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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATE

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Rays, 44:to arrive at right knowledge. I shall sometimes indicate the initiation involved, but not always,Rays, 45:expression of the spiritual life, but it does indicate that the service of the initiate and hisRays, 61:What I am doing in these instructions is to indicate the relation between the threefold personalityRays, 94:I make no prophetically predictions, I only indicate possibility. When the Avatar has made HisRays, 134:waiting expectancy, I cannot yet reveal or even indicate. The times are not yet ripe. A greatRays, 170:initiation. These are great mysteries and I only indicate them in order to convey to you a sense ofRays, 179:and mental natures and activities. These indicate his point of development. The devas are theRays, 217:at understanding. I cannot hope to do more than indicate significances, but it will now be clear toRays, 225:with the Plan. These words are all attempts to indicate the path of progress which is - to theRays, 242:of his response to the Will of God, and only indicate the limitations of his definition of divineRays, 246:that I can do in these abstruse matters is to indicate what you can do, as an individual, to fitRays, 246:divine purpose is the most difficult of all to indicate, and when I say indicate, I mean exactlyRays, 246:difficult of all to indicate, and when I say indicate, I mean exactly that, and nothing moreRays, 254:Mahomet. A close study of all the above will indicate to you the lines along which I would like toRays, 258:which will, under the Law of Synthesis, indicate That which the three great planetary centers ofRays, 260:- when more universally demonstrated - will indicate its nature, if I might so express it. They areRays, 261:will bring him to a point of tension which will indicate the next possible initiatory stage. FourRays, 261:Transmutation. Impartation. Let me very briefly indicate some of the elementary significances ofRays, 277:felt. The words "the fellowship of Christ" indicate the emergence of this concept subjectively uponRays, 326:himself. II. I found it necessary also to indicate the nature of the Way of the Higher EvolutionRays, 330:openly upon the physical plane. This will indicate a return to the situation which existed inRays, 338:Remarks These three words will therefore indicate the first type of approach to our subject; what IRays, 340:no adequate language. All that is possible is to indicate certain spiritual trends and tendenciesRays, 406:those higher processes of identification which indicate an advanced state of evolutionaryRays, 413:in the Council Chamber at Shamballa, for they indicate the strength and potency of Sanat Kumara'sRays, 421:heresy of separateness. I may not here even indicate the type or quality of the intentions of theRays, 435:planes of awareness to which they all admit him, indicate the disciple's task and keep him fullyRays, 451:and fusing can then go on. I can perhaps indicate the nature of this process in the followingRays, 466:in manifestation, but the above will serve to indicate the relation of Monad-soul-personality asRays, 469:words "orientation" and "attempt." They simply indicate the final control of substance by theRays, 474:now take up our next point in this section and indicate the technique for the constructing of theRays, 487:when preparing candidates for communion. They indicate a different direction, however, for theRays, 497:the nature of a generalization. I would like to indicate, as far as possible (asking you toRays, 510:but itself becomes an active holding agent. Indicate briefly the effect of the Word of Power. WhenRays, 560:symbolic in nature and constitute attempts to indicate visually a truth. Rays, 572:men wait; it will restore the ancient landmarks, indicate [573] the new institutions and forms ofRays, 578:initiations, and it is His coming which will indicate that humanity has taken the first initiation,Rays, 585:their initiatory effect, we shall not be able to indicate a great deal in relation to humanityRays, 588:of activity and of expanded consciousness will indicate why and how our planetary life is oneRays, 610:tensions, sometimes almost past endurance; they indicate nevertheless rapid development and steadyRays, 617:factor in all cases, and that which will indicate to Him the appropriate place for this focalRays, 663:carefully held in mind, for these initiations indicate the process through which the personalityRays, 682:which give us the clue to the world problems and indicate at the same time the solution and the wayRays, 707:Himself. It is not possible for me here to indicate the nature of the revelation which is accordedRays, 718:to discuss these words with you. They each indicate a certain aspect of the will; you will learnRays, 723:certain unknown types of consciousness or to indicate areas of perception which lie beyond the kenRays, 742:will be possible. The next few years will indicate the way the tide will turn, and whether theReappearance, 10:He gives the message which will heal, which will indicate the next step to be taken by the race ofReappearance, 25:will but Thine be done." These words definitely indicate conflict and do not indicate theReappearance, 25:words definitely indicate conflict and do not indicate the synchronization of the two wills; theyReappearance, 25:the synchronization of the two wills; they indicate the determination on the part of the ChristReappearance, 28:Pharisees and the Sadducees. These points all indicate His recognition of His work as a WorldReappearance, 33:to strengthen those with true vision, ready to indicate not only the reason for events in theReappearance, 34:those in the past in that he is able clearly to indicate to others the techniques of the Path; heReappearance, 45:be exactly as the Scriptures would appear to indicate. For instance, He will come indeed in theReappearance, 60:interpretation, because He will be present to indicate the true meaning. He has been for twoReappearance, 74:probability and the Law of Correspondences can indicate the rightness of these events. TheirReappearance, 111:will - without wounding - bring revelation and indicate the first needed step towards humanReappearance, 121:openly upon the physical plane. This will indicate a return to the situation which existed inReappearance, 126:is concerned) five in all. These Mysteries indicate, in reality, five important points in theReappearance, 126:in the spiritual history of an aspirant; they indicate also five important stages in the progressReappearance, 153:be apparent to you that it is only possible to indicate the broad general outlines of the new worldReappearance, 154:The potency of this will be apparent. Let me indicate the possibilities of such spiritual events,Reappearance, 156:of the Christ in the cave of the heart, and indicate the training needed to bring about that greatReappearance, 156:man. I give this one instance to you in order to indicate the possibilities for spiritualReappearance, 164:the wonder of the many humanitarian movements, indicate no divine frustration but growth ofReappearance, 164:are unconquered. These aspects of human behavior indicate the wonder of the divinity which is inSoul, 29:and of harmonizing the West and the East, and so indicate that in their union lies strength andSoul, 77:the same state of being or consciousness, and indicate the subjective reality in every man. TheTelepathy, 37 To:revelation to you of a brother's strength will indicate where you can look for help in any hour ofTelepathy, 53:symbols of the theosophical literature would indicate). What must be grasped is that all that IS isTelepathy, 67:in this present manifesting cycle. This should indicate to you the potentiality hidden in the veryTelepathy, 98:the condition of the various aspects of the aura indicate whether or not the disciple is nearing
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