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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCREASED

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Astrology, 186:The Esoteric Planets - These bring in renewed or increased planetary energy and ray energy in aAstrology, 268:an initiate, this range of vibrations is rapidly increased and he becomes receptive to thoseAstrology, 361:is also rightly oriented and is released into increased effectiveness by drastic purification ofAstrology, 374:great question is: Will this Taurian influence, increased as it is by the incoming ShamballaAstrology, 448:that the emergence into manifestation of an increased individualism and self-conscious realizationAstrology, 481:of the world which must suffice for any increased understanding; with these I shall gradually dealAstrology, 490:Ray II - Virgo: This constellation produces the increased activity of the Christ principle in theAstrology, 499:world will be no longer questioned as man's increased sensitivity enables him to respond to theAstrology, 539:about the precipitation of inner forces, an increased activity of the lower mind and an outpouringAstrology, 539:greater effect is produced owing to the greatly increased sensitivity of mankind, compared to theAstrology, 543:the lowest concrete aspect of the mind and an increased control by the Taurian spirit in its worstAstrology, 624:It will inaugurate an era wherein - through increased capacity to see the vision and increasedAstrology, 624:through increased capacity to see the vision and increased power to identify oneself with theAtom, 68:to contact, and its general awareness have increased. When we come to the study of the evolution ofAtom, 102:the animal showing signs of sensation in greatly increased degree to the similar response in theAtom, 115:of our environment, and our mental content is increased, it is an initiation on a tiny scale. EveryAtom, 157:ability to think in wider and larger terms is increased; [158] we are enabled to look beyond ourAutobiography, 86:The headaches to which I had always been subject increased and I was worn to a frazzle. ThreeAutobiography, 195:exoteric group. He had no answer to this and I increased his bewilderment by pointing out (which IAutobiography, 224:small but the last two years it steadily increased in size and I think it could be said that theAutobiography, 236:to do; the over-population of the world steadily increased the difficulties. All conditions thatAutobiography, 266:the vision of the future will move forward to increased usefulness, to vital reconstruction and toAutobiography, 289:different languages. (By 1951 this number had increased to forty-two known languages plus a greatAutobiography, 300:field. First, there was a real need for an increased number of working disciples in the world whoBethlehem, 26:of a full-grown man in Christ, indicating an increased experience of the divine life and a deeperBethlehem, 76:and was subject unto them... And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God andBethlehem, 94:conditions; the animal kingdom with its greatly increased awareness, its capacity for free movementBethlehem, 131:mission of the kingdom, and then He began that increased service which is ever the signal to theBethlehem, 167:characteristics of each initiation is the increased capacity and ability of the initiate to serve.Bethlehem, 170:of Transfiguration, service leads inevitably to increased illumination, and illumination in itsBethlehem, 246:He rose from the dead and entered upon a life of increased active service. The "other sheep" whichDestiny, 6:hundred years ago and the sound and demand has increased in volume and potency until today thisDestiny, 42:that is conducive to human sensitivity and to increased awareness is the work of the whiteDestiny, 48:sensitizing of the form aspect through the increased radiation and potency of the dynamic New GroupDestiny, 49:any nation. This soul ray must be evoked into an increased functioning activity by the New Group ofDestiny, 117:ray civilization of synthesis, fusion, and of increased soul expression, and the development of theDestiny, 136:humanity itself. It will produce, when over, an increased stimulation of the intellect as itDiscipleship1, 45:them could be taught, their vibration could be increased, their consciousness expanded and theDiscipleship1, 47:and the training which will make greatly increased usefulness possible. I have stated that theDiscipleship1, 58:of consciousness implies three things: [58] Increased awareness and sensitivity to experience andDiscipleship1, 76:his strength and effectiveness can be increased by the strength, the power and the understanding ofDiscipleship1, 88:your emotional life and reactions with greatly increased care; I would ask you to watchDiscipleship1, 100:fusion, personality coordination and a greatly increased efficiency. Many disciples are not youngDiscipleship1, 109:more emotional and sensitive contact and for an increased heart activity. This you are nowDiscipleship1, 110:knowledge, gained psychically, and to serve with increased effectiveness. Later, I will (if youDiscipleship1, 127:dormant cells, thus making you capable of increased service of a different nature to that withDiscipleship1, 146:must be taught. Secondly, you must acquire an increased ability to voice truth through the mediumDiscipleship1, 147:a better comprehension of this problem and an increased facility in application. You are learningDiscipleship1, 153:done and I ask of you no new thing but only an increased magnetic radiance, based upon an innerDiscipleship1, 159:which I must assign to you. The condition of increased sensitivity is dependent