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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATED

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Discipleship1, 589:people and have also asserted that my work - as indicated by me in my various pamphlets and books -Discipleship1, 610:lead others towards the light." I have not indicated to you the rays governing your personalityDiscipleship1, 623:Thus the rhythm of the life of service is indicated and expressed. Your gift to the group is thatDiscipleship1, 639:will become directed towards your chosen and indicated service. What is the choice which you haveDiscipleship1, 655:can, for the next three months, follow the lines indicated below. During these months, you canDiscipleship1, 655:three months. Can you adjust yourself to this indicated need, my brother? Is your love of the workDiscipleship1, 716:have taken the first initiation. This fact is indicated by their intensive struggle to grow intoDiscipleship1, 727:a year, the effort made along these lines is indicated, not the results; it is effort which counts.Discipleship1, 778:unfoldment and liberation; the people who were indicated as initiates and senior disciples wereDiscipleship1, 778:on Occult Meditation followed next. These indicated a somewhat new approach to meditation, basedDiscipleship1, 783:first of which was called The Next Three Years) indicated their plans and purposes, and madeDiscipleship1, 786:Out of the many possible neophytes, I indicated a group of approximately 45 people - some knownDiscipleship1, 789:If by this inadvertent slip, A. A. B. has thus indicated me as a Master, has any harm been done? MyDiscipleship2, 5:try out the personalities of their intended and indicated disciples and - should [6] these measureDiscipleship2, 21:initiation and towards the Presence will also be indicated by me. This I will do at the time of theDiscipleship2, 49:on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, page 701.) I indicated that the coming world religion would be basedDiscipleship2, 54:and remembered. 3. The next step which I indicated to you was that in which I pointed out thatDiscipleship2, 75:no particular [75] spiritual enterprise. I have indicated many spiritual enterprises which calledDiscipleship2, 78:fruits ye shall know them." In so saying, he indicated a definite line of guidance for all of us. ADiscipleship2, 93:note, covered the whole ground. I have, however, indicated enough to show my reasons why there isDiscipleship2, 109:understanding and development is thereby indicated. This is not by any means the case. In the lastDiscipleship2, 157:the evolution of humanity is in line with the indicated timing. This Invocation will have a potentDiscipleship2, 173:he had been attempting to salvage humanity; it indicated to him what might at that time haveDiscipleship2, 196:the serving disciple. In this paragraph you have indicated the spiritual, meditative way of life ofDiscipleship2, 204:here are apt to hinder, but the visualization indicated will prove helpful. In the case of the NewDiscipleship2, 226:by all who are willing to participate in the indicated service. Discipleship2, 253:in the New Age, Vol. I, page 583-584.) will have indicated to you. I would like here, my brother,Discipleship2, 261:process - so vastly more inclusive than has been indicated by any of the teaching given hitherto.Discipleship2, 263:briefly summarize for you some of the things I indicated anent these formulas in my previousDiscipleship2, 264:of effects. Therefore, I would ask you to do the indicated work, to concentrate your minds uponDiscipleship2, 270:and yet the two are one. More anent this will be indicated as you study the teaching upon theDiscipleship2, 273:enough, it is this ancient symbol, with its indicated reference to the emotional nature, andDiscipleship2, 277:of the ever-needed truths. The need is indicated to them by their disciples, and they then initiateDiscipleship2, 278:yourselves infer much. The second hint I gave indicated that mankind had evolved so well that todayDiscipleship2, 302:aspect. Can you answer the question: Why is this indicated? That disciples in all Ashrams have theDiscipleship2, 309:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part V I have indicated to you in my past instructions three ofDiscipleship2, 320:is the nature of the relationship which is indicated - not by the words but by the very [321]Discipleship2, 322:plane life. A study of the three revelations indicated in the earlier instruction will reveal theDiscipleship2, 322:You will (having studied the three revelations indicated on pages 309-10) note how all of themDiscipleship2, 328:stated as our third point that every initiation indicated a closer sharing in all forms of theDiscipleship2, 335:said: "Judge not and ye shall not be judged," he indicated a state of mind where understanding soDiscipleship2, 341:the paragraphs where it was to be found were indicated. The hint which you were intended to take asDiscipleship2, 344:by you. In one group, you have five formulas indicated, each of them dealing with a major governingDiscipleship2, 345:accorded (of which three have already been indicated) concern the initiate and his work as it isDiscipleship2, 354:so and (if you have truly understood what I have indicated re hints) you must have wondered why theDiscipleship2, 369:initiation. The three points of revelation (indicated by me) can usefully be related by you to theDiscipleship2, 369:form - the four points of Revelation already indicated, and then "in the Light" let us considerDiscipleship2, 370:but it will be obvious that what I have indicated along the line of correspondences must be true,Discipleship2, 373:anent the five points of revelation which I have indicated, leaving your intuition to wrestle withDiscipleship2, 376:protection which the Master