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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDEED

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Astrology, 5:real esoteric knowledge. They are few in number indeed, and only a handful of them are to be foundAstrology, 91:our planetary life. Such pure types are rare indeed and at this period of evolution well nighAstrology, 113:and yet, from the angle of humanity, perfect indeed. The above triple division expresses the threeAstrology, 215:and the controlling color of Christianity has indeed been red. It is not Christ's expression butAstrology, 408:figures can be again ascertained. There has indeed been no true accuracy since ancient EgyptianAstrology, 566:a factor in human consciousness; then we shall indeed all sit down eventually to the communion ofAstrology, 636:chance and coincidence... a very great antiquity indeed must be allowed for the Zodiac. (S.D. Vol.Astrology, 686:be negative is surely to be receptive. This is indeed so, but the question arises in our minds,Atom, 128:continuously displayed now, but it is very rare indeed to meet a person whose whole life isAutobiography, 3:respect and unbroken comradeship, one is rich indeed. He has been to me a tower of strength andAutobiography, 140:of truth in no way belittled Christ. He was, indeed, the Son of God, the First Born in a greatAutobiography, 194:laws which govern all disciples are rare indeed, though we can look for an increasing number. TheAutobiography, 300:usefulness and keeping it true to the vision. Indeed her success in creating group consciousnessAutobiography, 302:imagination can picture. We have been taught and indeed of necessity it must be true that theBethlehem, 24:has fulfiled the major requirements. These are indeed primary essentials, but to these qualitiesBethlehem, 60:career of the Sun through the heavens - so many indeed that they cannot well be attributed to mereBethlehem, 70:infinitesimal an atom in space as our planet be indeed of such interest to God that He permittedBethlehem, 78:true and earnest aspirants feel that they could indeed make an impression on their surroundings andBethlehem, 98:story. "John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water: but one mightier thanBethlehem, 109:master Himself. Such a mastery by the soul may indeed be utterly beyond our immediate attaining,Bethlehem, 130:kingdom, and one God Who was bringing, slowly indeed but surely, that kingdom into being. HisBethlehem, 149:the divine nature of the person concerned. Great indeed was the power and mystery of divinity whichBethlehem, 156:of underlying reality. But such moments are rare indeed. We know God is. We know reality exists.Bethlehem, 164:"This form of Mine which thou hast seen is hard indeed to see! Even the Gods ever desire a sight ofBethlehem, 169:in which Christ conceived of them, then we shall indeed inaugurate a new world order. Bethlehem, 189:too - heirs of God and coheirs with Christ; if indeed we share Christ's sufferings, in order toBethlehem, 223:I was met from the eyes and brow of Him who was indeed acquainted with grief, by a look of solemnBethlehem, 232:them. All are completely certain that Jesus is indeed the Christ. What has happened to cause thisDiscipleship1, 17:this group can be welded into a unit which will indeed be a living atom in the hierarchical body.Discipleship1, 17:in this lies opportunity. This is a body (small indeed) of disciples who - through devotion toDiscipleship1, 23:is not rare but to find it in a group is rare indeed. The submergence of personal interests in theDiscipleship1, 23:realized and utilized in group form and work is indeed new and the attainment of this is the idealDiscipleship1, 200:and rapport is more strongly established, we can indeed proceed to work later on. This work is, inDiscipleship1, 239:with you in your current daily life. It has indeed produced a separating effect between yourself,Discipleship1, 343:force in certain areas. That the light may indeed shine upon your way, and lead you to increasedDiscipleship1, 404:the continuance of the review of joy. May joy, indeed, rest upon you and enable you to go in peace.Discipleship1, 405:whilst others learn their lessons - a thing hard indeed for you to do, brother of mine. All I wouldDiscipleship1, 422:with environment and home conditions. You have indeed had a battle with your entire lowerDiscipleship1, 461:has come wherein all true disciples (and such indeed are you) must transmute phenomena intoDiscipleship1, 491:With you, my brother, the inner light is intense indeed, but it does not radiate. It shines at theDiscipleship1, 525:loyalty and a gift for friendship which is rare, indeed, to find. Your soul contact is establishedDiscipleship1, 557:of the "weary pilgrims on the Way" are indeed tired and worn. Humanity today is very weary. TheDiscipleship1, 701:You can see, therefore, that an Ashram is, indeed, a very vortex of forces, set in motion by theDiscipleship1, 745:a point of personality focus - a step forward indeed from that of the average unthinking person butDiscipleship2, XII:to her to take the personal instructions. Indeed sometimes when certain individuals did not likeDiscipleship2, 12:Reception such as that by A.A.B. is very rare indeed, not only because of the subject matter, butDiscipleship2, 164:- until the year 2025 - a brief space of time indeed to produce fundamental changes in humanDiscipleship2, 168:attitude of the Triangle members; thus light can indeed "descend on earth" and goodwill, which isDiscipleship2, 292:this. It has also interior repercussions and was indeed the result of an invocative interplayDiscipleship2, 314:be able to help others to do the same. This is indeed a worthy