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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATE

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Psychology1, 4:the rays, and seek to tabulate, outline and indicate their nature, purpose and effects. The sevenPsychology1, 62:all things, and when I use these words I indicate the necessity of Law. Law is the will of thePsychology1, 68:Some of the names of the Lord of the third ray indicate His use of force and His real nature. TheyPsychology1, 68:of the Universe and many others terms which indicate relation to light, to time, to space, to thePsychology1, 75:these preliminary remarks, which are intended to indicate the magnitude of the subject, we shallPsychology1, 77:the six aphorisms, and the qualities which they indicate, will show how potent and important isPsychology1, 78:himself to be upon a particular ray, they will indicate to him some of the characteristics forPsychology1, 97:all types of minds will be satisfied. I shall indicate only a few. The psychics of the world arePsychology1, 98:musically to quarter tones and subtle nuances indicate a thinning of the veil which separates thePsychology1, 100:of investigation is so wide that I can only indicate some of the possible fields of research: ThePsychology1, 101:and only their fossilized remains are left to indicate to us a vegetation vastly different to thatPsychology1, 127:colors is confusing to the neophyte. I can but indicate some thoughts, and in the accumulation ofPsychology1, 129:now consider our last question, and I shall indicate to you, in general terms, - necessarilyPsychology1, 161:of being or of the soul. Both these conditions indicate the "genius towards perfection;" where thePsychology1, 186:the fabric of civilization as the fear-mongers indicate. But we shall anticipate no such failurePsychology1, 234:and theologies of our modern sciences. I seek to indicate the synthesis which underlies the whole,Psychology1, 237:case of the vegetable kingdom, where three rays indicate the nature of that kingdom's life.Psychology1, 239:the quality of the manifesting life and indicate the type of the appearance. In resuming ourPsychology1, 244:development of all disciples and initiates. They indicate place upon the Path. Hence theirPsychology1, 335:in esoteric conflict in each planet. I but indicate one of the rays, and I do not tell you whetherPsychology1, 346:midway in force, but the climaxing figures indicate activity and separation. In the second group ofPsychology1, 353:instance. These three important developments indicate the activity of the third ray during thePsychology1, 368:the world aspirants and disciples, and will not indicate inaccurate prophecy or misinterpretedPsychology1, 376:of the solar system. The ten schemes which indicate solar achievement. The inner constitution, orPsychology1, 377:mind that these laws are called by names which indicate their relation to humanity. When active inPsychology1, 382:3rd ray of intellect. 1st ray of government. "I indicate the Way." Germany 1st ray of power. 4thPsychology1, 383:the seed." A close analysis of the above will indicate certain lines of racial understanding. TherePsychology1, 388:me to be able to do more than generalize and to indicate the major lines of progress. The role ofPsychology1, 393:with the nations and the rays I want now to indicate to you certain fundamental conditions whichPsychology1, 430:3rd ray of intellect. 1st ray of government. "I indicate the Way." Germany 1st ray of power. 4thPsychology2, 9:man. They explain the human problem; they indicate the objective before man; they account for andPsychology2, 15:spiritual aspiration to serve humanity, will indicate the nature of the consummated individualityPsychology2, 26:unfoldment. Its very simplicity will indicate that we have only dealt with the broad outlines, andPsychology2, 55:a close relation to this difficult law; they indicate two basic ideas with which these trainedPsychology2, 55:limiting phrase, used by the separative mind to indicate the aspects of one reality. Patterns are,Psychology2, 76:their specific way of doing this. These I shall indicate. At the same time, it must be borne inPsychology2, 87:and all the many massed dualities which simply indicate the realism of people who are personalitiesPsychology2, 92:of the fourth order. The realization of this may indicate why our little planet, the Earth, is ofPsychology2, 104:ways, and it is not possible to do more than indicate a few of those general significances whichPsychology2, 124:and a scientific procedure at the same time. Indicate the need today for the right understanding ofPsychology2, 130:It is not here possible to do more than indicate this briefly. The theme is too large, for itPsychology2, 135:This must be clearly grasped. That might only indicate (if it seems to occur) the mental agility ofPsychology2, 138:service along peculiar and specific lines. These indicate for him the line of least resistance and,Psychology2, 149:in any measure, that in itself is sufficient to indicate our development. Unless the mind isPsychology2, 161:well as the power to decentralize. These words indicate the urge to devaluate the unreal and thePsychology2, 164:Let us, by way of illustration, trace or indicate the relation between the seven laws and the eightPsychology2, 166:It is possible, nevertheless, to indicate the goal and point out the potency of the forces to whichPsychology2, 175:and we can then consider some simple facts which indicate that the aspirant is beginning toPsychology2, 178:to go on listing the various developments which indicate to the onlooking Hierarchy that aPsychology2, 183:and, by means