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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCOMING

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Astrology, 12:Astrologers have always emphasized the incoming influences and energies as they beat upon and playAstrology, 25:the idea of distributing centers to which the incoming energies may go and from which they may passAstrology, 25:with the response of the etheric body to the incoming energies. It relates finally the lowestAstrology, 70:and the initiate respond distinctively to the incoming influences and their response differs fromAstrology, 70:"live below the diaphragm" and who react to the incoming energies through the medium of the lowerAstrology, 76:below the diaphragm and with the emphasis of the incoming energies and forces focused either in theAstrology, 76:plexus center as a vast clearing house for the incoming energies and who are beginning to workAstrology, 328:climaxing now through the impetus of the new incoming Shamballa force. As it exhausts itself (andAstrology, 328:It is the stage of mass reaction to the incoming of the Sons of Light. The entire theme of theAstrology, 331:response of the individual Cancer subject to the incoming influences and to his environment will beAstrology, 372:a growing responsiveness on man's part to the incoming Shamballa influences and the consequentAstrology, 374:Taurian influence, increased as it is by the incoming Shamballa forces, produce the floodlight ofAstrology, 586:themselves to be sensitive to this type of new incoming energy and can learn how to invoke andBethlehem, 20:and in our eschatological symbology. The new incoming rays, energies and influences must surely beDestiny, 11:it has so long controlled. This refers to the incoming seventh ray and the outgoing sixth ray. TheyDestiny, 32:The influence of the outgoing and the incoming rays at any time. You have often been told thatDestiny, 43:can best illustrate the lower expression of the incoming seventh ray influences. The work of theDestiny, 52:adequate responsiveness to the influence of the incoming ray. It should be remembered that as withDestiny, 56:their energies onto our planetary life. The incoming seventh [57] Ray of Order is surely, even ifDestiny, 57:rhythm of life upon mankind. The effect of these incoming energies and of the rays which are activeDestiny, 109:are learning to work under the influence of the incoming seventh ray, it might be helpful if weDestiny, 116:intelligentsia who are at first sensitive to the incoming differences. Form changes thenDestiny, 118:body which is responsive to and developed by the incoming seventh ray influences. Destiny, 120:the forms in nature, due to the misuse of the incoming energy by man. War in the past, speakingDestiny, 122:the sixth ray disciple attempts to use the new incoming energies, they express themselves for himDestiny, 132:light down on to the astral plane and the new incoming influence carrying it down on to theDiscipleship1, 54:and activities which could be unfolded under the incoming new major influences. These have alwaysDiscipleship1, 204:the New Age. It is this consciousness of the new incoming influences which has brought you into aDiscipleship1, 226:increases, between: The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of your own soul. The vibratoryDiscipleship1, 226:of your own soul. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of this particular group ofDiscipleship1, 226:group of disciples. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of the esoteric schools. TheDiscipleship1, 226:the esoteric schools. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of the head of all esotericDiscipleship1, 548:using the will. [548] Then send forth the incoming light and love in strength and blessing. To yourDiscipleship1, 681:which will meet the new world need under the new incoming influences? The disciple upon whom theDiscipleship1, 707:must be reduced to powerlessness, if these new incoming energies are to prove effective in bringingDiscipleship2, 61:pressures upon the Masters as well as upon the incoming and junior, and therefore inexperienced,Discipleship2, 82:disciples; this has been necessary, for the incoming energies will render excessive the weaknessesDiscipleship2, 87:is hard for them to recognize the new and vital incoming truth, and the sad part is that they areDiscipleship2, 255:reality that it can stand the impact of the new incoming solar and cosmic forces? Will the pastDiscipleship2, 270:world to the new possibilities and to the new incoming potencies which can become available forDiscipleship2, 290:The right eye and the left eye, which take the incoming energy, symbolically speaking, and divideDiscipleship2, 330:is true, no matter what the degree, where higher incoming energy is concerned. When a disciple isDiscipleship2, 351:possible by the higher mental perception of the incoming disciples. Group work, group reaction andDiscipleship2, 457:is the one [457] that relates the new and incoming spiritual energy and the substance or matterDiscipleship2, 574:closer study of the seventh ray. It is also the incoming ray for the next immediate cycle. ADiscipleship2, 685:of thought and was one of the effects of the incoming fifth ray life. A very large number ofDiscipleship2, 719:when the aura of the group will absorb the incoming energies and you will not then be undulyDiscipleship2, 749:of "embodied light," sensitivity to the new incoming vibration, and protective pliancy - I know notEducation, 121:- growing, stabilizing and final - of the new, incoming influences. These will inevitably