upon a perfectedDiscipleship1, 160:me, for that is for you also an opening door of increased usefulness. Cultivate love for yourDiscipleship1, 170:but I call you all to deeper understanding and increased activity. For you, my brother, I have thisDiscipleship1, 191:opportunity have opened wide for you, for your increased stimulation (through your groupDiscipleship1, 192:in alignment will produce in you a greatly increased efficiency. Your alignment is weak. YourDiscipleship1, 199:thus intensify my capacity for service and my increased usefulness upon the Path? Is my progressDiscipleship1, 214:(and not to me, my brother) will come for you increased power to live with joy and serve. This is,Discipleship1, 218:for you and one which has brought you an increased capacity to see the vision with clarity. One ofDiscipleship1, 220:life and in meditation should be the mind, and increased illumination - this in order to renderDiscipleship1, 220:increased illumination - this in order to render increased service to your fellowmen. Hence theDiscipleship1, 223:your chosen field of service, and develop an increased inflow of soul wisdom. Concentrate uponDiscipleship1, 226:upon the Path lately, and have definitely increased both your vibratory capacity and yourDiscipleship1, 234:have you done in the past five years anent the increased sensitivity of the heart. Yet theDiscipleship1, 236:the sixth ray force, the shattering effect is increased and the personality carries more force thanDiscipleship1, 243:should have prepared you for changes and for increased usefulness in service. That your will isDiscipleship1, 245:every expansion of consciousness, resulting in increased scope for service, is to be taken at aDiscipleship1, 256:health during the coming years and thus make increased service possible and also keep fluid inDiscipleship1, 261:find that the use of this meditation produces an increased expression of sixth ray force and thatDiscipleship1, 264:to the handling of still more work with increased efficiency and speed. Of one thing I would seekDiscipleship1, 267:of the heart and the ajna centers will come increased ability to do this work. This linking willDiscipleship1, 270:may expand and your vibratory rate be increased. Discipleship1, 270:vital changes in the work of the group now. An increased momentum in service and a more rapidDiscipleship1, 275:with your mental problem which is that of an increased dynamism. The dynamic power of your soulDiscipleship1, 275:quiescent and should be awakened by the soul to increased coordinated purpose. The following raysDiscipleship1, 281:is solved by you, you will enter into a greatly increased usefulness. In this there has alreadyDiscipleship1, 283:Your help, for instance, with I. B. S. can be increased through the now established rapport. May IDiscipleship1, 287:has been subjected, and due too to the effect of increased integration and to the psychicDiscipleship1, 294:refer. Second, there has been for you an increased field of contact and of service, carrying withDiscipleship1, 295:be fostered by you, my brother. A condition of increased sensitivity in yourself to yourself and toDiscipleship1, 307:understanding. When grasped, they lead to increased happiness [308] and to power in allDiscipleship1, 310:is oft the setting of the disciple. The increased sensitivity of a disciple's vehicles causes himDiscipleship1, 327:world and discover that you will have potently increased your power to serve. This inability toDiscipleship1, 328:you and others in my group of disciples warrant increased spiritual attention. I seek to let youDiscipleship1, 335:coming months and which have in them the clue to increased release are: "The will dynamic sweepsDiscipleship1, 338:all living on the verge of new happenings, of increased opportunities, fresh complexities and ofDiscipleship1, 343:may indeed shine upon your way, and lead you to increased usefulness is the wish of your friend andDiscipleship1, 355:at-one with your fellowmen. It is perhaps an increased facility in the dual activity of theDiscipleship1, 355:as you enter on a period of wide usefulness and increased service. You know well your weakness andDiscipleship1, 356:gained through many lives. This work can be increased if you deal with firmness, humor andDiscipleship1, 356:physical body as a consequence, an be ready for increased service as time elapses. [357] The giftDiscipleship1, 367:out of a relatively static condition into one of increased sensitivity and growth. Having in theDiscipleship1, 369:to you your ray forces and then, I believe, increased light will be thrown upon your problem. YourDiscipleship1, 376:them, for in their understanding [376] will come increased capacity to serve. This capacity I knowDiscipleship1, 387:after the age of 55-70, the difficulty is much increased by a perfectly normal physical inertia. SoDiscipleship1, 395:have been real, but service to others has increased. One of your co-disciples, as herDiscipleship1, 399:me, and that it will intensify my capacity for increased usefulness in service and thus speed myDiscipleship1, 401:the leisure for deepened understanding and an increased use fullness in service. There is much thatDiscipleship1, 406:my brother, that for you will come an increased expansion of consciousness as you learn to conserveDiscipleship1, 417:service will suffer. Conservation of energy and increased inner work will produce a greaterDiscipleship1, 418:by you at the time of the Wesak Festival, has so increased your sensitivity that more at this timeDiscipleship1, 420:A good deal of immediate environing testing. An increased and increasing field of service. The
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