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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCREASINGLY

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Healing, 64:It serves to throw light upon a problem which an increasingly large number of people are calledHealing, 117:condition, and one with which we are becoming increasingly familiar, is that which is called aHealing, 117:this as it is of value today, and will be increasingly so in the later years when it will beHealing, 160:the individual aspirant is slowly drawn into an increasingly closer relation to his soul, and thenHealing, 185:so much is taught and written in the East, and increasingly in the West, is in reality the union ofHealing, 215:effort in the later stages, and becomes increasingly dynamic and effective as the various stagesHealing, 218:the medical profession in the New Age will deal increasingly with the theory of energy directionHealing, 222:a result of the world war, 1914-1945) will be increasingly the case. This development is definitelyHealing, 231:oft considered), and the physical body reacted increasingly like an automaton to the impression andHealing, 233:is seldom realized, but the truth will become increasingly apparent. [234] The Biblical injunctionHealing, 244:as far as the human being is concerned, is increasingly due to the planned intent and plannedHealing, 244:(conscious on the part of the soul and becoming increasingly conscious on the part of the dyingHealing, 256:terms are in order - are being recognized increasingly and are known to play an orthodox andHealing, 350:and frequently have been in the past, and increasingly will be in the future. The Law ofHealing, 353:science of healing will shift eventually and increasingly into the realm of preventive medicine andHealing, 361:is their opportunity and yours to constitute increasingly a channel for this force. Remember thatHealing, 384:is new to make entrance and control is becoming increasingly evident. The door of adventure (in itsHealing, 395:growing in intelligence, and humanity will be increasingly focused upon mental levels. ThisHealing, 396:The race is progressing, developing and becoming increasingly mental. The relation between the deadHealing, 399:Today the phenomenon of death is becoming increasingly familiar. The world war has launchedHealing, 402:so familiar to all my readers, is becoming increasingly popular in the Occident; it has always beenHealing, 410:the evolutionary processes proceed and the soul increasingly controls the personality, it will beHealing, 435:reflection, the soul. Thus the will aspect comes increasingly into play until, upon the Path ofHealing, 436:also arrest the tendency to suicide, evidenced increasingly in these difficult times. The sin ofHealing, 445:they are initiated disciples they are increasingly unaware of the activities and reactions of theirHealing, 463:of character and of disposition. These become increasingly marked until the twenty-first year, whenHealing, 483:and happy thing that cremation is becoming increasingly the rule. Before so very long, burial inHealing, 497:developing mental body. This withdrawal becomes increasingly rapid and dynamic until it reaches theHealing, 510:of the quality of pure love; this pure love increasingly expresses itself as the higher integrationHealing, 511:the long cycle of incarnations - has become increasingly sensitive to its over-shadowing Self. ThisHealing, 513:two things occur: The personality life becomes increasingly potent and the man develops into anHealing, 514:from the soul. The energy of the soul ray increasingly pours into the personality, intensifying itsHealing, 531:need of humanity - a humanity which is becoming increasingly sensitive and subjectively oriented.Healing, 537:practices and curative processes. To these increasingly will be added many psychological methods ofHealing, 595:to mountain top. At the first initiation, and increasingly at all initiations, energy is broughtHealing, 608:useful and suitable instrument (and will become increasingly so) for the soul to employ as a mediumHealing, 631:even if only of a temporary nature. It must be increasingly borne in mind that there is nothing inHealing, 661:one thing is now clearly grasped and will increasingly color human thinking: happiness and [662]Healing, 665:the other active though retreating) will become increasingly apparent to intelligent man, andHealing, 667:the latent goodwill in man, so that today and increasingly over the past one hundred years,Healing, 670:the [670] men of goodwill throughout the world - increasingly voiced through the Great Invocation -Hercules, 82:flash of that spiritual light which will grow increasingly more brilliant as he nears his goal. InHercules, 193:flow through the human family. We are entering increasingly into the age of energy, entering intoInitiation, viii:to make its power felt in advanced men, and increasingly on the Probationary Path until by theInitiation, 11:the growing capacity of the Thinker to enter increasingly into the mind of the Logos, to realizeInitiation, 93:to it ever more fully; finally, he becomes increasingly sensitive to the joys and pains and sorrowsInitiation, 101:memory. The initiate finally becomes aware increasingly of the growth of that inner recollection,Initiation, 104:majority of the Great Ones pass on steadily and increasingly to other and higher work, as theirIntellect, 21:external process of pouring in facts, it is increasingly becoming a process of evoking the deeper,Intellect, 