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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCLUSIVE

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Discipleship2, 698:to be overlooked. The second ray is outgoing, inclusive, friendly and prone to attachment; theEducation, 113:regard this quality of mystical perception as inclusive of: The mystical vision of the soul, of GodEducation, 114:a study of these definitions you will see how inclusive the term "mystical perception" is. It is noEducation, 121:of that which is desired has proven widely inclusive and distinguishes the attitude of nations andExternalisation, 25:the writings from May, 1935 to April, 1938, inclusive.) One practical thing also I will ask of you.Externalisation, 98:Plan is all-embracing, and His purposes are inclusive of all forms of life and their relationships.Externalisation, 136:and becomes more generously and divinely inclusive and there is a fresh and more potent control byExternalisation, 137:- the Soul Whose nature is love and light and inclusive understanding. The great problem today isExternalisation, 212:a vision which reaches into the future and is inclusive of the past (for this is the prerogative ofExternalisation, 219:arousing of public opinion to world rights, to inclusive human interests and to internationalExternalisation, 221:But - the soul is eternal; its nature is inclusive love; and the whole aim of the present crisis isExternalisation, 309:same time live that dynamic life of thought and inclusive comprehension which will find expressionExternalisation, 333:that the consciousness of the disciple becomes inclusive horizontally (and that must take place),Externalisation, 336:group is concerned in the entire activity. This inclusive attitude should permeate the entireExternalisation, 339:interpretations. Spiritual perception has become inclusive and now concerns the physical plane asExternalisation, 473:awareness - subhuman, human and superhuman. This inclusive development enables them to work withExternalisation, 559:eventually unfolds into something so all-inclusive that we have as yet no word [560] for it or anyExternalisation, 560:is the divine Will. In synthesis and in the all-inclusive awareness of the great Life which enfoldsExternalisation, 572:an internal awareness, a deeply religious and inclusive consciousness, and a well-trained mind withExternalisation, 588:Those Who have achieved mastery, and up to and inclusive of the Christ. Thus gradually the idea orExternalisation, 589:to the Christ will be developed which will be inclusive of all the best that the past has given toExternalisation, 592:God Transcendent, greater, vaster and more inclusive than His created world, is universallyExternalisation, 691:rapport and to lay the basis for the higher, inclusive identification, and yet at the same timeFire, 111:the body of manifestation of a solar Logos, and inclusive of an entire solar system. This term isFire, 281:as in the case of the little evolved, or may be inclusive of a portion of planetary space of greatFire, 310:will be gained of what that coherent rational inclusive mentality may be. Fire, 1226:himself to be something non-separative, and inclusive that this particular revelation comes to him.Glamour, 5:deep and comprehensive. It is that synthetic, inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beingsGlamour, 62:of the idea. Its cause is a small and non-inclusive mind. Its cure is the training of the mind toGlamour, 62:mind. Its cure is the training of the mind to be inclusive, well-stocked and well developed fromHealing, 2:or objective plane as part of a greater and more inclusive organism. The physical body is theHealing, 171:becoming active in a group sense and is more inclusive than ever before in human history, theHealing, 268:the boundaries of other nations, and to express inclusive love, instead of separate unhappiness.Healing, 351:as the agent of the soul (whose consciousness is inclusive of the past, present, and the future),Healing, 355:to broaden your horizon and thus become inclusive in a much wider sense. The using of the mind toHealing, 517:is to be full and complete and so thoroughly inclusive that the three worlds form part of its areaHealing, 527:involves a positive expression of poise, an inclusive point of view, and divine understanding. HowHealing, 563:now to the consideration of a law which is so inclusive in its significance and in its definingHealing, 584:may so call them) from within a greater or more inclusive form, from a subtler plane, thus makingHealing, 613:that of the lowest type of human being up to and inclusive of the consciousness of an initiate ofHealing, 682:all men, from the lowest type of man up to and inclusive of the aspirant, is basicallyHealing, 708:seven, but dealing not with five. The circular, inclusive vortex - descending to the point -Hercules, 4:enterprise. Its theme will be found to be so inclusive that all of us, struggling in our presentHercules, 123:and charity; one grows by becoming ever more inclusive. One of the most serviceable interpretationsHercules, 131:of greater wholes. The search for these more inclusive concepts is of more importance than theHercules, 142:of this one facet is not sufficiently inclusive. All pairs [143] of opposites are to be at-oned inHercules, 172:into hell". Why? Surely because his all inclusive love covered the so-called "lost souls", since weHercules, 188:governed by Venus, we have the emergence of inclusive love. About two thousand years from now weHercules, 191:who are wrestling with themselves in order to be inclusive in their thought, because in