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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCREASING

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Psychology2, 75:of the disciples in the world are greatly increasing. Suffering and trouble, apprehension and thePsychology2, 85:apparatus of the human body and the steadily increasing sensitivity of [86] the human mechanism,Psychology2, 91:to bring about the developed consciousness, the increasing refinement of form, and thatPsychology2, 117:them is eventually set up and established with increasing potency. There is also another line ofPsychology2, 129:its mechanism of expression. The need for an increasing subtlety of discrimination is constant, andPsychology2, 129:true and spiritual lines, that there must be increasing emphasis upon the need for Harmlessness.Psychology2, 186:a New Age trend. They are seeking to utilize the increasing bias of the human being towardsPsychology2, 205:in an astral turmoil, but they have steadily increasing interludes wherein the mind can momentarilyPsychology2, 206:who think, and who are minds. These are steadily increasing in number and gaining in power as ourPsychology2, 259:altered and adapted, as it progresses towards an increasing perfection. This conditioning processPsychology2, 265:which stimulates the lower nature, even whilst increasing [266] soul control. It is not, however,Psychology2, 299:patterns. I would call to your attention the increasing use by the psychologists and thinkers ofPsychology2, 311:the problems of maya. Hence today we find an increasing emphasis upon the physical cultures,Psychology2, 318:of knowledge anent this wish life and its increasing prevalence is definitely founded upon the factPsychology2, 337:responsive to thought currents and reacting with increasing steadiness, vigor and sensitivity toPsychology2, 382:of the man (within his environment) is equally increasing. The soul ray is, at times, projectingPsychology2, 395:There are a few today, and there will be an increasing number in the next two decades, who -Psychology2, 411:VII, 14-24) These difficulties will call for increasing attention as the race proceeds towardsPsychology2, 419:and the trouble is frequently overcome by increasing the vitality of the body, building up thePsychology2, 439:fact of the soul is admitted, we shall see an increasing tendency to leave people to the directingPsychology2, 455:particular problem, for minds will be met with increasing frequency. As the race proceeds towards aPsychology2, 460:types with care, for there is going to be an increasing number of them, because humanity isPsychology2, 502:from the physical body, such errors will be of increasing occurrence. The implications are obvious.Psychology2, 509:the soul realm are [509] being registered with increasing accuracy in the mind. From the mind, theyPsychology2, 513:for divine contact. These conditions are increasing with great rapidity. More and more people are,Psychology2, 532:for force (at first unconsciously and later with increasing consciousness), and finally ofPsychology2, 540:in the astral world and to do this with increasing awareness, interest and phenomenal results. ThePsychology2, 552:5. The activity of the throat center is steadily increasing today, owing to the creative activityPsychology2, 555:Fact, for such it is?) of the development of an increasing capacity to include and the fact of thePsychology2, 645:men of good will in the world; they have been increasing steadily in numbers as a result of thePsychology2, 705:We must not forget that aspirants are increasing all over the world. Perhaps the simplest way toPsychology2, 709:A great many men, and the number is rapidly increasing, are making contact with their souls throughPsychology2, 722:the hope of the world, and the task of increasing that potency is the task which is being laidRays, 7:qualities of his ray and to prove of gradually increasing importance to his group, he will beRays, 8:of the task before the Ego and sweep into increasing dominance the lower man. The "lunar lords"Rays, 34:the divine will? He is not then occupied with increasing his sensitivity to contact, or with hisRays, 61:with becoming aware of the field - an [61] ever-increasing and expanding area - of the divineRays, 157:and evolution. They tend to bring about increasing relation between the Hierarchy of Souls andRays, 159:between the three centers; it will be of such an increasing radiatory activity that - moving inRays, 173:which constitute the Hierarchy are steadily increasing and are beneficently conditioning theRays, 187:of the soul, implemented by the Hierarchy and increasing in potency as time elapses. The impellingRays, 188:human thought