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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCREASED

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Healing, 314:will stimulated and the trouble many times increased. The curing of cancer in the early stagesHealing, 354:not so powerful as it is today - is due to the increased stimulation of the body. This stimulationHealing, 369:exhilaration was experienced; that positive ions increased the blood pressure and produced generalHealing, 376:of the plates of reception and their greatly increased sensitivity, and through the relating ofHealing, 412:a. The growth of etheric vision and the largely increased numbers of clairaudient and clairvoyantHealing, 420:matter plus the gain of objectivity, and the increased radiatory and latent activity which it hasHealing, 432:the world. This will also be largely due to the increased sensitivity of the human responseHealing, 489:factor of expression. This he does by calling in increased light from the soul. It is soul lightHealing, 530:world war will be found to be a tremendously increased capacity for nervous reaction. This nervousHealing, 540:the difficulties of the healer are greatly increased in some cases, though lightened in others. IfHealing, 542:mantram - the healer will seek to implement this increased flow of life, via the heart, to theHealing, 570:of friction. This friction is sustained and increased by the forces which are focused upon it.Healing, 618:is the stimulation of the related gland and its increased activity. The glands are intermediaries,Healing, 673:ability to think clearly would be enormously increased, with all that that involves. Naturally, theHealing, 690:expressions of life, the word "more" (meaning increased) must perforce give way to the word "deep,"Hercules, 76:overcome much glamor, he achieves a greatly increased vision of his soul and sees it in its threeHercules, 137:an equal need for camouflage, in his case, for increased adaptability. This immediately raises aHercules, 144:problem still remains, purified, redirected, and increased after victory has been gained. SuchInitiation, viii:This is undoubtedly true, yet as capacity for increased service, and the development of powers toInitiation, viii:the reward of the man who is willing to make the increased effort and to pay the price whichInitiation, 6:that in the wise use of knowledge comes increased capacity to receive the hidden wisdom. CoupledInitiation, 13:to see and hear on all the planes. It is an increased consciousness of God's plans for the world,Initiation, 13:of God's plans for the world, and an increased ability to enter into those plans and to furtherInitiation, 22:this rudimentary activity and feeling are increased, and symptoms (if it might be so inadequatelyInitiation, 79:body, are likewise stimulated, their activity is increased and their power greatly aggravated. ThisInitiation, 83:and therefore the medium for force of a greatly increased kind, makes his lapses from the straightInitiation, 84:of his work on the physical plane becomes of increased worth. He passes, at this initiation, out ofInitiation, 95:are stimulated, their radiance and temperature increased, and the sphere of influence of each lightInitiation, 101:be greatly stimulated, and will, through their increased inherent energy, enable the initiate toInitiation, 101:fact, finds all these manifestations of increased growth and conscious realization in himself, thenInitiation, 129:come under their touch thus inspiring them to increased activity and service for the race. [130]Initiation, 134:and at each succeeding initiation the voltage is increased, and the activity of the resulting fireInitiation, 134:of each individual atom in the various bodies is increased, resulting in a greater degree ofInitiation, 135:find that his powers for service are enormously increased, and his nervous energy intensified, soInitiation, 136:to the general fount of deva substance, plus the increased consciousness and activity which isInitiation, 138:its activity intensified, its rate of revolution increased, and certain of the central spokes ofInitiation, 140:plan for his group center, through the immensely increased stimulation. This force descends fromInitiation, 172:and becomes a center of energy in a greatly increased degree, being able to dispense or retractInitiation, 172:plane, his power for good is a hundredfold increased. At the fourth initiation another of the greatInitiation, 180:found in certain periods of stimulation, and of increased vitalization, such as a cosmic initiationInitiation, 200:of the seven head centers, and thus sweep into increased vibratory activity the seven centers inIntellect, 199:meditation will be lost, and we shall only have increased our responsibility, without having madeIntellect, 201:effects of the meditation work is usually an increased efficiency in the daily life, whether livedIntellect, 201:his usefulness and power will be enormously increased and his sphere of influence widened. Intellect, 201:to learn to meditate. Who shall say whether an increased efficiency in living and in service is notIntellect, 212:order, then the pituitary body functions with increased efficiency, and the vibration of the centerIntellect, 234:and truly what progress we are making by our increased efficiency, self-control, stability andIntellect, 254:complain of over-stimulation and of such an increased energy that they find themselves unable toIntellect, 256:adjusted themselves to the new rhythm and the increased stimulation. There is no need for anxiety,Magicpartial