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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCLUDING

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Astrology, 262:- governing nine signs from Virgo to Capricorn, including Virgo. Capricorn - Labor - three signsAstrology, 262:Capricorn to Pisces, until the third initiation, including Capricorn. Pisces - Birth - appearanceAstrology, 264:produce an interrelated synthesis of nine signs (including Virgo). In this interrelated numericalAstrology, 295:extension of this to the bodies of all animals, including the human physical body; the soul as theAstrology, 394:ray and instead work as a "fashioner of souls," including his own. He must aim at clear seeing,Astrology, 424:life activities of That in which all forms - including the human - live and move and have theirAstrology, 457:Western Hemisphere. Geneva - For all of Europe, including the U.S.S.R. Tokyo - For the far East.Astrology, 505:the consciousness of the initiate (up to and including the third initiation) and the consciousnessAstrology, 515:laid upon the Science of Triangles and its including Science of Esoteric Astrology; this mustAstrology, 528:give anent the planetary centers and the rays, including the rays of nations and of races. You willAtom, 45:as well, what is there? Attainment of that all-including state of consciousness which we call God,Atom, 46:broadly the atoms of the solar system, including the system itself, there are two thingsAtom, 55:all forms that are constituted by their means, including the manifestation of a human being and ofAutobiography, 95:my point of view let the whole [95] work down, including Miss Sandes. By now I had begun to stopAutobiography, 188:would get up at 5 o'clock and do the weekly wash including the sheets for there was little moneyAutobiography, 223:baldly and straight just what it was all about, including its degeneracy and its homosexuality, soAutobiography, 248:certain disciples in that Hierarchy, up to and including the Christ Himself, the Master of all theAutobiography, 252:said before. The Hierarchy and all its members, including myself, love humanity but they will notAutobiography, 278:and the electrical nature of all phenomena, including the human being. 8. Esoteric Psychology isAutobiography, 281:underlying objective of all esoteric schools (including, therefore, the Arcane School) remains everBethlehem, 19:[19] symbol of the fish in Christian literature, including the New Testament. This Piscean ageBethlehem, 38:this is another expression for the microcosm, including the center which its circumstances standBethlehem, 153:only when the mind is beginning to be active (including the conscience). Shuhite means "prostrationBethlehem, 181:or substance, in order that all divine forms, including the human, may live. This has ever beenBethlehem, 198:the dogma of the absolute sovereignty of God, including omnipotence, omniscience and eternalDestiny, 31:condition the coming civilization outstandingly including all educational and financialDestiny, 92:For the Western Hemisphere. Geneva - For Europe, including the U.S.S.R. Tokyo - For the Far East.Destiny, 135:which is that of the first Ray of Will or Power (including the third and the seventh) are in theDestiny, 136:apparent as time goes on and I am, therefore, including them in my teaching. Discipleship1, 62:with the personnel of any of the groups, including their own, but only - as a group - link theirDiscipleship1, 94:that H.P.B. struggled and worked has been truth, including information anent initiation. Much hasDiscipleship1, 424:and act as a wise helper to all you contact, including your co-disciples. Your major asset at thisDiscipleship1, 457:has been the discipline to which they have all, including yourself, willingly submitted themselves?Discipleship1, 529:a plantation about twenty-five feet wide, including native mountain trees, and our dogwood andDiscipleship1, 717:the soul) is that of the disciple up to and including the third initiation. Isolated unity is theDiscipleship1, 781:certain disciples in that Hierarchy, up to and including the Christ himself, the Master of all theDiscipleship1, 785:said before. The Hierarchy and all its members, including myself, love humanity but they will notDiscipleship2, 33:continuously with the children of the world (including those who died victims of the horrors ofDiscipleship2, 77:me down with accuracy during these many years, including the past nine years of illness. She hasDiscipleship2, 420:of the next four initiations - up to and including the sixth Initiation of Decision - is to enableDiscipleship2, 498:out, and that into this Plan all disciples, including you, must endeavor to fit. Have you studiedDiscipleship2, 520:from the angle of the kingdoms in nature, including - the fifth kingdom. From the point of tensionExternalisation, 46:and which are today in process of forming (including this third group of mine) can aid in thisExternalisation, 63:and faced by all aspirants and disciples, including the members of the seed groups. They are notExternalisation, 131:the desired ends. Be not surprised by my [131] including Russia in this triplicity. Their ideologyExternalisation, 200:countries and certain northern European nations, including Germany. A Union of the Latin countries,Externalisation, 200:Germany. A Union of the Latin countries, including France, Spain, all the Mediterranean countries,Externalisation, 240:govern neutrality and make the neutral nations, including the Americas, arm for defence but refuseExternalisation, 388:Wesak Festival and until the Full