began to make itself felt; men in increasing numbers sought the Path of LiberationRays, 248:produced radiation. Students need to read with increasing care as they advance upon the occult wayRays, 254:work is as yet embryonic, but it should receive increasing attention. Eventually it willRays, 361:which can now be registered by Him, owing to His increasing monadic polarization and His contactRays, 371:of men." From Humanity. There is a constant (and increasing) flow of reoriented human energyRays, 377:the periphery of the Hierarchy but also, in an increasing measure, to the "magnetic pull" whichRays, 381:developed and informed Lives Who - in [381] increasing numbers - "walked among men" and led themRays, 381:and led them slowly, very slowly, forward into increasing light. The early history of the HierarchyRays, 387:have been fully organized and are steadily increasing in radiatory activity. As you will haveRays, 392:the spirit or life aspect; it involves an increasing revelation of the purpose and the "fixedRays, 408:imparted as the etheric body is brought into an increasing state of receptivity through theRays, 433:understood. It is a test - imposed with increasing rigidity as initiation after initiation is takenRays, 433:to you that this will be a growing and an increasing perception for which the intermediate stages,Rays, 441:- oriented upon the mental plane, brings into increasing rapport: His lower concrete mind and theRays, 443:since early Atlantean days. The effect of an increasing soul contact has not simply been to dispelRays, 457:contact with the soul, and this happens with increasing frequency; he is becoming somewhat creativeRays, 504:of soul contact, thus bringing about an increasing fusion between the soul and the personality, soRays, 520:personality integration is reached, reacts with increasing consciousness of the divine purpose.Rays, 529:whereby the disciple or the initiate can, with increasing power, tune in on the mind of theRays, 535:are evoked by the disciple himself, and their increasing strength and revelatory capacity dependRays, 535:effects in his consciousness in the form of an increasing fusion of soul and personality as well asRays, 577:made active and finally used, are steadily increasing in number and potency at each initiation;Rays, 582:ideology. Later, under the influence of an increasing soul contact (itself the second aspect of hisRays, 620:all the nations and has done so with increasing potency since the year 1850. Just in the sameRays, 624:war (1914-1945) in order to bring to an end the increasing nationalism of Germany and of all theRays, 627:this will largely be the result of the increasing power of women in the land and their increasingRays, 627:increasing power of women in the land and their increasing penetration in municipal and nationalRays, 629:habits and thoughts and faults, with a steadily increasing soul pressure. The United States, thoughRays, 642:the esoteric angle, evolution means a steadily increasing sensitivity to light and illumination. ARays, 671:from normal consideration is the fact that the increasing activity of these two "points of lightRays, 689:of the energy which will pour through him with increasing potency at each application of the Rod.Rays, 715:of the love of God; now he must express, with increasing fullness, the will of God. Earlier inRays, 743:spiritual opportunity is, however, emerging with increasing clarity in the minds of thinking menReappearance, 70:naught but process and progress, a moving on, an increasing attainment and a mounting achievement.Reappearance, 88:God will gradually die out as the race achieves increasing intelligence and a more scientificReappearance, 183:and far between, but steadily their numbers are increasing, and increasingly their message will beSoul, 46:has anti-toxic power, preventing poisoning and increasing resistance to poison. Above everythingSoul, 51:and the sinner into a saint, and this merely by increasing or decreasing certain internalSoul, 106:as to the centers in man have in view the increasing display of prana or life-soul energy. ThroughSoul, 140:passing through each center in turn, gathering increasing soul energy at each point. TheTelepathy, 71:between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, and to an increasing extent between Humanity and the HierarchyTelepathy, 100:many interpretations, and that these unfold with increasing clarity as he takes one initiationTelepathy, 102:point he begins to register impressions with increasing clarity and accuracy. Usually, in the earlyTelepathy, 140:the inspired activity of H. P. B., a number (an increasing number as the years slipped by) of
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