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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATED

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Externalisation, 385:in every country who will work along these indicated lines and who could be reached simultaneously.Externalisation, 387:Vol. II (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 701-751) indicated might be founded, and lead to a true startExternalisation, 423:or great Approaches are taking place. I have indicated that the present activity of our planetaryExternalisation, 442:behind the Evolutionary Process I have for years indicated certain lines of activity which we, theExternalisation, 454:of human demand. Humanity will by then have indicated the strength and nature of its goodwill; itExternalisation, 469:years ago and through which He symbolically indicated to us the way which all aspirants must go. ItExternalisation, 493:progress constituted a definite menace and indicated a supreme danger and problem. The evil forcesExternalisation, 521:IV - Stages in the Externalization These groups, indicated for externalization, exist on the innerExternalisation, 547:presented to the enquiring public as truths. I indicated the new truths which were of significanceExternalisation, 600:- Stages in the Externalization Many years ago I indicated that the Christ would come in threeFire, 104:only briefly touched upon. All that may now be indicated is a general idea of the fundamentalFire, 382:the range of possibility, and has already been indicated to students in Volume II, of the SecretFire, 421:principle. An interesting point might here be indicated. The fifth plane, the mental, may beFire, 482:undergone in Atlantean days) and the landmarks indicated hold sufficient guidance to enable them toFire, 518:the key to this mystery, but it can only be indicated, leaving it to the student to work out theFire, 544:is not now possible, but enough has here been indicated to open up various lines of study. These,Fire, 635:the human analogy. He will learn thereby. Having indicated certain lines of thought, we will nowFire, 675:of force hinted at, and in this thought we have indicated one of the keys to the astral plane. 18Fire, 814:latent powers. In the above few remarks are indicated very briefly and inadequately the resultsFire, 932:as to the first. The third secret will not be indicated more clearly till the sixth race is livingFire, 1012:More cannot here be given but enough has been indicated to give the student food for thought. InFire, 1071:therefore, the relations might be briefly indicated: Kingdom - Planetary Center Human - HeartFire, 1077:are symbolically allied. Enough has here been indicated to give the student room for thought,Fire, 1152:of Mind 3. Triangular Linking Enough has been indicated in this Treatise to show the general planFire, 1155:information here given and the correspondences indicated, should provide all followers of raja yogaFire, 1180:here. Some of the aspects of this law are here indicated. The ground is by no means covered butFire, 1191:quality of a man's Ray, and this in the above indicated threefold manner. Man is the Monad,Fire, 1241:simply an energy term, and streams of energy are indicated, - seven streams which blend and mergeGlamour, 30:we have on the mental plane masses of sharply indicated thought-forms of a particular quality andGlamour, 34:subject to these conditions), but I have also indicated to you what is the nature of glamor. TheGlamour, 120:is, as yet, in its infancy. I have, however, indicated enough to arouse interest and to startGlamour, 124:some of the universal glamor by a united indicated meditation. Certain of the group members alsoGlamour, 137:and deduction, assessed the immediate future and indicated immediate possibilities. They had noGlamour, 143:you will proceed with your group meditation as indicated elsewhere (Discipleship in the New Age,Glamour, 144:carefully sustained minutes and then proceed as indicated in Stage IV of your meditation outline.Glamour, 156:Therefore, the five types of energy which I indicated to you as of importance in your own livesGlamour, 169:mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicated the approaching maturity of humanity.Glamour, 174:way of living, revealed to him his goals, and indicated his true nature. The revelations givenGlamour, 208:technique of the past comes to an end. The indicated technique is of use only to the man who knowsGlamour, 261:According to the tensions and impulses indicated, will be the activity of the centers. You can see,Healing, 52:analysis of the soul forces as they are faintly indicated. A negative analysis concerning what isHealing, 162:heart center might be pictorially expressed as indicated in the diagram on page 715. Eventually, atHealing, 180:of the everyday, average human being. This is indicated by the fact that the reflection of theHealing, 218:specific diseases to specific centers. I have indicated the areas conditioned by the centers, andHealing, 270:it to form the basis of your approach. I have indicated that medicine and medical treatments of theHealing, 355:to be preoccupied with the same things which are indicated by the soul of the group, and not by oneHealing, 389:You will find that if you work along these indicated lines of thought, the entire theme of deathHealing, 465:with only a very few of the major centers dimly indicated in the case of initiates and advancedHealing, 479:trained observation, have equally definitely indicated cures or ameliorative processes orHealing, 