of a broad generalization, to indicate the major reasons why such groups are beingPsychology2, 215:future more than for present students. I seek to indicate the basic rules determining thePsychology2, 217:in a [217] number of ways. They simply indicate the four major goals which the Workers with thePsychology2, 226:the divine potencies into words, and thus to indicate how they may express themselves in andPsychology2, 228:of activity of the Cosmic Christ, and will indicate the governing qualitative tendencies whichPsychology2, 236:the tendencies in the world today, which indicate the active presence of this trend, and foster itPsychology2, 241:modern humanity. It is no part of my purpose to indicate my understanding of God's Plan. This isPsychology2, 250:phenomenal world usually veils but will some day indicate in truth. Psychology2, 262:because of the aptness of the phrase to indicate function. These souls, because of their point inPsychology2, 335:physical and psychical characteristics which indicate the quality of the higher nature of thePsychology2, 347:techniques. All that it is possible to do is to indicate the seven ray techniques as they arePsychology2, 380:note of the lower man which will, in time, indicate the nature of the personality ray. The qualityPsychology2, 394:the words "detail" and "presented" would seem to indicate separative recognition, but this isPsychology2, 394:but this is emphatically not so. They simply indicate and refer to the intricate internal life ofPsychology2, 402:Yet, could we but know it, present conditions indicate their own cause and cure. I trust that byPsychology2, 402:all that is possible) I shall have been able to indicate a possible way out and to have offeredPsychology2, 427:progress and opportunity, and that it does not indicate disaster and failure. It must be realizedPsychology2, 436:or to those in his environment. They simply indicate lack of development. When recognized, theyPsychology2, 445:principles would he proceed? I can but briefly indicate some of them, reminding you that, in thePsychology2, 450:are so rare that when they do occur, they indicate a solar, as well as a planetary, significance.Psychology2, 468:cursorily, as the time is brief and I seek to indicate and not to elucidate in detail. I can onlyPsychology2, 470:I use the word "negative" in this place to indicate a negativity in the achievement of results.Psychology2, 479:best organized and well developed. It will indicate through which forms the life expression in thisPsychology2, 479:centers in the body. In many cases, the glands indicate the condition of the centers. Thus anPsychology2, 485:of work and not to grades of persons; they indicate soul expansions but not graded contacts withPsychology2, 491:ever seeks to control any person nor will he indicate to him in the form of a positive command, anyPsychology2, 495:future precipitation and expression. This will indicate to you how vast is this subject, for itPsychology2, 495:briefly upon the conditions which foster dreams. Indicate the sources from which dreams can comePsychology2, 500:need be attached to this type of dream. They indicate physical nervousness and poor sleepingPsychology2, 501:they are self-evoked and self-related; they indicate however real experience, even if only astralPsychology2, 501:to the interested psychologist in so far as they indicate the character trends of the patient. OnePsychology2, 504:as most revealing because they will indicate in an interesting manner, the spiritual status andPsychology2, 506:and the initiate. I cannot do more than thus indicate the nature of these three basic mentalPsychology2, 510:types. These dreams or recorded instructions indicate a high stage of evolutionary advancement. Psychology2, 510:Psychology A consideration of all the above will indicate to you the complexity of the subject. ThePsychology2, 521:here is to give a general idea of the subject, indicate certain lines of development andPsychology2, 535:trouble. In illustration of this I would like to indicate the general nature of the difficulties toPsychology2, 546:This academic technique, I will endeavor to indicate in a later Instruction, but I want first ofPsychology2, 624:swing the group into successful work. This will indicate to you the potency of the individual andPsychology2, 640:which are today on everybody's lips, and which indicate the aliveness of humanity to its problems,Psychology2, 651:us. A picture of the immediate problem to indicate possible dangers and suggest at the same timePsychology2, 668:Servers It would be of value at this time to indicate three of the functions of this New Group soPsychology2, 720:forces are many in number and it is possible to indicate the nature of some of them. This is done,Psychology2, 727:and the resultant activity. These last few words indicate the attitude requisite and its neededPsychology2, 736:and your way of living and working. It will also indicate to Those who are serving the Plan of GodPsychology2, 748:As regards the required united work, I can but indicate the following lines of activity, and it isPsychology2, 750:will say no more at this time. I have sought to indicate that which should be possible. If myRays, 12:of their response to the inflowing energies and indicate their basic wickedness and their promptRays, 13:in the life of our planetary Being. I can only indicate and point out that the world situation isRays, 24:expound for you somewhat of their meaning and indicate their significances as far as these can beRays, 34:in reality great Formulas of Approach, but they indicate approach to a specific section of the Path
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