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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCREASING

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Discipleship2, 559:into the Ashrams of the Masters, and thereby increasing the potency of the workers for humanity asDiscipleship2, 559:potency of the workers for humanity as well as increasing them numerically. This book should goDiscipleship2, 577:suggest that you should follow, is to bring into increasing activity the two head centers. It is aDiscipleship2, 585:controlled by your sixth ray idealism, and the increasing admission of your second ray energy so asDiscipleship2, 605:This meditation should definitely aid in increasing the activity of the physical body along theDiscipleship2, 685:politics) does not unduly affect you, that an increasing measure of thought release will be yours.Discipleship2, 695:as one abstraction after another is mastered an increasing liberation will be sensed by you. KeepDiscipleship2, 708:You have the gift of the written word and an increasing ability to speak, and these are valuableDiscipleship2, 749:to bear in mind. This turmoil is caused by an increasing descent of the Christ energy from theDiscipleship2, 761:your own strength when it is implemented by an increasing clarity of vision. You see people andEducation, viii:industrial and expansionist age there have been increasing evidences of the permeating power ofEducation, 19:effect of reaction to environing conditions. The increasing of soul awareness, the deepening of theEducation, 28:in which the thinkers of the race - a steadily increasing number - live and move and have theirEducation, 30:consequent ability to become the agent of ever increasing powers, tapping the resources of dynamicEducation, 31:upon the physical plane, and vitalizing in ever increasing degree the man's thought forms. The keyEducation, 37:to psychology and philosophy. There is also an increasing interest in the Science of EndocrinologyEducation, 41:with material conditions, with the object of increasing possessions, with bettering worldlyEducation, 59:Esotericism Educators in the new age will lay an increasing emphasis upon the esoteric approach,Education, 134:significance and meaning. 2. The need of an increasing birthrate will be eventually regarded asEducation, 139:days to come will be seen clairvoyantly by an increasing number of people, will be scientificallyExternalisation, 6:of the growth of the lower psychism and of the increasing sensitivity of humanity at this time isExternalisation, 7:light into the world - a light which will go on increasing for the next thirty years, bringingExternalisation, 12:undoubtedly limiting my range of contacts but increasing the effectiveness of my work. This astralExternalisation, 29:as far as the masses are concerned, will go on increasing. The time has now come when there areExternalisation, 80:new and is one of the factors definitely increasing the distress and pain you are all feeling. YouExternalisation, 106:voice of the soul which has been speaking with increasing clarity for the past fourteen years. TheExternalisation, 112:of evolutionary intent have taken place with increasing clarity and understanding during the pastExternalisation, 120:what little mind they had to the processes of increasing their material possessions. The stage ofExternalisation, 152:reactions, and world conditions, thereby greatly increasing that which they may have individuallyExternalisation, 162:at the time of the full moon of May will assume increasing importance in your minds. It is theExternalisation, 168:and body. The Aquarian Age will demonstrate an increasing expression of this at-one-ment, wroughtExternalisation, 186:of man's divine potentialities, and the increasing capacity to understand and to share in theExternalisation, 202:The spiritual realities will emerge with increasing clarity and the form aspect will recede intoExternalisation, 260:forces which have guided mankind into the increasing light of knowledge and understanding. AllExternalisation, 290:this process of transcendence will call forth increasing recognition. It marks the next major phaseExternalisation, 295:intent they stand, and their ranks are steadily increasing. With an increased focus of theExternalisation, 315:men, bringing relief, light, love and healing in increasing measure. Brood then upon the plan to beExternalisation, 321:coming. This involves right understanding and increasing labor for humanity as a result of theExternalisation, 329:the men and women of goodwill will swing into increasing usefulness and the potency of theirExternalisation, 332:of humanity by the development of an increasing sensitivity to it; and they find their co-workersExternalisation, 334:used to evoke the emerging crisis of love, an increasing number of workers with first ray qualitiesExternalisation, 347:types and degrees of responsiveness. There is an increasing emphasis being given in the West byExternalisation, 394:leads to divinity. This steady trend towards increasing relationship has focused itself throughoutExternalisation, 415:any definite understanding, and that a steadily increasing minority also accept them with a fullExternalisation, 417:may turn to fact. This last group is steadily increasing in number and upon their accumulatingExternalisation, 429:as individuals and their nation as a whole. An increasing number are coming to realize that thisExternalisation, 505:temples and mosques of the world. They are now increasing the momentum of their vibration for theExternalisation, 509:penetrate it. The date is imminent. Through the increasing sensitivity