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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCREASE

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Problems, 67:those who would exploit this discovery for the increase of their dividends. In the hands of theProblems, 86:or world trends and these still further increase the difficulty. The efforts of well-meaningProblems, 133:them the factor of major importance and not the increase of church attendance and the authority ofPsychology1, xvii:relieved. The teaching to be given must likewise increase their mental competency, and lead to thatPsychology1, xvii:anent the Ageless Wisdom, serve only to increase responsibility, or produce brain fatigue andPsychology1, xix:will produce understanding and will likewise increase the group apprehension of the teaching whichPsychology1, 4:in my endeavor to shed fresh light, temporarily increase the complexity of the subject. But asPsychology1, 67:are worse than useless and serve but to increase responsibility. The capacity to see objectivePsychology1, 80:he does nothing knowingly that could possibly increase the world's pain or sorrow. Some of thePsychology1, 98:and of the psychic sciences, and hence also the increase among men of nervous tension, of neuroticPsychology1, 102:of the light is going on all the time, and this increase in intensity began on the earth at aboutPsychology1, 109:such an outpouring of communications is oft an increase of spiritual pride and ambition, and thatPsychology1, 126:on the Masonic rituals, - an emphasis which will increase and not grow less as the years slip by.Psychology1, 165:still going on, is marked by the steady increase of ritualism and sacerdotalism in the variousPsychology1, 172:of spiritual stimulation with the intent to increase their effectiveness. Groups that werePsychology1, 173:The people must be taught that the longing to increase possessions is a deterrent to realPsychology1, 177:are an externalization) will greatly increase. Soon we shall have the inner structure of aPsychology1, 194:have the same objective. At the same time, they increase our capacity to grasp the intense activityPsychology1, 222:the new psychology, and as its objective is to increase man's understanding of himself, it is notPsychology1, 223:to act on suggested hypothesis will man increase his capacity to see life whole, and be ablePsychology1, 231:that any teacher of the race has to do is to increase the mental equipment of the would-be server.Psychology1, 262:of the incoming seventh ray has been the increase in the mental interest in sex. A study also ofPsychology1, 270:dangerous. This sterility is rapidly on the increase. It leads finally to physical conditions whichPsychology1, 270:dominance of the animal world and an immense increase of animal life, and we should have a periodPsychology1, 283:in our large centers of population, of an increase in sexual relations, but distinguished at thisPsychology1, 283:distinguished at this time by no corresponding increase in population. This is due to the modernPsychology1, 289:and of ideas proceeds, we shall have a rapid increase in the raising of the lower into union withPsychology1, 339:conditions fifty years ago. The reason for this increase of intelligent activity and rapidity ofPsychology1, 374:ray. One of its earliest effects will be the increase of the understanding of brotherhood and itsPsychology1, 381:spiritualistic movement, and for the enormous increase in the lower psychic powers. Old AtlanteanPsychology2, 87:and make their presence felt. This will at first increase the world difficulty; hence the need toPsychology2, 254:qualities of good will, peace and love can increase and express themselves through human beings,Psychology2, 430:utilized and understood, for it then serves to increase the cleavage instead of being recognized asPsychology2, 546:on. One of the difficulties which tend also to increase the strain is the inability of the averagePsychology2, 553:6. The activity of the ajna center will increase a great deal during the coming century, bringingPsychology2, 621:and not subjective so will this trouble increase. I refer to those diseases affecting the breathingPsychology2, 622:It is consequently one of the factors which will increase the difficulties connected with thePsychology2, 641:present. Yet the chaos grows; the hatreds increase; the warfare spreads; past efforts seem futilePsychology2, 685:they meet that need; as interpreters they increase the capacity of the human being to respond andPsychology2, 686:as fully as they can in an intensive effort to increase the receptivity of humanity to the newPsychology2, 692:change the current of world affairs by an [692] increase in the spirit of love and good will in thePsychology2, 692:must be made by the workers in every country to increase the numbers of those who use thisPsychology2, 743:environment. They do and say nothing which could increase the existing cleavages among people,Rays, 8:with a synchronous vibration. This will tend to increase the magnitude of the task before the EgoRays, 214:or unwise, or wasteful of energy, will simply increase the inner banking up and will leadRays, 300:and of politics; it is already doing so. An increase of pressure on the part of all who recognizeRays, 301:their quality. Simultaneously, as their numbers increase, a reverse movement is taking place. MenRays, 673:and usually violent reaction serves only to increase the confusion and the attending difficulties,Reappearance, 93:These energies can, therefore, increase that aspect of their lives. They can, however, and in spiteReappearance, 93:lives. They can, however, and in spite of this, increase the potency of the objective which theReappearance, 182:Who have given to men a message which brought an increase of light to the people. Now, in theReappearance, 183:of goodwill and intelligence who are trying to increase understanding and right human relationsTelepathy, 31:and very simple; telepathic power should greatly increase if one faithfully follows these fourTelepathy, 58:to Their disciples has one main objective: to increase, develop and enable them to utilize inTelepathy, 93:greater impression and inspiration in order to increase his ability to serve. [94] Telepathy, 95:his soul; it deepens and grows as those contacts increase in frequency and become eventually anTelepathy, 99:and the power of the astral aura, and extend and increase the potency of the mental aura. It shouldTelepathy, 197:to its goal. The intent of the Hierarchy is to increase men's capacity for freedom in order to
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