58:from the outer world, via the senses. Becoming increasingly positive, it slowly and surely beginsIntellect, 61:if perseverance is the keynote of the life, then increasingly soul contact is established. TheIntellect, 79:the form or material nature and so serve increasingly to hide the Self, the spiritual man. TheseIntellect, 86:indeed from hasty and scornful eyes, but ever increasingly apparent to earnest unbiased seekers.Intellect, 112:meditation. The attention has sunk inward increasingly, and outer things have been steadilyIntellect, 143:contact and interplay between the two becomes increasingly possible and steady, so that a man atIntellect, 180:something called the mind exists, and that it is increasingly influencing the race, is nowMagic, 10:light. As evolution proceeds, matter becomes increasingly a better conductor of the light, thusMagic, 16:minds of the ages. But now they are many and increasingly found. The minds of the race are inMagic, 67:but that a man is faced, in his progress, with increasingly subtle distinctions. The crudeMagic, 99:wax stronger, producing radiation, for instance, increasingly in the mineral kingdom. In this liesMagic, 100:our oceans, dotted with their lighted ships, and increasingly our lighted airships will be seen,Magic, 143:regarded by the ancient philosophers (and are increasingly so regarded by modern thinkers) as theMagic, 143:the universe, right and correct speech will be increasingly cultivated, because we shall think moreMagic, 144:to work with intelligence. His main work (and increasingly he will find this to be so) is to createMagic, 146:in time and space, that functioning form becomes increasingly aware of its own interior vibration,Magic, 147:becomes insensitive to its vibratory impact and increasingly aware of the vibration of the Self.Magic, 170:the disciple, are gradually recognized and begin increasingly to govern the disciple's life. HeMagic, 170:personal self. His problem, therefore, becomes increasingly clear and this is the problem of allMagic, 194:unwise meditation work, and it will become increasingly clear why it is deemed necessary to proceedMagic, 211:It is the state whereof disciples are becoming increasingly aware, wherein initiates work, and fromMagic, 219:of the six first Rules of Magic will become increasingly apparent. [220] These fifteen rules areMagic, 240:of riches, of possession, of false teaching will increasingly hold sway but the term of theMagic, 244:true also of many today. Now the ebb and flow is increasingly inclusive, and the mental experienceMagic, 282:are little understood as yet, but will increasingly come to the fore as the race progresses. ThisMagic, 314:from the mystics of the race who are asserting increasingly a group integrity of a very real momentMagic, 330:but steadily their numbers are increasing and increasingly their message will be felt. In them isMagic, 334:grade of matter with the strictly physical eye. Increasingly will people think and talk in terms ofMagic, 334:degrees of brightness and shall talk and think increasingly in terms of electricity, of voltage, ofMagic, 336:sound, uproar and [336] music in which it will increasingly find itself will be most interesting.Magic, 339:love of wisdom will increase as men understand increasingly the meaning of wisdom and becomeMagic, 357:can therefore understand what it really entails. Increasingly men will come, as units, intoMagic, 390:in this age. The devas of the fire will play an increasingly important part in all earth processes.Magic, 396:of those personalities who are becoming increasingly sensitive to the soul aspect, the qualities ofMagic, 405:from each other and which They foresaw would increasingly do so. Cycle by cycle, men were becomingMagic, 472:idle, destructive and negative thoughts becomes increasingly apparent as the aspirant progressesMagic, 472:as the human being differentiates his thought increasingly from mass thought, he inevitably buildsMagic, 503:of concentration; develop the capacity to live increasingly as the king seated on the throneMagic, 504:the solar plexus. Hence, that center will become increasingly inactive and there will not be soMagic, 592:and light of their own. As the life achieves an increasingly high vibration through purificationMagic, 624:period of world unfoldment, or he is becoming increasingly nervous and is on the way to become aMagic, 634:themselves to be divine, and this is becoming increasingly a universal realization. Hence thePatanjali, 17:followed, the man on the physical plane becomes increasingly aware of the things of the soul, andPatanjali, 28:come when the student will know consciously and increasingly what is the meaning of restraint ofPatanjali, 33:at the objectless. As his mind assumes increasingly the meditative attitude of the soul, the brainPatanjali, 33:attitude of the soul, the brain becomes also increasingly subjugated to the mind as the mind is toPatanjali, 60:thereby arouse the centers. Thus he participates increasingly in the creative, magical andPatanjali, 60:is known, the assertion of his power becomes increasingly felt, and the aspirant submits his entirePatanjali, 74:the vehicle is directed constantly into an increasingly accurate expression of the one truth. ThisPatanjali, 104:that point of pure spiritual realization, he can increasingly work in the future. Through practice,Patanjali, 133:for contacting his environment and thus becoming increasingly aware: 1. His three sheaths or bodies
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