thought, but is nevertheless basedDiscipleship2, 346:be confused with the five initiations. They are indeed related to them, but the right order inDiscipleship2, 390:capacity to "modify, qualify and adapt" is small indeed, but each expansion of consciousness fitsDiscipleship2, 477:sixth ray of devotion, but that makes it potent indeed and, in your case, produces that sense ofDiscipleship2, 523:love of A.A.B. She asks me not to tell you this, indeed she begs me not to do so, for she isDiscipleship2, 585:particular life in some particular cycle may indeed be momentous and of outstanding importance,Discipleship2, 599:in no new glamor in this life, and this is rare indeed and for this I commend you. But certainDiscipleship2, 626:the stage of duality. Yes, my brother, we do indeed raise our bodies into heaven, but the raisingDiscipleship2, 628:temporarily any ground. This is a thing rate indeed. Usually during these basic life changes, andDiscipleship2, 666:and vision but making the unlighted area dark indeed. [667] The Plan is as much of the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 708:ability to speak, and these are valuable assets indeed when wielded by the soul on behalf ofDiscipleship2, 751:the familiar is entirely right. Such choice has indeed been right at times, but it has not alwaysEducation, ix:heart and Einstein does not offer this way out. Indeed, Einstein offers no clear solution. TheEducation, 56:from the tabulation that the love petals are indeed showing signs of opening and this will makeEducation, 75:write and figure, and a smattering (rudimentary indeed) of history and geography and good form inEducation, 75:courteous treatment in return. This is rare indeed to find in schoolrooms [76] or in homes for thatEducation, 128:throughout the ages (both symbolically and indeed in fact), the following factors - underlying theExternalisation, 6:groups or organizations. Much blame can indeed be placed here and there, but it is the part ofExternalisation, 11:below the diaphragm and whose solar plexus is indeed their brain (as it is the brain of the animal)Externalisation, 23:opportunity of the next two years. If this is indeed so, what am I doing to make this possible? ToExternalisation, 54:of this fifth group reaches a stage where it is indeed a germ of a new age organism (and many suchExternalisation, 77:and is unattainable knowledge for you and, indeed, for many [78] in the Hierarchy. It is simply aExternalisation, 81:in every religion, group and organization, then indeed you can go forward with courage and withExternalisation, 98:Earth. They are, in fact, a very small number indeed. Externalisation, 115:and to be avoided if possible. It is [115] indeed death but it is beneficent and needed. It is thisExternalisation, 115:change in unnecessary, cruel and painful ways is indeed true, just as it is true today that humanExternalisation, 115:into higher and better ones, that would indeed be a disaster. We need to bear in mind also that theExternalisation, 147:a [147] completely unbiased attitude? Very few indeed. How many sounded it out through the mediumExternalisation, 408:history of the race these Approaches were rare indeed. [409] Countless ages passed between them.Externalisation, 441:a better civilization and way of life is short indeed. The Christ has gone into retreat for a monthExternalisation, 486:its presence obvious, and that humanity will indeed rise out of its unhappy past into a new worldExternalisation, 562:until the year 2025 A.D. - brief period of time indeed in which to see the consummation of theExternalisation, 571:for the first group of Ashram members, is hard indeed. He stands for so much that is deemedExternalisation, 599:appear to indicate. For instance, He will come indeed "in the clouds of the air" as the ChristianExternalisation, 610:of the spiritual Hierarchy are doing is much indeed; those disciples who are in conscious touchExternalisation, 614:shared by all aspirants and disciples. That is indeed true. But the more advanced thinkers andExternalisation, 620:of help to these desirable objectives is little indeed. He knows that his spiritual life is a sideExternalisation, 625:have made these institutions possible is great indeed. All of this has been a step in the rightExternalisation, 641:throughout the world; the task will be heavy indeed but far from impossible. 4. Undertake theExternalisation, 699:good nature and humor, and of normalcy. They may indeed be so normal that recognition of what TheyFire, 210:electric force from very high levels, - so high indeed that the "Flaming Diamond" at certain of theFire, 377:be negative is surely to be receptive. This is indeed so, but the question arises in our minds,Fire, 732:who produce self-consciousness in man are indeed the energy and substance of the cosmic HeavenlyFire, 1237:the manifold web of life - know Themselves indeed and in truth to be Atma, or Spirit itself, andGlamour, 35:and can I state what form it takes? That you may indeed as individuals and also as a group learnGlamour, 52:you most carefully to guard yourself. It is rare indeed for any disciple to escape the effects ofGlamour, 66:Him in the Gospel of St. John, chapter xvii, was indeed and in truth a fact in His OwnGlamour, 76:of love. Love, for many people, for the majority indeed, is not really love but a mixture of theGlamour, 131:is a real grasp of the whole idea (a rare thing indeed) there can be no illusion. The idea is soGlamour, 132:upon by the democratically inclined. It is indeed a statement of fact, but when no allowance isGlamour, 184:is ended and the plight of humanity is hard indeed. Even the neophyte upon the way of the intuition
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