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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATE

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Discipleship1, 88:in your life-expression need not necessarily indicate failure. There is only failure if there isDiscipleship1, 107:you are sensing, my brother, and this should indicate to you your progress in subjectiveDiscipleship1, 111:with psychic disaster. At the same time, it can indicate a newly awakening response and sensitiveDiscipleship1, 115:clarified in your mind. Two results I can myself indicate to you and I choose these two withDiscipleship1, 117:easily. A consideration of the above may indicate to you something of value. Curiously enough youDiscipleship1, 125:more truly and more fully. Today I seek to indicate the vehicles of force through which the twoDiscipleship1, 133:you much individual activity. I will, however, indicate the three rays of energy which constituteDiscipleship1, 139:and regulated... It is not my intention to indicate to those who work in my group the methods theyDiscipleship1, 142:way and no outsider may do more than suggest and indicate. That, I have attempted to do. TheDiscipleship1, 149:is naught in connection with yourself that I can indicate, for you have studied your problemsDiscipleship1, 186:watched your progress and your work. This will indicate to you how slowly we, who seek to help andDiscipleship1, 191:via which body? I give you here a thought and I indicate to you a field of awareness, concerningDiscipleship1, 199:basis can I find in my study work which would indicate that I could be illumined and thus intensifyDiscipleship1, 209:the seven centers. It is these centers which indicate to us who watch the point in evolution, theDiscipleship1, 211:increase as the years go by. Later, I will indicate to you some work which can with advantage -Discipleship1, 218:I am referring. As you know I find it useful to indicate to all in my group [219] of pledgedDiscipleship1, 224:you, my beloved brother, at this time and how indicate to you your prevailing glamor without, atDiscipleship1, 234:of the human situation at the present time would indicate the correctness of my proposition. Discipleship1, 235:no matter how fine or aspirational. I seek to indicate to you modes of unfoldment and to give youDiscipleship1, 241:you do no work, except that which I may here indicate. The rent in the etheric body, which reducedDiscipleship1, 250:which exists in you and on what it is based. Indicate wherein you can integrate more closely intoDiscipleship1, 256:decisions. What they will be is not for me to indicate. Through recognition of the decisive crisesDiscipleship1, 271:[271] ultimate achievement; and that they also indicate in a most amazing manner the work and theDiscipleship1, 276:between the ego and the emotional body. These indicate to you lines of least resistance. Discipleship1, 287:this is to be done is for you to decide. I but indicate your goal. As one gets older, the method ofDiscipleship1, 303:January 1935 BROTHER OF ANCIENT DAYS: I can indicate to you the line of activity by which you canDiscipleship1, 311:is for you gradually to find out. I but indicate to you possibility. One thing I can, however, tellDiscipleship1, 350:and goes forth to others in love. I will now indicate to you the nature of the five rays whichDiscipleship1, 354:all that you can about the hands. Later, I will indicate the future use of this science of theDiscipleship1, 357:of old, wisely and strongly and without fear. I indicate to many of my disciples their specificDiscipleship1, 358:significance of that paradoxical phrase? I but indicate a vague mirage which need never cause youDiscipleship1, 369:is connected with your physical body. Let me indicate to you your ray forces and then, I believe,Discipleship1, 378:you are one. It will be of use to you if I also indicate to you the rays of your personalityDiscipleship1, 387:August 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: May I at this time indicate to you two things, my brother, knowingDiscipleship1, 391:and people and a puzzled attitude towards life indicate mind activity but not soul understanding.Discipleship1, 406:changes. Be not dismayed, for those changes indicate an open door and a wider field for lovingDiscipleship1, 424:but which may not be stated here. Your replies indicate a glamor out of which you should at onceDiscipleship1, 428:have I ever over-praised. But I seek today to indicate that your steady service has been noted andDiscipleship1, 429:wonder, my brother, if it is possible for me to indicate to you the life of spiritual insulationDiscipleship1, 437:There is no need for me to do more than indicate to you that the following contacts are easy forDiscipleship1, 442:to know. In the next instructions, when I shall indicate to you the rays governing the threefoldDiscipleship1, 446:in preliminary training, I would like to indicate the conditioning rays of the personality for - ifDiscipleship1, 485:depend upon the needy one and circumstance to indicate to him the next step. I would have youDiscipleship1, 494:the Master can point out to you the goal, indicate the hindrances and suggest solutions. TheseDiscipleship1, 500:with responsible work for us. All I would indicate to you is the necessity for preserving a dueDiscipleship1, 532:certain changes and enrichments which I will indicate to you... Follow this, my brother, for theDiscipleship1, 534:and also to give myself the opportunity to indicate to you the need for your widening in the lifeDiscipleship1, 538:my disciples with whom you are affiliated, and indicate the way of service. Discipleship1, 544:discrimination and discerning faculty which will indicate to you the manner, the time and the modeDiscipleship1, 545:to act when the next step is