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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCLUSIVE

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Psychology2, 372:by mind - narrow and set, one-pointed, not inclusive; forgetting that the vision touches but thePsychology2, 374:he needs to know. He learns to express that inclusive love which is his major requirement and toPsychology2, 384:the imagination that an ever expanding or an all inclusive love will increasingly be expressed, andPsychology2, 391:First Ray - Isolated Unity. Second Ray - Inclusive Reason. Third Ray - Presented Attributes. ThePsychology2, 393:- The Coordination of the Personality Inclusive Reason, which is the theme for the initiatoryPsychology2, 395:as a soul, to meditate upon such a phrase as inclusive reason. The reason here referred to is thatPsychology2, 399:as, symbolically speaking, the meditation on Inclusive Reason opens the way to the "heart of thePsychology2, 414:of the consciousness. It becomes increasingly inclusive. We are not dealing here with the formPsychology2, 443:awareness of the need for a still higher or more inclusive fusion and the establishing of aPsychology2, 463:held before the man's eyes by some one who is so inclusive that understanding is the keynote of hisPsychology2, 486:or to have given any real attention to the inclusive investigation of the alternative possibilitiesPsychology2, 555:awareness of the environment and who becomes inclusive - eventually to the point of synthesis. ThePsychology2, 557:is that the human being has the power to be inclusive in many directions, just as a line can bePsychology2, 565:and capacities as their power to become inclusive goes forward; they begin to expand theirPsychology2, 631:institute the new social order and the more inclusive regime. The world today is full ofPsychology2, 645:recognized by their spirit of synthesis, their inclusive point of view and their emphasis upon aRays, 51:but Being as an expression of the Whole - all-inclusive, non-separative, motivated by goodness,Rays, 172:self to the Self and of all selves to the all-inclusive Self. It involves the mystery of dualityRays, 282:worlds; it necessarily becomes more and more inclusive. That is the effect upon Him, as He works onRays, 282:invokes the will, which is dynamic in nature, inclusive in contact, and which is also based uponRays, 282:of the perfected man. He is rounded out; he is inclusive both vertically (soul contact) andRays, 297:plane. The fusion of the two attitudes - inclusive realization and specialized service - rendersRays, 301:desired because of the need to emphasize the all-inclusive approach of divinity to humanity. TheseRays, 303:area [303] of love; the living, loving, wise, inclusive One, enfolding all and being all andRays, 314:functioned as the monad, above and beyond yet inclusive of both. His statement to His disciples, "IRays, 335:approaches closer to the physical plane. This inclusive and planned activity of the Hierarchy isRays, 341:of identity is beginning to expand and become inclusive can "take initiation" (as it is erroneouslyRays, 341:Initiation is essentially an expanding series of inclusive recognitions. Initiation admits theRays, 350:have left behind, passing on to greater and more inclusive good. Forget not that the blackRays, 420:on this Path. The exclusive has to become the inclusive in an [421] entirely newly apprehendedRays, 421:apprehended world of realization, whilst the inclusive has to master the technique of exclusivenessRays, 463:to the average disciple. Monadic Plane The inclusive awareness of the Monad upon its own plane, theRays, 469:[469] understanding; this is, in reality, inclusive participation in the creative activity ofRays, 481:The Hierarchy. Here, as a focused unit of all-inclusive buddhic awareness, he finds his place andRays, 528:and the evocation of that which is greater, more inclusive and more enlightened. This is true,Rays, 545:to attain that disinterestedness and that inclusive spirit which will enable him to stand in theRays, 549:Intent This is something far greater and more inclusive than the ability of the mind of theRays, 561:in the Atlantean initiations) and the extensive inclusive life of the modern or Aryan initiate, isRays, 576:similar attitude (without the developed and inclusive understanding manifested by the Christ) canRays, 607:mean the rejection of Maya, the name of that all-inclusive effect which overwhelms a man who isRays, 610:Discipleship, and here lies the reason for the inclusive and synthetic aspect of the present worldRays, 663:particularly the first initiation to the third (inclusive). They have set their hands to the plow -Rays, 678:determination to think [678] in wider and more inclusive terms. The group begins to mean more toReappearance, 26:The greater, the larger and the more inclusive was revealed to Him and all that hitherto seemed soReappearance, 29:upon the energy of His developed will, His all-inclusive love and His intelligent mind. ThisReappearance, 32:ever seems to them so inscrutable and so all-inclusive that their normal reaction is patience and aReappearance, 36:God Transcendent, greater, vaster and more inclusive than His created world, is universallyReappearance, 69:to [69] Them, for Their state of awareness is inclusive and in no way exclusive. Using, therefore,Soul, 84:realization of this Reality grows as we become inclusive in our consciousness and participate in aSoul, 140:selfish, but the man becomes group-conscious and inclusive in his attitude to people and to life.Telepathy, 27:mental person so that he is aware of and inclusive of the mental state and thought processes ofTelepathy, 61:of the Wisdom and eventually a Christ - all-inclusive in His developed attractive and magneticTelepathy, 66:teaching expands in content and the earlier all-inclusive facts are seen to be minor aspects ofTelepathy, 129:from the cosmic mental plane and is the all-inclusive, synthetic, motivating principle whichTelepathy, 186:men to think in these representative and inclusive terms. Not even in the Hierarchy is the time yetTelepathy, 196:statesmen, by industrialists and business men of inclusive vision and humanitarian insight, and
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