provides. At the indicated second initiation he receives a quality ofDiscipleship2, 395:deeper meanings than the above, but I have here indicated to you the way to fuller knowledge; theDiscipleship2, 403:in the fourth initiation, is that there is then indicated the very highest point of the process ofDiscipleship2, 427:throughout all the states of consciousness as indicated by the seven substantial planes. This mustDiscipleship2, 470:and then, if you decide to do no more along the indicated lines, you can relinquish the task...Discipleship2, 482:wildly forward in an effort to accomplish the indicated task, to prove to the Master his staunchDiscipleship2, 547:ever that as you continue faithfully with the indicated exercise, the results are sure or I wouldDiscipleship2, 611:from the Ashram of K.H., via A.A.B. It was also indicated to you that the vehicle which you shouldDiscipleship2, 670:For this reason, I have (as I seldom do) indicated the future ahead of you. You and F.C.D. are bothDiscipleship2, 727:I wanted done and the outlines of the work as indicated by me, and to which your group brothers andDiscipleship2, 729:yourself. Do the group work and meditation as indicated. I assign you no special work. I seek toDiscipleship2, 737:and decision starts energy working along the indicated lines and that, having decided, he now movesDiscipleship2, 759:relation to me. My last instruction should have indicated to you how deep is my comprehension ofEducation, ix:fantasy but an urgent and immediate need is indicated by a document drawn up by the Department forEducation, xii:succeeded or are succeeding in attaining the indicated goals. There must be a spiritual futureEducation, xii:goals. There must be a spiritual future indicated. It is that which is required now. The wordEducation, 8:have to deal (the mind and the brain), I have indicated the answer to the second question asked,Education, 8:I differ somewhat concerning the periods indicated by such occult teachers as Steiner, for thoughEducation, 10:him to strike his note clearly, and should have indicated the pattern into which his life impulsesEducation, 34:introduce and make real to you the fact of the indicated processes. Some aspirants and studentsEducation, 47:history wherein man's divinity flamed forth and indicated new ways of thinking, new modes of humanEducation, 63:expression upon the physical plane. This is indicated today by the constant use of the termsEducation, 110:inferences, and to think along the lines indicated. I seek to have you steep yourselves in thisEducation, 116:a door upon the great path of evolution and has indicated an unfoldment which necessitates drasticExternalisation, 22:old attitudes of mind. A possible happening is indicated - the formation upon the physical plane ofExternalisation, 36:need and the meeting of that need. [36] I have indicated somewhat the intended work of the firstExternalisation, 55:caution and considered action. I have already indicated to you the form that the religion of theExternalisation, 55:approach to each other, via the soul, will be indicated. This aspect of the emerging truth might beExternalisation, 64:The success that the group had in helping... indicated their ability to be constructively useful.Externalisation, 65:to bring about the accomplishment of the ends indicated by the Plan (which are of a spiritualExternalisation, 102:its effectiveness, providing the work is done as indicated. This will be due eventually to twoExternalisation, 102:True interest and acceptance of that which is indicated as essential to the disciple and to theExternalisation, 103:group thinking of a powerful nature along the indicated lines; for visualization of the Vision ofExternalisation, 147:and was to be expected. The standard that I have indicated above is, I well know, too high and tooExternalisation, 148:they are unconvinced of the advisability of the indicated method of work, or fear the arduous taskExternalisation, 148:forward the stage of the plan which has been indicated to them, or if they shirk the disciplineExternalisation, 148:learn to breathe it forth in the manner I have indicated above when speaking of the GreatExternalisation, 171:outer physical victory. True victory will not be indicated unless the higher values which shouldExternalisation, 220:what lines it should be solved I have earlier indicated. [221] As for the world disciples andExternalisation, 226:with all other disciples and aspirants, the indicated stages: Study with care and answer withExternalisation, 239:Allies been ready (and that in itself would have indicated attitudes similar to those now beingExternalisation, 315:upon the plan to be carried out and upon the indicated service for the coming day. Do this as theExternalisation, 316:Age. As time goes on, subsidiary groups will be indicated who can work in the various countries asExternalisation, 321:as to time, person or place. I have simply indicated that there is a possibility (subsequent toExternalisation, 321:for that that I have approached you. I have not indicated the place of His appearing, the nature ofExternalisation, 322:ahead at the close of the war is clearly indicated. 2. The founding and the work of the ArcaneExternalisation, 325:I have given you much information and have indicated need and its possible solution. I have givenExternalisation, 331:plan can take shape. Having made them and having indicated to you the lines of hierarchical desire,Externalisation, 331:more gradually, with the other aspects of the indicated work. The strength and usefulness of thisExternalisation, 361:mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicated the approaching maturity of humanity.Externalisation, 368:present potency, but a steady decline is indicated for the future. The issues in this war are being
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