illumined. I do not indicate to any of you at any time if there hasDiscipleship1, 572:a first ray personality. In telling you this, I indicate to you your group contribution andDiscipleship1, 591:the space of this year. That in itself should indicate not only potentiality (for which all of usDiscipleship1, 592:Observer (such as myself) is only to indicate - after the fact, thus not infringing the free willDiscipleship1, 604:it is for you to discover the method. I can but indicate need [605] and opportunity. As for theDiscipleship1, 615:from the group. If in later years you indicate to me a change of heart and a freedom from yourDiscipleship1, 646:the other group members, I would like also to indicate to you not only your personality and soulDiscipleship1, 646:I always do with any new disciple) but also to indicate the rays of your personality vehicles. YourDiscipleship1, 650:is so little that is new and fresh that I can indicate to one who is so experienced upon the Path.Discipleship1, 657:definitely to fade out. The above statement will indicate to you what you have to do, for - at theDiscipleship1, 667:your first personal instructions, if I were to indicate the points of contact through which yourDiscipleship1, 703:by the group (under the urge to serve) and to indicate the field of service. The mode of thisDiscipleship1, 703:of Discipleship - Part III I would at this point indicate to you that the so-called inner Ashram isDiscipleship1, 710:[710] It will not be possible for me to indicate the work in detail. I intend only to show you asDiscipleship1, 727:and superimposed one upon the other, they indicate a definite ray pattern. Then the Master canDiscipleship1, 733:over-estimate the experience and believe it to indicate a high spiritual development; they begin toDiscipleship1, 733:accepted disciple to aid in the interpreting, to indicate direction and to point out theDiscipleship1, 735:intense aspiration really to love. It does not indicate the inflow of Shamballa energy through theDiscipleship1, 766:lines of energy distribution but not in order to indicate any need for a mental interest in theseDiscipleship1, 772:is little that I can do for you, for this would indicate to me an inability to differentiate inDiscipleship1, 787:to form this or that organization, nor do they indicate [788] certain individuals as being ofDiscipleship2, 8:the time of the Full Moon of May. I shall then indicate to you any needed changes in yourDiscipleship2, 12:very brief and very scant. I am only seeking to indicate and not to direct; [13] I intend to pointDiscipleship2, 17:therefore, to make the whole plan clearer and indicate anew the lines along which the trainingDiscipleship2, 19:There will be the soul meaning which will indicate relation to the Hierarchy, in the same way thatDiscipleship2, 19:same way that the personality significance will indicate relationship to humanity. Then there willDiscipleship2, 22:It is part of my work to begin to indicate the methods and processes and the modes of instructionDiscipleship2, 30:as you know, three sources of inspiration which indicate to the disciple - struggling on theDiscipleship2, 58:instructions I have placed at the end to indicate to you its relative importance and so impressDiscipleship2, 68:its own destiny. Disciples point the way, indicate the vision, set a needed example and emphasizeDiscipleship2, 69:I have chosen to enumerate out of many, will indicate to you the difficulties with which disciplesDiscipleship2, 125:you resent what I may say, then it will simply indicate the power of your personality to reactDiscipleship2, 165:to the spiritually minded Jew. I would like to indicate to you three approaches to the subject ofDiscipleship2, 166:to strengthen those with true vision, ready to indicate not only the reason for events in theDiscipleship2, 166:those in the past in that he is able clearly to indicate to others the techniques of the Path; heDiscipleship2, 183:are implicit in this second meditation; they indicate a free, flexible and fluid interplay betweenDiscipleship2, 277:be useful if we briefly considered them. I will indicate to at your particular point of developmentDiscipleship2, 278:service to the Hierarchy. I shall ever indicate to you when I give you a hint, and upon these hintsDiscipleship2, 282:will manifest, and your ability to use them will indicate to you, to your fellow initiates and toDiscipleship2, 283:curiosity. The new approach which I seek to indicate makes its appeal to the abstract mind and toDiscipleship2, 285:upon which the phrases go forth. I have tried to indicate one of the meanings of the formula, butDiscipleship2, 295:to the love nature of God; these together indicate a fusion and a sensitivity which is new in humanDiscipleship2, 297:are specific techniques, but today I may only indicate direction. 2. A sense of "intelligentDiscipleship2, 303:power behind manifestation. More I will not indicate, but I seek your intelligent assent to thatDiscipleship2, 312:of a new opportunity. The two succeeding words indicate effects of this penetration; they are thenDiscipleship2, 319:of revelation. My one effort today is to indicate the relation between initiation and revelation.Discipleship2, 320:these escaped revelations. They express a past, indicate a revelation, and ground the thinkingDiscipleship2, 327:to realize that progressive stages upon the Path indicate a progressive ability to "take theDiscipleship2, 341:because language has not yet the capacity to indicate the truth, even if such indications wereDiscipleship2, 341:point in consciousness... my one effort is to indicate the relation between initiation andDiscipleship2, 346:of revelation. These five points (which I shall indicate) must not be confused with the five
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