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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCLUSIVENESS

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Astrology, 455:goal. The energy of Initiation. Development of inclusiveness. Five centers rapidly awakening. TheAstrology, 477:is brought into the required state of inclusiveness. [478] It is through the squares or theAstrology, 494:this - in the human being - means understanding, inclusiveness and identification. Wisdom connotesAstrology, 503:mind that initiation is a process of developing inclusiveness. Man is becoming inclusive in theAstrology, 518:- a consciousness which shows as a spiritual inclusiveness or as an abnormal and wicked attemptAstrology, 521:major emphasis at this time upon the quality of inclusiveness. It is concerned with the "bindingAutobiography, 230:years. These qualities are primarily a spirit of inclusiveness, a potent desire selflessly to serveAutobiography, 256:love and understanding, by deep compassion and inclusiveness, illumined by a knowledge of the planAutobiography, 257:plan of brotherhood, spiritual living and inclusiveness to the world. This will be done not inAutobiography, 289:we study the basis of this belief and the inclusiveness of the divine Life, informing as it doesBethlehem, 21:which lead to his understanding, and produces an inclusiveness and wisdom which meet his deeplyBethlehem, 120:those with whom we associate, and a kindness and inclusiveness which leave no time for theBethlehem, 154:very real and very deep, and universal in their inclusiveness. They are timeless and eternal, andBethlehem, 261:cooperation, service, self-sacrifice, inclusiveness, freedom from doctrine, recognition of divinityBethlehem, 266:and that a spirit of love (which is a spirit of inclusiveness, of tolerance, of wise judgment andBethlehem, 274:of wider implications, and of a more general inclusiveness. How will this condition of God'sBethlehem, 279:the one word Service. They are expressed through inclusiveness and non-separateness. It is hereDestiny, 56:of the nations concerned. The Ray of Love or Inclusiveness, the Ray of Active Intelligence showingDestiny, 95:- a consciousness which shows as a spiritual inclusiveness or as an abnormal and wicked attemptDestiny, 96:major emphasis at this time upon the quality of inclusiveness. It is concerned with the "bindingDiscipleship1, XI:ever inclusive and never exclusive. It is this inclusiveness which is the hallmark of all trueDiscipleship1, 10:and which leads to the integration, unity and inclusiveness which impels Deity itself to action.Discipleship1, 82:a comprehensive sweep of love, and this leads to inclusiveness and to the pledging of the lifeDiscipleship1, 125:and at your stage of spiritual awareness, the inclusiveness of the life realization should bar outDiscipleship1, 129:You are prone also (because of your second ray inclusiveness) to over-estimate people and,Discipleship1, 229:light. They are mentally recognized crises of inclusiveness. These lead one on and prepare one forDiscipleship1, 324:Some people work with groups and, through the inclusiveness of their auras and the potency of theirDiscipleship1, 343:too familiar. It is the second aspect, of group inclusiveness which you have to learn and withDiscipleship1, 378:reactions in the bud and reasserts isolation for inclusiveness and understanding. Yet, if you onceDiscipleship1, 407:loving gentleness meets them all the time. Inclusiveness must take the place of your sixth rayDiscipleship1, 452:by the fourth ray; your battle for vision and inclusiveness must be fought out in the mind and onDiscipleship1, 490:of consciousness and the unfoldment of that inclusiveness which is essential before any of theDiscipleship1, 563:and this in turn militates against the needed inclusiveness which will eventually make this groupDiscipleship1, 581:your soul is leading you (that of expansion and inclusiveness, plus the power to synthesize and toDiscipleship1, 625:objectives in meditation. It will lead [625] to inclusiveness and the power to "see things asDiscipleship1, 626:attachment to others and through a too fluid inclusiveness which is expressed before the discipleDiscipleship1, 626:the disciple understands the true nature of inclusiveness. The second ray type errs through fear ofDiscipleship1, 628:by their second ray power of attachment and of inclusiveness. This has to be negated in the case ofDiscipleship1, 667:It will give you what I might call horizontal inclusiveness as well as vertical one-pointedness.Discipleship1, 690:of groups with a steadily developing measure of inclusiveness. Their own group, their own circle ofDiscipleship1, 789:love and understanding, by deep compassion and inclusiveness, illumined by a knowledge of the planDiscipleship1, 789:plan of brotherhood, spiritual living and inclusiveness to the world; this will be done not inDiscipleship2, 95:hope some day to arrive at this basic sense of inclusiveness which is characteristic of theDiscipleship2, 190:and therefore enter into a full measure of inclusiveness, with all that that word implies. 