conditionEducation, 147:Antahkarana deals, therefore, with the entire incoming system of energy, with the processes ofEducation, 148:of [148] the science of the force centers. The incoming and the outgoing energies constituteExternalisation, 29:and as a group they can become sensitive to the incoming new ideas which it is intended shouldExternalisation, 57:world of spirit - will outline the nature of the incoming forces which will determine and motivateExternalisation, 93:this time. They are likewise conditioned by the incoming Aquarian force and "measured" by theExternalisation, 274:government, with politics and law. Thus the incoming focused energy, called forth in response toExternalisation, 280:is humanity alone which can precipitate the new incoming energies from the Lords of Liberation andExternalisation, 346:themselves to be sensitive to this type of new incoming energy and can learn how to invoke andExternalisation, 360:two developments have been brought about by the incoming new ideas, focused through the worldExternalisation, 381:benefit humanity and are in line with the new incoming era. Many people think that an emotionalExternalisation, 423:I have called to your notice the urgency of the incoming life, producing tension, spiritualExternalisation, 436:and right living shall be [436] the lot of the incoming generation. This necessitates on the partFire, 28:of hell belched forth the animating shades. The incoming seventh reduced to order all the forms, -Fire, 440:be immediately apparent, therefore, that this incoming Ray is peculiarly situated at this time, andFire, 442:Factor We might consider the effect of this incoming force along three lines: First. The type ofFire, 452:in mind (as we take up this matter of the incoming Ray and the effects to be looked for from itsFire, 455:may be proclaimed far and wide. Paralleling the incoming of this large band of seventh RayFire, 457:take up two points and study the effect of the incoming force on the human and animal kingdoms.Fire, 457:we have now to consider is the effect of the incoming seventh Ray during the coming centuries uponFire, 463:the means of these and through the force of the incoming Ray, man may (if he cares to do so) comeFire, 466:the [466] deva evolution, and the effect of the incoming ray upon them. The first point to be notedFire, 472:their closer approximation to him through the incoming type of force. This approximation, thoughFire, 473:about three hundred years hence, when the incoming seventh Ray Egos will be numerically strongFire, 716:effect of their energy is not yet apparent. This incoming force, the Hierarchy will avail itself ofFire, 955:ascertain the point of departure for the new and incoming thought impulses, an ability to loseGlamour, 156:- conditioning incentives. Physical ray - 7th - incoming ray. Each great cycle in the zodiac is inGlamour, 167:two developments have been brought about by the incoming new ideas, focused through the worldGlamour, 176:hindrances, and preconceived ideas the new incoming revelation will have to contend. The fact ofGlamour, 243:of ever-moving, ever-impacting, outgoing and incoming energies. The occultist, however, worksHealing, 141:and the free expression, or the reverse, of the incoming energies. These four agents ofHealing, 141:its myriads of lines of force and of energy, the incoming and the outgoing energies, itsHealing, 176:and remain active in order to provide bodies for incoming souls. But as the race progresses, thisHealing, 194:the centers (regarding these as focal points for incoming energies from some source or another) itHealing, 194:or the soul) which is the source of the incoming energy, or upon the ray governing the astral bodyHealing, 195:of energy to which the individual reacts. The incoming energy is transmuted within the center intoHealing, 201:until the nature of the centers and the type of incoming force and their regulation are recognizedHealing, 227:concept must be added two others: First, that incoming souls draw to themselves the type ofHealing, 492:etheric structure or vital web along which the incoming energies will circulate and is related inHealing, 621:of the seven" (as it is sometimes called) to the incoming spiritual energies, in their right orderHealing, 707:the trouble; this is owing to the fact that the incoming energy "expels dynamically" the very seedHealing, 713:the activity of the first ray in relation to the incoming seventh ray and has its analogousMagic, 633:The group of those who respond more fully to the incoming Aquarian vibration register the voices ofMeditation, 40:condition. The middle part of a cycle, where the incoming vibration is stabilized and the [41] oldMeditation, 41:rule and order under the sway of the incoming force, that of the ray of the Master R. Out of theMeditation, 42:the situation and weighs the effect of the incoming ray on the spirits in incarnation. Here,Meditation, 230:of Science, and comes under the influence of the incoming Ray of Harmony, the effect on his trendMeditation, 235:are refined they provide better mediums for incoming forces, and the quality of any particularMeditation, 235:(if he is so situated that he is aware of the incoming ray or of the ray in dominance at thatMeditation, 300:this object in view They plan to utilize the incoming Ray of Ceremonial Law or Organization, andPatanjali, 224:that there is no impediment to the outgoing or incoming forces. When motionless control is reached,Problems, 66:atom - the future of mankind and the type of the incoming civilization is unpredictable. The
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