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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATE

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Healing, 531:they stand are equally a divine expression and indicate the ability of the human mind to search, toHealing, 537:be learnt. The healing processes I outline and indicate through these Laws and Rules are basicallyHealing, 547:many earnest workers. They would like me to indicate what should be done, for instance, to cureHealing, 561:and hindering. It might be of service here if I indicate along broad and general lines some of theHealing, 603:his own point of development, for that will indicate to him capacity or non-capacity to work withHealing, 606:the man who is seeking to work along the lines I indicate would be well-advised to move slowly andHealing, 612:grasp. It is not possible or advisable for me to indicate the evolutionary stages through whichHealing, 616:fourth kingdom in nature, the human. This should indicate to you that though the love energy is theHealing, 620:at any given moment whilst in incarnation, and indicate (by their effect or lack of effect upon theHealing, 652:of alignment and of concentration and will [652] indicate to you some of the lines along which theHealing, 665:from a previous solar system. I might indicate that evil emanates from that hierarchy of evilHealing, 675:for the use of the disciple in the modern world) indicate a line of training or of self [676]Healing, 678:regards the full working of this law, but I can indicate certain most interesting ideas andHercules, 3:application can be modern and practical. It must indicate the inclusiveness of the goal, once thoseHercules, 23:of accomplishment upon his life, and which would indicate his right to join the great group ofHercules, 29:fashion) embody the disciple's problem and indicate the solution. These we shall have to consider,Hercules, 35:mares, such as we meet in this first labor, indicate the feminine aspect of the mind as it givesHercules, 201:souls are one, communicate to them the Plan, indicate to them the tendencies, give them the newInitiation, 112:evolutions. All that is aimed at here is to indicate the five main divisions into which theInitiation, 219:naturalists and now adopted by Theosophists to indicate a continent [220] that, according to theIntellect, 148:man or scientist, and need not necessarily indicate a lack of psychic balance, or emotionalIntellect, 149:similarity of the related occurrences seem to indicate something in the nature of a genuineIntellect, 166:percent of the material now appearing. They indicate that man has achieved much, and that he isIntellect, 166:and that he is becoming coordinated. They do not indicate the functioning of the intuition, nor theIntellect, 199:we can go on to outline meditation work and indicate the method which it is advisable to follow.Intellect, 203:These are purely spiritual results; they indicate a growing soul awareness, and are the faintIntellect, 211:knowers tell us, and so the evidence seems to indicate. Advanced thinkers in the West, as we haveIntellect, 233:its supreme value. In concluding this attempt to indicate the initial work that the aspirant toIntellect, 248:interior sources. They are curiously alike; they indicate a lovely aspirational spirit; they say noIntellect, 250:and select. Secondly, these writings can indicate a process of self unfoldment, and a methodMagic, 86:system of schools, colleges, and universities indicate the importance. Much progress in thisMagic, 140:of the soul. The use of the OM serves also to indicate to the workers on the universal planes, andMagic, 141:They, in their turn, as this Rule seeks to indicate, create thought forms of those received ideas,Magic, 200:God, for the three ciphers which are found indicate the personality. When man has completed withinMagic, 269:way of darkness. Substance and purpose blended indicate the way of light." [273] Magic, 298:list could be largely extended but suffices to indicate the prevalence of fears of all kinds. TheyMagic, 307:factors which we have only the time to briefly indicate: Astrological factors, either affecting theMagic, 309:Threshold in this age and cycle. Both of them indicate sentient reaction to psychological factorsMagic, 401:and upon that past I will touch; I will also indicate the present situation and forecast somewhatMagic, 406:impulses under which they worked. I can but indicate the trend of their endeavor, and leave to someMagic, 431:to outline some broad generalizations, and to indicate certain facts of interest. The main reasonMagic, 440:for [440] our age will duly be found. I but indicate the lines of the future astrology in order toMagic, 474:of concrete life, thy words and speech will indicate thy thought. To these pay close attention.Magic, 480:suffice to carry practical suggestion, and to indicate ideas which aspirants everywhere would doMagic, 493:and the subject is so immense that I can only indicate certain lines along which the aspirant mayMagic, 505:inability to generate the energy which will indicate aliveness. When silence and understanding ruleMagic, 506:yet and can only later be given. I would indicate the future and the lines along which futureMagic, 550:mean little to the beginner, but they serve to indicate some of the knowledge which the worker inMagic, 573:A. The type of force as used by an aspirant will indicate to him its emanating source, and a studyMagic, 573:A close watch upon this aspect of work will soon indicate