where relationship includes not only the Kingdom of God but also theFire, vi:Autobiography, published in 1951. This includes the circumstances of her first contact with him, onFire, 49:and space, as Mrs. Besant so ably expresses it, includes all forms of activity and spiral cyclicFire, 111:influence of any center of positive life. This includes the fire sphere of magnetic work of theFire, 157:without exception. This statement, therefore, includes the totality of manifesting forms within theFire, 207:enumerated, nor Vulcan. The orbit of Neptune includes apparently the entire ring-pass-not. VulcanFire, 251:can be seen as a sphere of wondrous life, which includes within its radius of influence theFire, 284:certain location in space but as the cycle which includes both the greater and the lesser cycles.Fire, 288:is the same as Atma vidya, or Theosophy, and includes the other six. Fire, 295:control. This persists until that Realization includes the cell, the group, and the totality ofFire, 347:the Law of Repetition by which every large cycle includes, in its earlier [348] stages, all theFire, 355:expands gradually this self-realization till it includes the ring-pass-not of the Entity throughFire, 399:his consciousness through graded steps until it includes the planes he seeks to reach, and therebyFire, 441:is the dominant ray of the greater cycle which includes the fourth round and globe, and the seventhFire, 472:Prarabdha karma, Agami karma. "Sanchita karma includes human merits and demerits accumulated in theFire, 560:it will be noted (as might be expected) that it includes the other two, and synthesizes them.Fire, 850:in the realization that the greater life ever includes the lesser, and that each expansion ofFire, 920:they fall into three groups: Group 1 includes those transmitters of the Word who are found on theFire, 922:The old Commentary says: "Brahma is One, yet includes His brother. Vishnu is One, yet existeth notFire, 1141:others are at the point of equilibrium. This includes all the intermediate stages. The Builders ofFire, 1243:of astral buddhic development, the fourth Path includes the larger number of the sons of men. InFire, 1279:veiling the latent life. The major fifth includes the minor third; the double major marks the pointGlamour, 21:is, few people know, but their definition includes the idea of a huge elemental form which bars theHealing, 44:is higher than that of the mass; this includes also the aspirants of the world. Heart diseases, butHealing, 120:attempting to be one with all humanity, and this includes, therefore, all the ills to which fleshHealing, 206:methods, after due common sense, which includes the best that the tried science of medicine canHealing, 626:the area under its influence; this necessarily includes the gland which the center has created,Hercules, 91:have the portrayal of that greater cycle which includes the progress of the soul from Cancer toHercules, 132:might gain understanding; an understanding that includes the highest and the lowest, the good andHercules, 162:arrive at understanding of the great Life which includes us all in its existence. [163] Initiation, 13:in a horizon that continuously enlarges until it includes the sphere of creation; it is a growingInitiation, 14:the vista extends, and the comprehension includes more and more, until the expansion reaches aInitiation, 29:by the sons of men as they qualify, though this includes very few, until lately, from our immediateInitiation, 121:Logos becomes revealed to him, and the vision includes the revelation of the plan and purpose as itInitiation, 122:the far reaching plans of that great Life who includes all the lesser lives. He not only is broughtInitiation, 125:perfection of all beauty and the radiance which includes all other rays of light is revealed, - theInitiation, 147:his attitude to his brothers of all degrees, and includes also a serious undertaking never toInitiation, 147:as it has been shown to him in initiation. This includes an oath of secrecy as to the realizedInitiation, 157:Words be committed to him. 5. Every Great Word includes within itself its differentiations, itsInitiation, 173:the second great secret, or the fourth which includes the earlier lesser ones: The processes ofInitiation, 182:Its application is far wider than this, and includes the methods of organization which areIntellect, 104:and fresh usefulness and its range of contact includes not only the world of men but also the worldMagic, 14:First, there is theoretical knowledge. This includes all knowledge of which man is aware but whichMagic, 28:the consciousness of the greater life which [28] includes the planetary life as man includes in hisMagic, 28:which [28] includes the planetary life as man includes in his physical expression such livingMagic, 283:him the ether of space, which term necessarily includes the etheric form of all bodies, the [284]Magic, 397:puts a man upon the path of discipleship, which includes, needless to say, that of the earlierMagic, 430:accomplish. Behind this group of mystics, which includes thinkers in every department of humanMagic, 525:which is composed of all the sons of men. It includes on the one hand the hierarchy of adepts whoMagic, 531:It might be said that this second category includes all existences, but the line of demarcationMeditation, 49:to serve will ever be the aim. The greater aim includes, after all, the lesser. 4. The fourth groupMeditation, 148:mystic becomes the occultist and the occultist includes the characteristics of the mystic. To makeMeditation, 259:has undergone such an expansion that it now includes the fifth or spiritual kingdom. He has workedMeditation, 259:expanded His center of consciousness till it now includes the plane of spirit. A Master of theMeditation, 312:school expands that training into one which includes the kingdom of God without. Therefore theMeditation, 314:with the Personnel of the School. This term includes both those who supervise and those who arePatanjali, 25:to enumerate more intricate subdivisions) memory includes also the accumulated experiences gainedPatanjali, 77:Students will do well to note that Patanjali includes Pranayama (or the science of the breath or ofPatanjali, 120:but the vehicle for the soul, or God within. It includes the other yogas and profits by theirPatanjali, 122:Raja Yoga, which Patanjali primarily deals with, includes the effects of all the others. It is onlyPatanjali, 165:but are transcended, for the greater always includes the lesser and though - for purposes ofPatanjali, 234:Deliverer, is omnipresent and omniscient and includes the past, the present and the future in thePatanjali, 275:soul will stand open to him and this, when it includes recognition of the sound in all the fourPatanjali, 366:Deliverer, is omnipresent and omniscient and includes the past, the present and the future in thePatanjali, ix:unnecessary, for the greater Yoga automatically includes all the lesser in its results, though notProblems, 34:enterprise. It concerns the whole man and that includes his divine spirit. Problems, 62:carried forward into the world of culture. This includes a very large number. [63] Those who add toProblems, 104:war. This same sorry story of Gentile cruelty includes also the growing anti-Semitism which can bePsychology1, 53:of all upon the Path of Initiation, and includes those graded Lives, from the more advancedPsychology1, 213:(according to the Theosophical literature) includes three kingdoms - nebulous, relatively formless,Psychology2, 29:the vaster processes of the Plan, however, as it includes the entire planetary evolution, there is,Psychology2, 130:this briefly. The theme is too large, for it includes the awakening of the spiritual consciousnessPsychology2, 221:On the life side it produces illumination. This includes the widespread illumination reflected by
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