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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCREASINGLY

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Discipleship2, 603:you are well fitted to give, making yourself increasingly responsible for certain aspects of theDiscipleship2, 604:[604] The ajna center becomes active increasingly as alignment, leading to integration, isDiscipleship2, 607:co-workers. All that is still needed and will be increasingly required. An understanding heart andDiscipleship2, 607:as they arise. Third: Your work must increasingly be that of the teacher, and you must learn moreDiscipleship2, 608:control of the physical body so that it can increasingly become a better and more usableDiscipleship2, 608:A.A.B. tells me you are responsible. Use this increasingly - with firmness and judgment. Let notDiscipleship2, 608:issues at stake, but call in the balancing head increasingly. The so-called kind immediate thing orDiscipleship2, 614:brother of mine. I will be in touch with you increasingly as you bring the physical vehicle into aDiscipleship2, 616:aspect of all the teaching which you must increasingly give, and learn yourself always to live inDiscipleship2, 663:to enable you to make the coming years increasingly fruitful. This has been for you an incarnationDiscipleship2, 692:learn to do this because you love and will love increasingly. I enfold you within my aura and withDiscipleship2, 692:to group thought-forms; you must learn increasingly to work under the influence of the Law ofDiscipleship2, 694:refer to the preconceived need which may dawn increasingly upon the disciple as he draws closer toDiscipleship2, 694:major preparatory lessons. You will note how increasingly, as this particular group [695] develops,Discipleship2, 708:soul, and therefore a closer soul contact is increasingly needed by you as the work grows andDiscipleship2, 748:constant antagonism it arouses (and is arousing increasingly) in the opposing forces of evil. TheDiscipleship2, 750:soul at times takes exception and will do so increasingly. For this you must be prepared. You mustEducationwhich deify the materialism of an increasingly industrial culture? In May of this year (1953) IEducation, ix:circumstances of the world, brought about by the increasingly rapid process of unification, theEducation, 28:number - live and move and have their being. Increasingly he learns to tread this path ofEducation, 29:must be met; but the group understanding will increasingly aid the individual. Education, 36:body, and their relation (which will become increasingly obvious) to the endocrine glands. TheEducation, 42:laying a superstructure in which the emphasis is increasingly upon the tangible, the material, theEducation, 50:is frequently phenomenally high. This will be increasingly the case, until young people of fourteenEducation, 61:body. [61] He is sensitive to and should be increasingly aware of certain energies, at presentEducation, 68:this is done, then the light will suddenly and increasingly shine upon your ways. You can becomeEducation, 84:and interesting future. It, therefore, becomes increasingly apparent that the coming educationEducation, 84:- Chapter III - The Present Transition Period Increasingly, education should be concerned with theEducation, 85:as the determining factor for the future, will increasingly be recognized and thus great and neededEducation, 97:process and upon them will the emphasis increasingly be placed. We have now laid the ground for aEducation, 111:way out of the animal condition to his present increasingly intellectual attitude, and as heEducation, 115:their part, and the problem of ideas will be increasingly understood, until the time may come whenEducation, 122:right understanding, and the mind will be used increasingly in its dual activity - as theEducation, 124:a member of some prevalent ism or cult, he is increasingly aware of an expansion of consciousnessEducation, 127:As evolution proceeds the process becomes increasingly rapid, until today in the so-calledEducation, 127:humanity. Gradually the world of men has become increasingly self-aware and is being sharplyEducation, 139:basic necessities of the coming child will shift increasingly to the mental and spiritual levels ofExternalisation, 21:will be confined to the aspirants and disciples. Increasingly the new group of world servers willExternalisation, 32:stated. Its function in this connection will be increasingly understood during the next fewExternalisation, 37:I earlier told you that, as the race achieves increasingly a mental polarization through theExternalisation, 98:the narrowness of this partial view will become increasingly apparent. God's Plan is all-embracing,Externalisation, 112:this constantly recurring process is to bring an increasingly perfect form to the expanding serviceExternalisation, 113:the keeping of [113] humanity itself; men must increasingly determine their own fate as they emergeExternalisation, 121:of material comfort and of selfish control on an increasingly large scale as the urban existenceExternalisation, 124:(as we now understand the terms) have become increasingly clear. Two things have tended to bringExternalisation, 132:force of the Hierarchy which can express itself increasingly through the United States of America,Externalisation, Esoter:character of their national life, and emphasized increasingly the wider human values. The men whoExternalisation, 136:controls into the control of more spiritual and increasingly higher values. Initiation is anExternalisation, 136:more potent control by the soul as it assumes increasingly the direction of the life of theExternalisation, 143:can be compiled; the Great Invocation can be increasingly used if the method