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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATES

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Astrology, 16:That the Sun sign, as it is called, indicates the nature of the man, physical, mental andAstrology, 17:of responsiveness to the Soul, the real man. It indicates also the integration already achieved andAstrology, 17:of the immediately possible group relations. It indicates, from the angle of the Ageless Wisdom,Astrology, 17:the purposes of the soul. That the rising sign indicates the remoter possibilities, and theAstrology, 18:is as follows: The sun sign. - This sign indicates the present problem of the man; it sets the paceAstrology, 18:least resistance. The ascendant or rising sign indicates the intended life or immediate soulAstrology, 19:from certain planets and not from the moon) indicates that which is past. It, therefore, summarizesAstrology, 31:The rising sign in a small measure. This indicates the life goal for that particular life cycle orAstrology, 99:destiny and unimportant fate. Esoteric astrology indicates his group usefulness and the scope ofAstrology, 103:Is there an imminent crisis at hand which indicates a birth into some new state of consciousness?Astrology, 127:two planets to these four signs, which in itself indicates a definite interplay. Jupiter and itsAstrology, 127:(2nd ray) is the way for humanity to go. Mercury indicates that the line of least resistance forAstrology, 132:war. Leo gives us Jupiter, the Moon and Mars. He indicates, therefore, the success which isAstrology, 137:love and wisdom upon earth whilst the fourth ray indicates the field of service and the mode ofAstrology, 147:through the medium of one planet. Leo indicates the height of achievement of the human soul. We areAstrology, 191:is no great fall and no exaltation. This fact indicates that the disciple has to walk an even wayAstrology, 192:pressure and presence. This fact in itself indicates a significant truth. The soul remainsAstrology, 223:find position), is ever Aquarius-Leo. This indicates that the self-centered individual in LeoAstrology, 267:for the treading of the path. This readiness indicates that his response apparatus (the threefoldAstrology, 275:use to you. for it widens your [275] horizon and indicates the marvelous scope of the divine planAstrology, 279:the sign Virgo in relative degrees and potencies indicates the fundamental importance of this "signAstrology, 286:sign, Leo, is the fifth sign of the zodiac which indicates that it is part of the mysteriousAstrology, 298:heart of the Sun," and when this is the case, it indicates that the disciple is now ready for theAstrology, 305:but of no value, except in so far that it indicates synthesis, the fusion of spirit, soul and body,Astrology, 317:and the result of the evolutionary process, and indicates the dangerous nature of the man who isAstrology, 322:fact is of very great importance, because it indicates the fact that when a man is an initiate, heAstrology, 343:Words given for this sign, the Word of the soul indicates the objective of the Cancer experienceAstrology, 365:becomes strong and powerful in this sign, it indicates the initiate and the rapidly attainedAstrology, 369:planets of Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, and thus indicates those which are the esoteric rulers of theAstrology, 372:to the developing intelligence of man. This all indicates a growing responsiveness on man's part toAstrology, 377:which reveals the underlying synthesis, which indicates the dualism which must finally vanish andAstrology, 377:the dualism which must finally vanish and which indicates also the secret of right human relations.Astrology, 441:simply summarizes the preceding pages and indicates the relation between four triangles of energy.Astrology, 480:initiate understanding. The rising sign, as it indicates the way of the soul. The place of theAstrology, 483:astrological symbols I have given you and indicates a most momentous relationship. You have hereAstrology, 508:forgotten when casting the horoscope, because it indicates a relation and a possibility which canAstrology, 513:planetary rulers - rules the personality, indicates inheritance and equipment and is a summation ofAstrology, 513:rising sign, with the esoteric planetary rulers, indicates soul purpose and points the way to theAstrology, 526:and the egoic ray of the Orient and this indicates eventual understanding once the second rayAstrology, 612:indicate awakened, alert centers. The diagram indicates the "interior light chart" of an advancedAstrology, 632:and interplay between the pairs of opposites. It indicates the will-to-express - in perfectedAutobiography, 10:as character either stands the test [10] and indicates a way out, or fails and we go down,Autobiography, 44:to be flattered or hurt. The episode, however, indicates not only [45] the stupidity and ignoranceAutobiography, 175:A. Bailey - Chapter V Chapter V This chapter indicates a complete line of demarcation between theAutobiography, 200:subjective thing is often forgotten and this indicates a great lack in the French equipment. TheirAutobiography, 212:quality, character and temperament which we show indicates simply the sum total of the past. WhatAutobiography, 238:in His pamphlet, The New World Religion. He indicates that the [239] work of the Buddha preparedAutobiography, 239:to the attention of humanity by the Tibetan indicates the first steps that are being taken by theAutobiography, 262:the need for character-building and purity, indicates to them the necessity to tread the Path andAutobiography, 269:- well-meaning and with good intention. It indicates that he is not a