of men and through theExternalisation, 509:By the growth of intuitional telepathy and the increasing comprehension of the power of color andExternalisation, 559:humblest initiate - are in process of steady and increasing hierarchical discipline, training andExternalisation, 563:Plan to the emerging, energizing Purpose. An increasing ability to transmit energy from ShamballaExternalisation, 566:by humanity of its major problems, and the increasing ability of the general public to view theseExternalisation, 659:that humanity is using this mantram in steadily increasing numbers, and this - combined with itsExternalisation, 668:is now coming into activity and its potency is increasing year by year. His task is also aided byFire, 71:of the atom and causes its light to shine with increasing brilliancy. Third. It works upon theFire, 124:while the pranic emanatory fire produces ever increasing activity and rotation. As time elapsesFire, 139:mind. Only when buddhi has assumed an ever-increasing control [140] of the personality, via theFire, 182:the action of kundalini; it is consequently increasing the vibratory capacity of the centers, whichFire, 184:etheric web, as it is called. By its gradually increasing action it purifies that etheric form andFire, 203:on the physical plane, and the gradually increasing activity of the centers, until the ProbationaryFire, 203:Path is reached. This is paralleled by the increasing use of the senses, and their constantFire, 203:awakening on the astral plane, and the gradually increasing activity of the centers, until theFire, 204:upon the mental plane, and the gradually increasing activity of the centers and the senses. TheFire, 207:function, their organization and their gradually increasing activity from a point of comparativeFire, 256:Grand Man of the Heavens vibrates to a steadily increasing measure; the entire system is tincturedFire, 259:the mental appreciation of the student, and in increasing his apprehension of the beauty of theFire, 333:from a dim and distant dawn through an ever increasing splendor of light to a blaze of effulgentFire, 490:his attention upon the positive nucleus. By increasing its vibration, its activity, or itsFire, 516:of the ego or solar fire beat upon it with ever increasing intensity, the atom in due time isFire, 525:solar heat dwell in the light, and enjoy an ever increasing freedom, and vital existence. The trueFire, 805:object in view: Coordinating the physical body. Increasing the resistance of the etheric web, aFire, 864:This happens only occasionally at first but with increasing frequency as the years progress, andFire, 948:race when the mind factor began slowly to assume increasing importance. The selfishness, the sordidFire, 948:of illuminating the sons of men in gradually increasing degree, so that they can see clearly thisFire, 951:plane, and in their descent assume a steadily increasing control of the lunar natures, the thoughtsFire, 953:followed by the Great Ones, and through the increasing power of his solar Angel, through the forceFire, 959:consequent ability to become the agent of ever increasing powers, tapping the resources of dynamicFire, 960:upon the physical plane, and vitalizing in ever increasing degree the man's thought forms. The keyFire, 969:the work of thought creation proceeds with ever increasing rapidity, until he surpasses (on aFire, 994:resistance; he augments these energies, thereby increasing their response to the lower and to theFire, 1056:polar inclination, [1056] due to the gradually increasing responsiveness of the planetary Logos toFire, 1079:has entered upon His mission upon earth, thereby increasing the vibration in every kingdom ofFire, 1104:activity of the mental sheath and its gradually increasing rate of vibration is brought about byFire, 1104:of interior mental consideration are of ever increasing activity. They are cycles of intense mentalFire, 1104:really is. These energies are: The direct increasing influence of the solar Angel. This influenceFire, 1121:them as the three tiers of petals function with increasing coherence, and the force latent in theFire, 1132:and rays forth light. As the diamond shines with increasing brilliance, the fire is generated whichGlamour, 22:begin to rid the world of illusion. Hence the increasing interest in meditation as the weight ofGlamour, 56:wide-opened eye," registers the idea with increasing clarity. The idea, revealed, becomes then anGlamour, 89:problem of maya [89] and hence today we find an increasing emphasis upon the physical cultures,Glamour, 115:and within the world in which he lives, and the increasing potency of the inflowing soul energyGlamour, 117:The soul ray or energy is all this time steadily increasing its rhythmic potency, and seeking toGlamour, 205:darkness. It will be obvious to you that this increasing light brings with it a constantlyHealing, 34:these two streams, plus a steady inflowing and increasing tide of mental energy. With theHealing, 36:There can also be seen, dimly at first but with increasing brightness, seven other pale disks ofHealing, 99:even eventually kill the person concerned by so increasing the disease that the patient's normalHealing, 107:nervous and mental conditions that are annually increasing. The reflex action of inadequateHealing, 201:and in our Aryan times we shall see an increasing amount of diseases of the brain (a constantlyHealing, 201:amount of diseases of the brain (a constantly increasing mental imbalance), and of eyeHealing, 235:into its own, and as man himself arrives at increasing mental and soul control of the animal and
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