to the aspirant: upon what plane heMagic, 574:personality trends and inclinations. This would indicate the right or the wrong use of first rayMagic, 574:on sentiment and on attachment. His words will indicate this to him if he will closely study them.Magic, 593:of spiritual unfoldment and superiority. It may indicate the latter, but it should be rememberedMagic, 594:reality, but it is not the Master and does not indicate the stage of accepted discipleship. ThroughMagic, 595:as to why the Great Ones give them no sign, nor indicate Their watching care. They will not andMagic, 618:the individual aspirant I seek to do two things: Indicate the immediate goal for students in thisMagic, 618:and summarize the steps that they must take. Indicate the things which must be eliminated andMagic, 621:other questions which will arise may serve to indicate the responsiveness of the aspirant to theMeditation, 9:or mental body. One point of interest I would indicate: - as long as the polarization is purelyMeditation, 14:you outlines and methods to be followed. I but indicate the underlying principles that guide theMeditation, 40:you how wise must be the teacher who presumes to indicate meditation. One point I would hereMeditation, 60:Word can be intoned; I can do no more than indicate general principles. Each human being, each unitMeditation, 60:Word are so great that we dare do no more than indicate basic ideas and fundamental principles, andMeditation, 83:the Sacred Word in meditation, I would like to indicate certain things, though more than a hint isMeditation, 84:the guidance of one who knows. Still, I will indicate certain things which, wisely pondered upon,Meditation, 92:it will not be possible to do more than briefly indicate certain menacing conditions, to warnMeditation, 94:that it will not be possible to do more than indicate certain results due to certain conditions;Meditation, 119:may be. I sound, however, a note of warning, I indicate the way, - the teachers on the inner sideMeditation, 121:be sought in various ways which I will later indicate. Meditation, 162:are too numerous to study here; suffice it to indicate somewhat the types of mantrams there will beMeditation, 170:a. The Line of the Manu We might here somewhat indicate the approximate method, and lay downMeditation, 222:I have sought in the above remarks solely to indicate lines of thought which, if followed closely,Meditation, 237:I but seek to be suggestive. My aim is but to indicate. The usefulness of the teaching I giveMeditation, 238:three ways do not cover the subject. They but indicate three ways that are of immediate andMeditation, 281:to Them. What now remains to be done? To indicate five things that may be looked for withMeditation, 282:of approach are broadly three and we might indicate five results that will eventuate from theMeditation, 282:us consider each of these methods separately and indicate the meditation to be followed thereon. Meditation, 319:school will be somewhat as follows, but I only indicate probabilities and not ascertained and fixedMeditation, 343:and methods I deal not. To you they are known. I indicate the right, and by adjustment of the lifeMeditation, 344:of Service These are many and varied. I can but indicate the ones of paramount importance. FirstMeditation, 348:circumstances - and not the server's planning - indicate that the time is come. Ponder this lastMeditation, 354:naturalists and now adopted by Theosophists to indicate a continent that, according to the SecretPatanjali, 57:advisable to add here. Enough has been given to indicate to the aspirant its purpose and potency.Patanjali, 70:to achieve Concentration The two last obstacles indicate the way whereby "old things can pass away"Patanjali, 166:teaching up to this point has been to indicate man's place in the scheme, to put his finger uponProblems, 9:are so appalling that it is necessary to indicate certain major lines of danger and certainProblems, 12:for recognition, are other instances. They all indicate inability to think in larger terms; theyProblems, 13:[13] expression of world irresponsibility; they indicate also the childishness of the race whichProblems, 15:held and passports, as instituted this century, indicate the crystallization of the idea. HistoryProblems, 32:plans upon paper are useful as far as they indicate interest, a sense of responsibility andProblems, 41:Britain and parts of France. Time alone will indicate the extent of the damage done. Much can,Problems, 96:be in the nature of a platitude, that will not indicate a bias of some kind (from the point of viewProblems, 120:way" of love of which Christ spoke, and they indicate they are treading it by an expression of theProblems, 127:and dogmatic affirmations, do not necessarily indicate the truth as it exists in the mind of God,Problems, 138:internationally being formed at this time would indicate that the authority is still vested in theProblems, 156:attitude of humanity and a few outer happenings indicate a true inner recognition of the necessityProblems, 161:deal with this subject in any detail. But we can indicate the general line of thought which willProblems, 162:The potency of this is surely apparent. Let us indicate the possibilities of such a spiritualPsychology1, xviii:to opportunity is one of the factors which indicate soul growth. For this, the training school ofPsychology1, xxiii:deepening and experienced phenomenon. What I indicate and the suggestions I may make, will, I
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