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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATE

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Discipleship2, 346:also concern the techniques of creation, and indicate to the Master what will be the nature of theDiscipleship2, 355:among other things that "my one effort is to indicate relationship between initiation andDiscipleship2, 355:initiate. That interpretation which I will indicate to you will concern the meaning which it hasDiscipleship2, 359:who seeks the inner side, then let the Master indicate the pattern and then await results. This mayDiscipleship2, 363:has been to give you five of them and to indicate the nature of the sixth, which is not to beDiscipleship2, 363:necessary to repeat. They are not many, but they indicate a phase of hierarchical working and ofDiscipleship2, 363:them correctly and with understanding, they indicate energy direction as a definite part of theDiscipleship2, 364:and are therefore six in number. They indicate the six relationships or the six intermediate stagesDiscipleship2, 370:can be. As I have formulated them above, they indicate the revelation in its primary and initiatoryDiscipleship2, 388:point in consciousness... My one effort is to indicate the relation between initiation andDiscipleship2, 410:the Hierarchy. These three happenings will also indicate to you that, as far as the masses of menDiscipleship2, 411:point in consciousness... MY one effort is to indicate the relation between Initiation andDiscipleship2, 417:as far as you as a group are concerned, is to indicate the relation between Initiation andDiscipleship2, 427:between symbols and facts; more, I need not here indicate. In our consideration of this fifth pointDiscipleship2, 446:All that I, as your Master, can do is to indicate an approach [447] to reality, and then leave youDiscipleship2, 453:I use this phrase "animating Whole" advisedly to indicate that the points of interlude are notDiscipleship2, 454:a new refocusing possible. I am not going to indicate to you the lines along which your service, asDiscipleship2, 480:of greatest moment that I can say which will indicate the point of future emphasis, which willDiscipleship2, 493:This will be true for you too but only time will indicate whether you work with close relationshipDiscipleship2, 497:Sensitivity to those who guide and know may indicate a mental interplay. You reach their "forms ofDiscipleship2, 525:it touches you not, which assertion itself would indicate that it does. Your deeply seated sense ofDiscipleship2, 527:What I am seeking to do is to help, to indicate the nature of the tests and point out to you theDiscipleship2, 539:or unwholesome line of thought. I would like to indicate to you the fact that in your nextDiscipleship2, 597:and - in my instruction to her - I shall indicate certain basic attitudes which she must developDiscipleship2, 597:Goodwill work, but in another field which I will indicate to him in his own instruction. I am notDiscipleship2, 599:keeps you where you are. If perhaps I define or indicate to you two glamors which intrude into yourDiscipleship2, 601:that means much and for that achievement I would indicate my pleasure and commend you. You areDiscipleship2, 618:both in this world and in the Ashram of K.H. I indicate to you no meditation work. In the doing ofDiscipleship2, 621:That is for you to find out. I can but indicate, for truths accepted on the statement of others areDiscipleship2, 628:but with a pronounced stability. This should indicate to you something of importance. It means thatDiscipleship2, 636:of entry, technically understood. I may not even indicate to you the nature of the coming crisis,Discipleship2, 646:it only serves to strengthen your faith and to indicate to you the reasonableness of the situationDiscipleship2, 653:own meditation and reflective approach. I only indicate to you the setting for certain seedDiscipleship2, 656:disciple and there is small need for me to indicate the glamor which at this time disturbs yourDiscipleship2, 664:One of the things which I shall have to indicate to the senior members of this particular group ofDiscipleship2, 666:you when accepted and obeyed. [666] I can but indicate and suggest from my standpoint of greaterDiscipleship2, 678:to her and are of no importance except as they indicate a strong reaction on your part of almostDiscipleship2, 722:at your situation clearly, and I would like to indicate to you the wise procedure for the future.Discipleship2, 734:to do so, list the higher and lower glamors and indicate how the lower can be transmuted into theDiscipleship2, 753:I shall not be more explicit. My function is to indicate direction, but it is for you to understandDiscipleship2, 760:mine" take on a deeper meaning. They [760] might indicate a steady moving forward, side by side, ofEducation, 2:some brief and general ideas which will serve to indicate to you the trend of my thought and theEducation, 7:asked by one of the students. I can but indicate the ideal, and in so doing I run the risk ofEducation, 33:It is necessary for me to stop at this point and indicate that all the above are simply wordEducation, 50:child in our more civilized countries will indicate trends and tendencies which may make myEducation, 53:possible by the work of the Buddha. This will indicate to you how slowly evolution moves. The newEducation, 58:gifts of life, and their relation to the group. Indicate, after due study, the right vocation.Education, 60:It is hardly necessary for me therefore to indicate the very practical nature of this definitionEducation, 66:vagueness out of the word "esotericism," and to indicate the extremely scientific and practicalEducation, 70:of individual and racial problems; it will indicate the forces and energies which