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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDEPENDENTLY

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Astrology, 97:human being. I am here referring to the signs, independently of their planetary rulers. There isDestiny, 36:these masses are themselves either thinking independently or are thinking as directed by theDiscipleship1, 691:how of rendering it; for this each disciple is independently responsible. The Master does not trainDiscipleship2, 457:of men of goodwill will be working untidily, yet independently, and there will be made available -Externalisation, 19:Personalities, and a student who is walking independently in the light of his own soul is regardedExternalisation, 560:apparently has a life of its own which proceeds independently of humanity and that it also has itsFire, 799:itself from that body, and consider itself independently of form influences. All atoms are alwaysFire, 976:way into the form, then it can be seen acting independently, for the individual Ego of the manFire, 1148:will at times force himself into manifestation independently of his group, as will other groupGlamour, 131:and as being separated from and visioned independently of all other ideas - both religious inHealing, 153:monad and personality directly (and finally independently of the soul) simply anchors the monadicHealing, 334:it is the life force inherent in matter itself, independently of form. It is therefore closelyHealing, 498:medium of the physical brain at first, and then independently of that material structure. I haveInitiation, 51:in the world today are aware of their existence independently of any particular school of thought,Magic, 220:inherent in the matter of the three worlds, independently of the soul. When this is the case, thePatanjali, 32:energy, the life of God which persists independently of form-taking, actuates or energizesPatanjali, 349:three, so that they function as a whole and not independently and separately. Man is thus the ThreePatanjali, 353:and direct apprehension of all knowledge, independently of the reasoning [354] faculty orPsychology1, 129:by one or other of the rays. Countries (viewed independently of their nationals) are likewise theRays, 211:has all been brought about by the group itself, independently of any injunction of the Master, andSoul, 21:physics studies experience as though existing independently of the nervous system. PsychologySoul, 26:and mentalists in the West, though arising independently, [27] are but a hazy reflection. EasternSoul, 58:all of these. But it is not self-sufficient or independently existing. It draws upon the reservoir
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