truth, and falsity. Second, that with increased esoteric teaching comes increased exotericMagicthat with increased esoteric teaching comes increased exoteric responsibility. Let each studentMagic, 9:remain, and only spirit will persist, plus an increased vibratory action, plus capacity for anMagic, 99:kingdom, the effect will be the demonstration of increased beauty and diversity, and the evolutionMagic, 107:total of the energy of the atoms) are swept into increased activity until such time [108] as thereMagic, 138:wisely to work and think and do - burns with increased brilliance; they note whether it remainsMagic, 168:to accustom the disciple's bodies to the higher increased rate. He impresses the disciple's mind,Magic, 168:He, however, recognizes in himself three things: Increased mental activity. This at first will giveMagic, 168:condition and gradually he will assume command. Increased responsiveness to ideas and increasedMagic, 168:command. Increased responsiveness to ideas and increased capacity to vision the plan of theMagic, 169:of the whole, to the best of his ability. Increased psychic sensitiveness. This is both anMagic, 238:human kingdom. But in the human, its power is increased potently through the powers of the mind,Magic, 288:elapses. The complexity of the subject is also increased by the fact that each ray holds within itsMagic, 313:the etheric body of our planet into a state of increased rapid vibration. Reference will be foundMagic, 335:are however being produced by the unbelievably increased noise and sound emanating from the planetMagic, 344:nothing comes to pass but what can lead to increased knowledge and development, and greaterMagic, 364:future use when the years of instruction have increased the store. To return to our theme: - TheMagic, 373:In three ways this is being attempted: By an increased rate of vibration of the etheric atoms,Magic, 381:the teaching was reorganized, and the curriculum increased; little by little the mysteries wereMagic, 486:work upwards from the physical plane and are increased in vitality by the knowledge of the many,Magic, 488:like a boomerang. It can return, charged with increased velocity, to the one who sent it on itsMagic, 520:potent upheaval. This unified triple activity is increased by a cycle of equally intense planetaryMagic, 592:also to increase their vibration, and this increased activity sets up a contact with the protectiveMagic, 638:to the recognition of the Helpers through the increased vibration of the aspirant and not through aMagic, 638:and recorded, and the aspirant is rewarded by increased opportunity to serve his fellowmen. They doMeditation, 36:increasing force. It is largely a matter of increased fire or heat, and consequent intensificationMeditation, 49:his ability to fill his appointed post will be increased. I have but hinted in these last fewMeditation, 69:more mental as time proceeds, - hence the ever-increased scope of this type of work. Other groupsMeditation, 78:and interaction of these centers and their increased force through meditation (the ordered occultMeditation, 89:to definite processes, which result in a greatly increased rate of vibration. This is only beingMeditation, 97:order that the content of the causal body may be increased. Therefore it will be apparent to youMeditation, 186:work there in a twofold manner, producing an increased capacity to think, wield or manipulateMeditation, 233:at a slow rate and the other with greatly increased rapidity. One has a rhythm slow, sluggish andMeditation, 238:ourselves. The growth of the individual and his increased capacity to be of service are all broughtMeditation, 265:with each step forward, the delight that lies in increased comprehension, rewards the strugglingMeditation, 268:worked out in daily living) will come the increased faculty to hold steadily the higher vibration.Patanjalicosmic Son of God will likewise shine forth with increased intensity of glory. The great initiate,Patanjali, 8:received, The "light in the head" can be increased, so that a man becomes a living Flame, The PathPatanjali, 174:capacity to appreciate sorrow or joy is greatly increased. This becomes terribly true in the casePatanjali, 174:pain, physical and emotional, becomes greatly increased [175]. This is apparent in the fifth racePatanjali, 207:of view of the occultist, rebellion but stirs up increased trouble, and resistance only serves toPatanjali, 296:in the head. This carries on automatically the increased stimulation and awakening of the centersPatanjali, 425:as a sense of peace and joy; it must work out in increased capacity to serve the race and to serveProblems, 74:and Great Britain. The exploitation of children increased. The sweat-shop flourished; modernPsychology1, 47:much also, and the initial duality is increased and the qualities are enhanced by the addition of aPsychology1, 98:of neurotic conditions, and of the greatly increased problems of the psychiatrist; hence also thePsychology1, 98:growth also of etheric vision and the largely increased numbers of clairvoyant and clairaudientPsychology1, 103:these three aspects will again be augmented by increased light from the fourth aspect, that is thePsychology1, 103:will take. The next ten years will see a greatly increased merging of the first three forms ofPsychology1, 109:side of life are coming new knowledge, increased devotion to the Plan, and those indications whichPsychology1, 118:group of communicators, and you may look for an increased flood of inspirational writings of a high
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