disciple, charged with theAutobiography, 271:of the true esoteric leader, because humility indicates vision and a sense of proportion. TheseAutobiography, 272:thus demanding recognition of himself. All this indicates the beginner who needs to learn that theAutobiography, 291:that one is an initiate or a Master immediately indicates deception or gross ignorance. No one inBethlehem, 29:department of human life and excluding no group, indicates that mankind as a whole is beingBethlehem, 129:the acceptance of this opportunity? His reply indicates it clearly, but needs understanding. WhatBethlehem, 222:son of God who has achieved divinity, and which indicates his willingness to undertake the task ofBethlehem, 253:has reached. It is a portent of promise, and indicates that the resurrection to life, to which allDestiny, 8:of great significance to the Hierarchy for it indicates a point reached. The major ideas in theDestiny, 32:interest taken today in the phenomena of time indicates a growing awareness of the problem itselfDestiny, 82:in the 11th century. I mention this because it indicates relationship and the demonstrated resultsDestiny, 94:in its expression than the head. All this indicates an innate recognition by humanity that behindDestiny, 101:Occident and the soul ray of the Orient; this indicates eventual understanding, once the second rayDestiny, 113:potent adherence to some current ideology. This indicates phenomenal racial achievement and theDestiny, 124:the fifth and again the fourth and this again indicates relationship. Some day these relations andDestiny, 144:book. If this is your attitude, then it only indicates your unpreparedness for true esotericDiscipleship1, 11:or irritated or hurt by such revelation, it indicates a basic lack of dispassion and provesDiscipleship1, 26:The glamor of destiny. This is a glamor which indicates to the one whom it controls that he hasDiscipleship1, 148:conscious of the world sorrow (and that sorrow indicates the world growth in responsiveness) isDiscipleship1, 287:residence is in a great psychic center. This all indicates a step forward, provided you continue toDiscipleship1, 324:of your aspiration towards usefulness in service indicates energies which have been directed to theDiscipleship1, 344:second ray egos. This is interesting in that it indicates a predominant capacity in the group toDiscipleship1, 363:Your constant inner habit of self-deprecation indicates too much concentration upon the littleDiscipleship1, 390:to develop the consciousness of the Presence, it indicates, first of all, that you are at this timeDiscipleship1, 410:directed by your mind. Coming from the mind, it indicates, therefore, the force of a rapidlyDiscipleship1, 484:has proceeded with rapidity. This, your diary indicates. The keeping of that diary serves, andDiscipleship1, 513:brother of mine, that I can thus write to you indicates the measure of your achievement. Two yearsDiscipleship1, 541:obligations. You lack as yet that "plus" which indicates spiritual efficiency; much of your time isDiscipleship1, 545:suggestion and accept and act when the intuition indicates a procedure. [546] You will have toDiscipleship1, 549:which provides opportunity for service and indicates certain lines of impressionability. TheseDiscipleship1, 553:been the lesson which you are learning [553] and indicates to you the way of release. Like allDiscipleship1, 563:suffering along the lines of super-sensitivity indicates self-centeredness, and this in turnDiscipleship1, 591:with the Hierarchy invariably look) but it indicates also achievement; [592] we have no time toDiscipleship1, 647:of the major rays. Curiously enough, this fact indicates to those of us who watch on the inner sideDiscipleship1, 699:the nature of the man's plan. This plan indicates increasingly his intelligent desire - selfish inDiscipleship1, 727:question is posited by a member of an Ashram, it indicates a definite preoccupation with theDiscipleship1, 735:of individual need and also on group need. It indicates also a penetrating analysis which hasDiscipleship1, 741:characterizes all grades of initiates and which indicates to an initiate of a higher degree that anDiscipleship1, 767:Being within the Master's Heart in no way indicates a love-relationship between Master andDiscipleship2, 20:and to each other. This relation, which indicates ability to touch the sources of power, love andDiscipleship2, 36:but not by emotional or embryonic love. This indicates, on the whole, improvement, because the tideDiscipleship2, 45:loneliness which is one of the first things that indicates to a disciple that he is being preparedDiscipleship2, 109:by any means the case. In the last analysis, it indicates a superficial sense of false values, andDiscipleship2, 148:of restoration opens up. For each of you this indicates a renewed time of service and of activity.Discipleship2, 157:Archives, an indicatory symbol beside it which indicates the era or period in human history duringDiscipleship2, 160:immediate cause of all events on Earth and which indicates the emergence of that which is new andDiscipleship2, 192:than his horizontal life of service, and indicates the measure of his conscious activity in theDiscipleship2, 235:responsibility lies and in what field destiny indicates his service to the race of men must beDiscipleship2, 236:[236] is of ancient formulation and its use indicates the next step for the masses of men; theDiscipleship2, 267:instinct, the lowest aspect of the intuition, indicates readiness for the first initiation; anDiscipleship2, 269:the sense of universality is also required and indicates, when present, a measure of monadic
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