480:the psychological basis of disease and have indicated a practically new field wherein disease -Healing, 524:mentioned and certain needed requirements are indicated. These we should register first of all asHealing, 524:the nature of the Christ. Let us now look at the indicated qualities and attitudes. I will brieflyHealing, 541:the soul influences its etheric body. This is indicated by the point of light in the head centerHealing, 557:thinking and simple good intentions. I have indicated that it presupposes the mastering of theHealing, 562:upon them I do not propose to dwell. I have here indicated enough to show the danger of a sense ofHealing, 582:vitalizing, directing, you have the results indicated as to what obedience to this rule will enableHealing, 613:error, the object of attention, retrogression is indicated; and this is why all profound attentionHealing, 647:are only permitted to approach where healing is indicated. Healing, 652:from making mistakes. Where death is definitely indicated and the "signs of death" are noted byHealing, 671:Master Jesus; the story of the three temptations indicated the taking of a still higher initiation,Hercules, 36:of illusion loomed large before Hercules and indicated from the very outset of the twelve laborsHercules, 58:the word of cheer and then with pointing finger indicated the fourth Gate and said to him: "PassHercules, 88:signs, Cancer and Capricorn, for that which is indicated in Cancer is consummated in Capricorn.Hercules, 124:and the depths of this sixth labor are clearly indicated in the keynotes of the sign: On theHercules, 215:its annual revolution when the twelve divisions indicated the succession of months in the year, orMagic, 18:and the nature of the cosmic principles are indicated in the functions, structure, andMagic, 18:and characteristics of a human being. They are indicated but not explained or elaborated. TheyMagic, 18:and their general coordinated function may be indicated by a consideration of man from the physicalMagic, 23:factor which we call the life of man; this is indicated by the breath in his body, which isMagic, 64:an evening review. A larger ebb and flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moon andMagic, 150:concentrates his forces." Here we have the stage indicated which can be called retention of theMagic, 167:recognizing it consciously. Fault tendencies are indicated to him as he seeks with sincerity toMagic, 231:energies of their group and at rare and indicated moments upon the Master under whom they work.Magic, 310:true satisfaction (of which the cravings above indicated are but the symbols) and of liberation.Magic, 435:and the Energies In the moon influence, we have indicated the native's past. It summarizes theMagic, 436:month in which a soul comes into incarnation is indicated to that soul by the month in which itMagic, 436:of the forces to be manipulated during life are indicated to the soul in this way. The rising sign,Magic, 436:physical. The prison of the soul is thus indicated. The handicaps to be met are thus secured; theMagic, 579:quality and skill in action. The quality will be indicated more by its power of attractiveMagic, 628:with all its defects and yet with all its indicated divinity. Out of these instincts carriedMeditation, 40:its scope of consciousness. All this will have indicated to you how wise must be the teacher whoMeditation, 64:the whole shifts and interpenetrates, but I have indicated food for thought. In the egoic note, -Meditation, 84:be divulged, and that what little can be indicated is of small value to the student apart from theMeditation, 95:a man will follow the meditation of his ray as indicated to you in general terms earlier in theseMeditation, 97:his mental creations and activities. I have here indicated two of the dangers most frequently metMeditation, 155:give specific instructions as to how the results indicated may be achieved. That will be doneMeditation, 157:interesting and vast subject, and may only be indicated in general terms. Certain forms, built upMeditation, 202:have by no means covered the ground. I have but indicated the broad outlines of what will some dayMeditation, 222:endeavors to make practical application of all indicated truth to his personal life of service inMeditation, 281:what he has to bring to the endeavor; we have indicated likewise his goal - and very sketchily -Meditation, 281:the Sacred Word, Color and Sound, and have indicated that which (brooded upon in silence) may leadMeditation, 297:to show how the training and development indicated in the other letters will be applied and I shallMeditation, 305:here point out to you that the thing which is indicated as existing in the future may not alwaysMeditation, 331:to pass on into the advanced school. I have indicated enough to provide much room for interestedPatanjali, 8:should be made between the Christ Principle as indicated above, which is a high spiritual aspect toPatanjali, 11:knows the conditions and has fulfiled them as indicated in the preceding sutra, Sees the self,Patanjali, 85:out in some of the translations, but though indicated from one point of view, does not seem to bePatanjali, 112:fourfold; the specific, the non-specific, the indicated and the untouchable. 20. The seer is purePatanjali, 155:fourfold; the specific, the non specific, the indicated and the untouchable. It is interesting toPatanjali, 155:senses, force reactions, the tanmatras, 3. The indicated primary substance, the tattvas, atomic
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