theHercules, 192:the force pouring in; we build for the future. Inclusive consciousness does not mean humanlyHercules, 201:enunciating principles that are cosmic, they are inclusive and not exclusive, they do not care whatHercules, 208:enterprise. Its theme will be found to be so inclusive that all of us, immersed in the problems ofIntellect, 181:in nature (including the human form), His own inclusive and [182] synthetic Plan. The Knowers tellMagic, 39:until such time as the consciousness of man is inclusive, as well as exclusive. This concept willMagic, 41:that Being takes," then in turn a higher or more inclusive state becomes possible and soul life isMagic, 166:consciousness higher still, into the wider and inclusive awareness of the soul. His aim is toMagic, 197:to be sensitive to group ideals, and to be inclusive in his plans and concepts; he has to learn toMagic, 244:many today. Now the ebb and flow is increasingly inclusive, and the mental experience has its placeMagic, 257:meaning grasped becomes more and more wide and inclusive, and hence involves (on analysis) more andMagic, 360:more clearly expressed until man has become more inclusive in his consciousness. Through color inMagic, 395:words "spiritual growth" is far wider and more inclusive than their manifestation through theMagic, 400:and theories, but because they are so inclusive in their outlook and so wide in theirMagic, 413:be mentally polarized and alert, and all must be inclusive. One of the essential conditions imposedMagic, 414:a wide significance; they believe it to mean an inclusive endeavor towards human betterment, upliftMagic, 458:planet. Their consciousness can respond and be inclusive to this sphere of activity whereon theMagic, 461:according to their group influence and state of inclusive awareness, and according also to theirMagic, 603:an auric power which is wide, constructive and inclusive. You ask me to define more clearly what IMagic, 607:and their state of awareness is wide and inclusive. They therefore can suffer more than theMagic, 631:they are animated ceaselessly by a spirit of inclusive love; their tongues lead them not astrayMagic, 632:around them. Their work is more doctrinal, less inclusive and colored by the spirit of separation.Meditation, 286:and complementary rays. Later it is the all-inclusive one, and the solvent and absorber. It can bePatanjali, 378:the objective worlds." These higher powers are inclusive and are distinguished by their accuracyPatanjali, 412:is but the [412] synthesis of them all and inclusive, not exclusive. In the Yoga Sutras, the mindPatanjali, 416:for it gives him a broader vision and an inclusive understanding, revealing to him the fact thatProblems, 23:of individual purpose, and the use of an inclusive and sound education, that other nations willProblems, 68:of races which compose them, are normally more inclusive in their thinking and planning than areProblems, 103:human relations; it can only be solved on that inclusive basis. It concerns the interplay betweenProblems, 157:for a new presentation of religion which will be inclusive in its scope and not exclusive - as itProblems, 162:is now passing, men and women of vision and of inclusive thinking in all the churches of everyPsychology1, xxv:human consciousness is steadily becoming more inclusive and mental, and so on and up to the stagePsychology1, 176:germ of the spirit of love which is normally inclusive and intuitive. Curiously enough, along thisPsychology1, 195:built up [195] into still greater and more inclusive forms, are all found, again, to be in equallyPsychology1, 248:and a sensitivity to an ever-widening and more inclusive contact is gradually being developed, andPsychology1, 330:if you study it with care you will note how all-inclusive it is. I commend it to modernPsychology1, 389:emphasis upon race and empire. But they are more inclusive and think in wider terms than thePsychology2, 20:consciousness is higher and greater and more inclusive than the human, the significance of thesePsychology2, 20:from the angle of a wider knowledge and a more inclusive grasp of wholes, (just as is the case withPsychology2, 27:phases of unfoldment needed by the progressively inclusive consciousness. Other and later cyclesPsychology2, 33:in an effort to shew how divorced from, and yet inclusive of, form is the life of the Blessed Ones.Psychology2, 43:emphasize personalities, leading to: Directed, inclusive idealism; Steadiness of perception throughPsychology2, 109:of long-held ideals when a greater and more inclusive presents itself is Their guide. The sacrificePsychology2, 219:with clarity, and whose vision will be far more inclusive and comprehending than ours. Vision is ofPsychology2, 220:other departments which work on broader and more inclusive lines. Psychology2, 232:His tendency to blend and fuse, is far more inclusive and universal than any possible expression inPsychology2, 297:will find a person who is intensely sensitive, inclusive and self-willed. Because of the fact thatPsychology2, 298:its work, we will have a sensitive, intuitive, inclusive disciple whose wisdom has flowered forth,Psychology2, 338:another, and so [338] becoming awake and more inclusive in its range of contacts and in itsPsychology2, 345:enters upon a renewed effort to produce a more inclusive fusion and integration, - this time withPsychology2, 350:civilization, but also into that wider and more inclusive world of conscious activity which we callPsychology2, 353:men - to the greater whole - and thus becomes inclusive. Standing thus in quietness at the center,
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