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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATE

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Astrology, 7:facts as the Hierarchy recognizes them; I will indicate, if I can, the subjective realities ofAstrology, 16:also be noted: That the planetary influences indicate the trend of the outer life circumstances.Astrology, 16:man and for the unevolved man, they can and do indicate the personality destiny and fate; they doAstrology, 27:with the factors and suggestions which I may indicate. With this in mind, let us proceed. [28] Astrology, 91:and not particular. I impose no doctrine. I indicate phases of speculation which might proveAstrology, 105:happenings within every sign. They can also indicate much concerning the man whose horoscope isAstrology, 109:any particular sign, for a study of these will indicate the three phases of the Path - with itsAstrology, 125:with real potency [125] and activity. This might indicate the awakening of the mind, in the firstAstrology, 127:a definite interplay. Jupiter and its influences indicate that the way of incarnation is theAstrology, 146:lines is that all the outer indications do not indicate truth but only point the way to theAstrology, 171:these three lines and the above suggestions will indicate how a comparative study and aAstrology, 188:A consideration of the above paragraph will indicate to you the importance of the sign SagittariusAstrology, 198:gradually unfolding. It was necessary for me to indicate to you the nature and the purpose of theAstrology, 198:in mind as I continue to teach you, for I may indicate some sources of active energy which may asAstrology, 202:my underlying motive is ever the same: to indicate the way of living process and to stimulate thatAstrology, 226:the decanates (they agree on one); I cannot indicate to you the essential truth because a newAstrology, 232:weighs the balances down sufficiently so as to indicate the way that the man must go at the time.Astrology, 234:than any other. It is not my intention here to indicate the solution of the problem of sex.Astrology, 238:vast and too important for me to do more than indicate lines of approach. A cursory handling of theAstrology, 265:These three signs are all signs of crisis and indicate the progressive influence of the other nineAstrology, 266:conditioned by intelligent activity. They indicate points of opportunity of an inner kind whereAstrology, 266:methods and relationships; they should also indicate the key which astrologers can use when seekingAstrology, 273:water - Aquarius - Fixed Cross. All these signs indicate forms of consciousness, which areAstrology, 280:(sixth ray). The Moon and Mercury together indicate the activity of the higher and lower mind andAstrology, 305:These symbols may not here be revealed but indicate the point of spiritual consciousness achievedAstrology, 305:A glance at these geometrical charts will indicate in a moment the status of the initiate, and alsoAstrology, 308:this is the only one I choose, at this time, to indicate, because it is of major importance toAstrology, 317:harmful and hurtful to others; the Fishes indicate the man from whom the symbol of materiality hasAstrology, 328:certain phrases and sentences which will indicate [329] (for each sign ) this "growth of light inAstrology, 331:here like to give you a tabulation which will indicate somewhat the nature of the response of theAstrology, 335:importance. More [335] than this I cannot here indicate and more will not be possible until theAstrology, 339:whose horoscope is under consideration. I would indicate at this point that in studying any of theAstrology, 341:this is the sign of rebirth, these two planets indicate the successful development and eventual useAstrology, 344:and - in dealing with these three signs which indicate the subjective realities which incite theAstrology, 350:positive ideas of great importance, and will indicate certain situations which can be looked for inAstrology, 400:the most important of them all. I can only indicate here a field of thought and of astrologicalAstrology, 420:me in this attempt - for it is little more - to indicate the main lines of approach to the newAstrology, 437:Here in pictorial language I have endeavored to indicate the three streams of energy which meet inAstrology, 443:of the underlying potencies, for they can indicate the lines of least resistance to the emergingAstrology, 453:in the great family of the central sun and indicate why our planet is not a sacred planet. NoAstrology, 468:the unfoldment of consciousness. The triangles indicate possibility; the Crosses indicate processAstrology, 468:The triangles indicate possibility; the Crosses indicate process and points of crisis. There is, asAstrology, 468:to esoteric astrology, it is possible to indicate certain fundamental interpretations of thisAstrology, 486:and mental organizations and movements which indicate to directly the awakening of the ChristAstrology, 489:and rays; a close study of the world crisis will indicate the plausibility of the premise as to theAstrology, 489:system. Let me repeat that statement and thus indicate to you some vital facts anent this world ofAstrology, 497:sign which is held by the esoteric astrologer to indicate soul possibility and direction, versusAstrology, 508:so exoterically oriented, yet all the twelve indicate limitation or that which withholds theAstrology, 518:his two major rays (personal and egoic). These indicate his type of mechanism and his soul quality.Astrology, 525:their nations. No matter what past