outlined by me isExternalisation, 149:who respond to world affairs and conditions increasingly as souls, and who can, therefore, beExternalisation, 151:work in the right way and the results will be increasingly effective. The evocation of theExternalisation, 167:or sacrifice in order to save others is increasingly the recognized needed keynote at this time andExternalisation, 171:Forces. The forces of the air are, however, increasingly on our side. The Members of the HierarchyExternalisation, 220:activity and which will lay a foundation for the increasingly right action as time elapses. ThisExternalisation, 245:to you; the humanitarian issues will become increasingly plain to you; you will then range yourselfExternalisation, 256:they will throw the weight of their influence increasingly on the side of goodwill and right humanExternalisation, 259:and practical significance of this is becoming increasingly apparent. This notable event can andExternalisation, 260:natural law, free will, and karma are becoming increasingly related and are all aspects of oneExternalisation, 292:thinking; the established thought-form acts increasingly as a transmitter of divine energy as itExternalisation, 307:apparent to you that, as They succeed and become increasingly sensitive to and aware of thisExternalisation, 328:must play in the future is being brought increasingly into the forefront of human aspiration. ThereExternalisation, 368:for the future. The issues in this war are being increasingly clearly realized; even the ignorantExternalisation, 373:must be shared collectively and it must be increasingly realized that the products of the earth,Externalisation, 393:humanity has been brought (in consciousness) increasingly nearer to the spiritual centers of loveExternalisation, 419:Investigation will prove this to be increasingly the case, and when the ritual of the new worldExternalisation, 448:through a political activity which will be based increasingly upon the good of the whole ofExternalisation, 449:as much as any religious leader and this will increasingly be recognized. History will justifyExternalisation, 452:it is so exceedingly potent. This they will increasingly do as this planetary war draws to a close;Externalisation, 486:be successfully taken, that enlightenment will increasingly make its presence obvious, and thatExternalisation, 493:have been prostituted to the preservation of an increasingly materialistic and non-idealisticExternalisation, 509:work and health of the physical body will become increasingly automatic. They will also teach humanExternalisation, 532:in nature. As evolution proceeds, He will work increasingly via humanity because humanity will beExternalisation, 573:Buddhism will be spreading and becoming increasingly dogmatic; Christianity will be in a state ofExternalisation, 587:to his hierarchical status, he will become increasingly a channel of power in the world. His ownExternalisation, 588:soul. The constitution of man should be increasingly taught. The relation of the individual soul toExternalisation, 589:has He ever left the earth. Emphasis will also increasingly be laid upon the unfolding Plan, andExternalisation, 590:this same orthodox Christian [590] will find it increasingly difficult to induce the intelligentExternalisation, 617:has been profoundly affected; this will be increasingly so as the hope of His coming and theExternalisation, 659:and the sound of its mantric rhythm is increasingly responsible for this work; a great deal of theExternalisation, 662:the Buddha and from the Avatar of Synthesis, and increasingly from the world of men, as expectancy,Externalisation, 691:is of a purificatory nature at this time, and increasingly so for the rest of this century. On theFire, viii:scientific position. Spiritual teaching will be increasingly accepted as an hypothesis to be provedFire, 98:the solar plexus. In the coming root-race, and increasingly in this, the necessity for the exposureFire, 986:planes. After the third Initiation, he works increasingly with spiritual energy, or with the forceGlamour, 14:explanatory, is now open to you and you will increasingly find yourself in a position to move inGlamour, 22:meditation as the weight of the world glamor is increasingly [23] realized, and hence the vitalGlamour, 35:and so learn to stand in spiritual being, increasingly free from glamor and illusion, is the prayerGlamour, 52:sensed power. This form of illusion is becoming increasingly prevalent among disciples and thoseGlamour, 71:life," both past and present. This becomes increasingly potent as evolution proceeds and the desireGlamour, 74:Down the ages, this glamor has held the race increasingly interested, until today the entire worldGlamour, 115:a man's lower nature, of which he is becoming increasingly aware, and which pass through the stagesGlamour, 129:fellowmen. You can react correctly and can do so increasingly if you preserve your soul's integrityGlamour, 182:or embodied; they are still rare but will increasingly be developed in humanity. The next fewGlamour, 203:between the animal and the human has become increasingly apparent and the first and basicGlamour, 244:Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World; therefore increasingly he becomes aware of the Plan as itGlamour, 261:the physical body is active and potent but increasingly it should be regarded as an automaton,Healing, 28:to make clear what man may do to free himself increasingly from the accumulation of the past, bothHealing, 35:whilst the other three energies are being increasingly subordinated to this higher type of control.Healing, 36:quality aspect of the soul begins to demonstrate increasingly. Seen from the inner side where time
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