Moon of June including the five days after that Full Moon I askExternalisation, 405:which all the world theologies have been built, including the Christian doctrines and dogmas builtExternalisation, 579:that all we see, all with which we daily work (including our own material natures, mental,Externalisation, 596:and the numerical growth of the world religions (including Christianity and Buddhism) to prove HisExternalisation, 646:then, in later civilizations (predominantly including ours) we have the appearance of money, madeFire, 73:in the various parts of the system, including man, we took up the matter of the personality Ray andFire, 136:in bodies which are the source of all energies including Prana... "This word comes from theFire, 220:to all spheroidal bodies within the system, and including the system also, regarding it as a cosmicFire, 223:as Consciousness, and in specified terms as including the following subjects, - hence itsFire, 239:the evolutions within the entire solar system, including the human, which is an evolution standingFire, 310:plane. Certain great Entities became active, including such relatively unimportant Beings as ourFire, 393:every trace of its combination with the body, including this causal body (Karana Sarira). ThisFire, 457:through various organizations and movements including Masonry. He is one of the Masters who takeFire, 468:from a first degree initiate up to, but not including, the Lord of the World Himself. Below theseFire, 472:groups in the Mahabharata: man's present action (including the first four essentials) and, theFire, 474:be the entire physical plane up to, though not including, the second subplane. The fourth and thirdFire, 536:positive force in all negative forms above, and including the human kingdom. Fire, 673:many of the problems which face the occultist, including the "sin of the mindless," the failure inFire, 881:the different types of planetary manifestation, including all the kingdoms of nature. The trueFire, 889:quality of some of nature's processes, including certain phenomena, such as plague and famine. ItFire, 1027:thought forms, having viewed the whole universe (including man) as an embodied thought, and havingFire, 1099:the fourth subplane of the cosmic mental plane, including consequently the remaining threeFire, 1180:Wisdom has been dealt with in many occult books, including Initiation, Human and Solar, and needFire, 1180:of Force) Fig. 135. The general Form of an Atom, including the spirals and 1st Spirillae, togetherFire, 1242:a man to pass certain cosmic initiations, including those upon the Sun Sirius. One hint may here beHealing, 89:would determine the use of the sex relationship, including naturally the male impulse also. ThisHealing, 194:area of the physical body in which it is found, including the multitude of lesser centers of energyHealing, 292:as it produces the many types of human ills, including disease - only one of its manifestations.Healing, 292:These carry the cause of all human difficulties, including ill health and disease - individual,Healing, 292:which pour into and through the created world, including the lower three worlds where work theHealing, 305:it marks defeat for humanity. This system, including all the planets along with our Earth, has aHealing, 337:be found in The Secret Doctrine and other books (including mine) on this subject; it will compelHealing, 635:atomic structures of which all forms are made, including the physical body of man; it gathers themHealing, 714:affect every department of human life, including the Art of Healing. I sign myself, because it hasHercules, 122:making it the outstanding sign of synthesis. Including Virgo itself, we have nine signs or energiesInitiation, 14:a point where the self embraces all selves, including all that is "moving and unmoving," as phrasedInitiation, 54:his hands are the reins of government for India, including a large part of the Northern frontier,Intellect, 53:subtle body, formed of the psychical apparatus, including the senses." - Radhakrishnan, S., IndianIntellect, 72:the Eternal Cause and the source of all that is, including ourselves. We recognize the Whole. WeIntellect, 181:is working out through every form in nature (including the human form), His own inclusive and [182]Intellect, 228:it has proved itself in so many cases that I am including it here. Magic, 101:are the causes of evil in the world around us, including the three subhuman kingdoms. How can we,Magic, 150:and discovers that through deep [150] breathing (including the three stages of the deep, middle,Magic, 214:out upon, or contemplates the mental plane, including the mental mechanism. Similarly on theMagic, 222:and intelligent, of all superhuman Lives, including those of the occult planetary Hierarchy, andMagic, 244:broke on the shores of the astral plane, though including the physical in less degree. The flowMagic, 331:of human thought are found among this group including scientists and philosophers. Like all else atMagic, 379:and Babylon through Turkestan to Manchuria, including the Gobi desert, are opened up, it is plannedMagic, 526:vital bodies of every form in the natural world, including the physical form of humanity itself. InMagic, 542:will be found that the human eye is capable of including an entirely new field of perception and ofMeditation, 239:utilizing forms for the demonstration of its all-including perfections. On the intelligence side itMeditation, 317:teachers, composed of seven men and three women, including a Head who is an accepted disciple.
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