history may indicate in connection with many of the alliedAstrology, 545:about the full presentation of the choice and to indicate the mode whereby the spirit of man canAstrology, Saturn:The crying demand and aspirations of man indicate appreciation of the opportunity and recognizedAstrology, 610:the transfiguring agents. The darkened planets indicate the transmitting agents of the Forces,Astrology, 612:planetary centers or groups. The darkened spots indicate awakened, alert centers. The diagramAstrology, 629:to the finite mind. All that is possible is to indicate That which exists prior to manifestationAutobiography, 4:The second thing which I would like to do is to indicate some of the new trends in the world todayAutobiography, 11:the great conditioning factors of life. They indicate the divine. Why is it that they are so oftenAutobiography, 22:which will ultimately be outgrown. To me, they indicate parental and tuitional opportunities. ThisAutobiography, 152:the fate of humanity [152] at this time seems to indicate something different? I believe firmlyAutobiography, 153:as seems best to them and as their karma may indicate or their circumstances dictate. Once that hasAutobiography, 155:Walter Evans' very brief occasional letters to indicate a change of heart and I began again toAutobiography, 204:watching for the lights of the car that would indicate that a boy was returning a girl to her home.Autobiography, 255:to form this or that organization nor do They indicate some persons as of supreme importance asAutobiography, 266:"occult" signify "that which is hidden"; they indicate that which lies behind the outer seeming andAutobiography, 279:future Schools of Initiation but the above will indicate the general curriculum which will beAutobiography, 292:the students they supervise. We seek only to indicate the common goal, the universal field ofBethlehem, 12:and ordinary an implication, whereas they may indicate to those who are ready a special way and aBethlehem, 13:anchoring us in the truth that was; it will indicate to us our immediate goal and duty, which whenBethlehem, 46:the world Saviors and the example of the Christ indicate to humanity the Way that must be trodden.Bethlehem, 57:the similarity in detail of the birth story, all indicate to us the constant re-enactment of aBethlehem, 65:to give to life a purpose and fulfilment, and to indicate to us the Way: He came to give us anBethlehem, 74:upon world suffering and agony. May it not indicate the birth pangs which precede the revelation ofBethlehem, 193:are well known, as the following extract will indicate: "The ceremonies of purification by theBethlehem, 209:are left outside. The Cross was intended to indicate the line of demarcation between the kingdom ofBethlehem, 236:addressed to Christ, and they serve to indicate the antiquity of the Mystery Teaching which, withBethlehem, 240:a definite note of encouragement because they indicate requirements that are possible for us toBethlehem, 242:materialistic point of view dominates, it may indicate the end of conscious existence. The crucialBethlehem, 272:of men towards the world of ideas, would seem to indicate that the time has come for the making ofBethlehem, 280:and whether [280] this transition does not indicate that the race is rapidly preparing forDestiny, 4:I am, therefore, seeking here to do two things: Indicate, as you have seen, a new and powerfullyDestiny, 16:the testimony of future historical records will indicate fully how wisely, sanely andDestiny, 27:I will later deal with this matter and will indicate the lines along which future investigationDestiny, 49:China 3rd Ray Intelligence. 1st Ray Power. I indicate the Way. Germany 1st Ray Power. 4th RayDestiny, 55:for me to be able to do more than generalize and indicate the major lines of progress. The role ofDestiny, 68:the rulers of the capitals, I would like to indicate the influences which control the BritishDestiny, 70:spend much time analyzing this but would like to indicate one or two points which would serve toDestiny, 81:nations and as the one to mete out justice and indicate the right methods of law and order; yet herDestiny, 85:for Great Britain and her activities; they indicate also certain definite lines of affinity andDestiny, 86:the influences potent in the Russian horoscope indicate this. Destiny, 88:other country, the United States of America, and indicate the influences working at this time whichDestiny, 100:Allied Cause. No matter what past history may indicate in connection with many of the alliedDiscipleship1upon which to ponder and meditate or he might indicate some need for changed habits of thought.Discipleship1, 15:of the Soul (the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) will indicate the type of phenomena which should findDiscipleship1, 27:and worldwide, but these will serve to indicate a general tendency. Discipleship1, 29:realizations and even phenomena on your side. I indicate not the results of such an activity forDiscipleship1, 45:I make succession. I offer instruction. I indicate [46] the way to the goal and to the field ofDiscipleship1, 67:you to think clearly along lines which I may indicate. Then the desired thought-form willDiscipleship1, 67:kind must not in any sense be deemed to indicate separate activity or separate interests. All [68]Discipleship1, 87:three words - reality, synthesis, relation - indicate the goal and the problem of the disciple,Discipleship1, 87:progress will be love of humanity; this will indicate the awakening of the heart center. In the
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