are strugglingEducation, 73:hopes and dreams are useful in so far as they indicate a possible goal; they are of small use inEducation, 92:educator should pay due attention. I can perhaps indicate the nature of this process. I have statedEducation, 100:universal attitudes and considered what they indicate in the light of the present world problems,Education, 121:determine the type of culture and civilization, indicate the form of government and produce anEducation, 124:both these things. What, therefore, does this indicate? It signifies a trend in the consciousnessEducation, 124:number of such bodies and affiliations. It would indicate the differentiation of thought, and atEducation, 125:ideologies present to him points of choice and indicate emerging standards of living and ofEducation, 131:is of course impossible for me to do more than indicate here the basis of the new education whichEducation, 138:be suggestive, to evoke brooding thought and to indicate those elementary ideas which will bring inExternalisation, 8:fact appreciated that both groups of qualities indicate our divinity. All are expressions of God.Externalisation, 22:possibilities of this particular situation, to indicate lines of helpful activity, and then (havingExternalisation, 35:the problems of these groups. Let me endeavor to indicate to you in what manner these groups canExternalisation, 47:as their projects. And then we will only briefly indicate the triple intended purpose of the sixth,Externalisation, 50:rapidly coming into being. I cannot do more than indicate these points, for their proper theme andExternalisation, 50:What I have stated, however, will serve to indicate to you the general theme of the new educationExternalisation, 51:experimenting with it. Let me here briefly indicate to you some of the modes of government whichExternalisation, 56:Religion. More than this I will not here indicate as I seek to touch briefly upon the remainingExternalisation, 69:true understanding. It fails, for one thing, to indicate the particular place in the general worldExternalisation, 85:center of the British Empire. Some day I may indicate to you the centers through which the forcesExternalisation, 106:not negate. Is this a hard saying? I seek to indicate to you its basic truth if you will but ponderExternalisation, 113:does stimulate to right action; it can and does indicate possibility and responsibility; it can andExternalisation, 118:With broad generalities I cover the past, indicate the effects which are now being experienced inExternalisation, 134:constant moving onwards of the wandering Jews indicate a breaking down, upon a worldwide scale, ofExternalisation, 137:of life will determine humanity's future and indicate the way which humanity will decide to go. TheExternalisation, 175:therefore, to speak with directness, to indicate the inherent dangers of the present situation, toExternalisation, 183:for the Allies to state their peace aims and indicate clearly what adjustments will be made afterExternalisation, 186:in the thought processes of others - all these indicate progress and unfoldment. This picture ofExternalisation, 190:and experience, plus a marked goodwill, should indicate leadership. The domination of theExternalisation, 199:certain clear outlines are emerging which indicate wider fusions and a tendency to bring aboutExternalisation, 211:regards the present world crisis, and secondly, indicate to you certain major eventualities whichExternalisation, 222:or new type of energy. Prophecy and astrology indicate a Coming One and their many differingExternalisation, 239:cities. It is not my purpose to do more than indicate these contrasts which grow out of a widelyExternalisation, 241:the greatest brevity - point out to you; I can indicate the sign posts on the way to the futureExternalisation, 243:and mystical visionary. They point the way and indicate the needed objective. It will come when theExternalisation, 250:with the headquarters of the goodwill work and indicate also your willingness to cooperate to theExternalisation, 289:He gives the message which will heal, which will indicate the next step to be taken by the race,Externalisation, 318:task. [318] I will again write to you and will indicate the practical aspects of the work. In theExternalisation, 331:to any work which future [331] necessity may indicate in Europe or elsewhere, must be undertaken.Externalisation, 365:rapidly remedied. This article is an attempt to indicate the problems, and perhaps some of theExternalisation, 365:done in preparation for the cessation of war and indicate the first steps which can and should beExternalisation, 366:(along with many other thinking people) to indicate the steps which might be taken to avert theExternalisation, 380:reach the individual, show him his importance, indicate to him his very real sphere of influence,Externalisation, 381:spiritual sensitivity. It is far more likely to indicate self-centeredness and personal discomfort.Externalisation, 409:history that we have only myth and monument to indicate their happening. Externalisation, 419:on Earth. It will be apparent to you that I can indicate only the broad general outlines of the newExternalisation, 420:- Forces behind the Evolutionary Process Let me indicate the possibilities of such spiritualExternalisation, 422:of the Christ in the cave of the heart, and indicate the training needed to bring about that greatExternalisation, 422:man. I give this one instance to you in order to indicate the possibilities for spiritualExternalisation, 461:permit tranquility. These three groups, however, indicate the successful operation of the Forces ofExternalisation, 463:and love. The Buddha could point to the goal and indicate the Way because He had achieved full
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