3. HisDiscipleship2, 247:or point of integration or consciously achieved inclusiveness? A study of the formulas and theirDiscipleship2, 248:particular point of view. One produces a group inclusiveness, which integrates you with your groupDiscipleship2, 252:his "pointed direction" lie far ahead and his inclusiveness opens for him doors which in earlierDiscipleship2, 285:enough along) from the world of being, producing inclusiveness. These formulas have naught to doDiscipleship2, 485:potency brought into the field of a realized inclusiveness. Discipleship2, 518:way of specialized detail and of a comprehensive inclusiveness, and are the outstanding occultists;Discipleship2, 601:of her sense of truth and a wide and general inclusiveness. This has not been easy though you, notDiscipleship2, 689:devotion to the few and with a greatly increased inclusiveness and depth for the many; you can freeDiscipleship2, 699:friendliness to and interest in all you meet, inclusiveness and the development of an outgoingEducation, 3:and economic. But the age of synthesis, of inclusiveness and of understanding is upon us, and theEducation, 110:and has achieved thereby a measure of inclusiveness of past, present and future which is naturallyEducation, 123:men and his consequent training in the spirit of inclusiveness. This growing trend towards idealismEducation, 123:This growing trend towards idealism and inclusiveness is, in the last analysis, a trend towardsExternalisation, 49:is cognizant, and which they "heal by their own inclusiveness." Forget not, that the greater canExternalisation, 219:will become so potent and so right in its inclusiveness that state policies must inevitably conformExternalisation, 329:the New Age ideals of freedom, cooperation and inclusiveness. I suggest a gradual compilation of aHealing, 159:It is the organ of the energy which brings about inclusiveness. Healing, 355:easy to extend the concept to a broader [355] inclusiveness, to broaden your horizon and thusHealing, 642:growing out of all the above, indicates the all-inclusiveness of the divine Life, for the lunarHealing, 696:rays. The second ray has the capacity of all-inclusiveness. The second ray and the second subray onHercules, 3:be modern and practical. It must indicate the inclusiveness of the goal, once those problems haveHercules, 203:new commandment I give you" can be summed up in "inclusiveness", the hallmark of the New Age, theHercules, 228:in their application and demonstrate to us the inclusiveness of the consciousness and the vastnessIntellect, 252:they go; they will teach brotherhood in its true inclusiveness, and not a system which will teachMagic, 39:love, the quality of group consciousness, of inclusiveness, of mediatorship, of attraction and ofMagic, 102:the objective and the goal. Breadth of vision, inclusiveness of understanding and a widened horizonMagic, 102:as a soul, whose nature is love, whose method is inclusiveness, and to whom all forms are alike inMagic, 149:as a demonstration of the succinctness and inclusiveness of occult phrases as in Rule IV. The artMagic, 196:of group interests, by the cultivation of inclusiveness and the steady loss of interest in theMagic, 400:Their characteristics are synthesis, inclusiveness, intellectuality and fine mental development.Magic, 414:international synthetic communion, religious inclusiveness, and all trends of thought which concernMagic, 425:will [425] be the result of the uniformity and inclusiveness of the note sounded by one here andMagic, 426:subordinated to the general purpose, beauty and inclusiveness. Perhaps in the early stages ofMagic, 431:work they are doing in the outer world and the inclusiveness of the note they sound. It is inspiredMagic, 551:of course, too general and vague, but until the inclusiveness of the human mind is greater than isMeditation, 16:the causal body, in the second ease, due to the inclusiveness of the synthetic Ray of Love andPsychology1, 14:kingdom in nature - we have a slowly developing inclusiveness which finally leads him into thePsychology1, 27:and in the superhuman world a synthetic inclusiveness. All human monads, carried into manifestationPsychology1, 67:of the many lives. Quality - expansion or inclusiveness. Psychology1, 390:to a careful scrutiny. The ray of attraction or inclusiveness (Ray II), the ray of electricalPsychology2, 40:to: Building wisely, in relation to the Plan; Inclusiveness; A longing for wisdom and truth;Psychology2, 60:or building aspect of God, - magnetism, love, inclusiveness, non-separativeness, sacrifice for thePsychology2, 198:New Group of World Servers Love of Synthesis Inclusiveness Psychology2, 278:Descending Approach, embodied also the peace of inclusiveness, which comes from the Touch of DivinePsychology2, 297:tendency to lay the emphasis upon material inclusiveness and tangible acquisition, and there will,Psychology2, 368:the first ray personality, seeking to develop inclusiveness might go to extremes, deeming himself aPsychology2, 368:go to extremes, deeming himself a center of inclusiveness. These are Words of Power, when used by aPsychology2, 375:expressing itself through the soul, is love and inclusiveness plus understanding, then he willPsychology2, 544:it and passes on to a synthesis and an inclusiveness to which the mystical approach is but thePsychology2, 555:or innate forward-pressing urge towards greater inclusiveness which is always found in everyPsychology2, 556:all kingdoms) to progress towards this greater inclusiveness, passing from kingdom to kingdom inPsychology2, 556:constitutes a central point from which this inclusiveness can be consciously developed. Hitherto,Psychology2, 556:have you bear in mind is the development of Inclusiveness. This inclusiveness is the outstandingPsychology2, 556:mind is the development of Inclusiveness. This inclusiveness is the outstanding characteristic ofPsychology2, 556:or the anima mundi, the soul of the world. This inclusiveness tends [557] to synthesis. It canPsychology2, 557:plus the potentiality of a greater future inclusiveness. Man is the macrocosm of the microcosm; the
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