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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATES

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Healing, 685:of responsibility, and which - when unfolded - indicates a steadily growing soul control. The [686]Healing, 701:this: The fact that he seeks to heal and help indicates a fair measure of advancement upon theHealing, 704:back from the "gates of death" whose karma indicates that his time has come; the life cycle on theHercules, 18:but soul and body formed one unity. This indicates always the stage of the disciple. He has madeHercules, 93:and instinctual awareness, then "Eurystheus" indicates to him that there is another world of whichHercules, 137:find that the keynote is "adaptability", which indicates a method by which the "ease" of Libra mayHercules, 146:all living things? The experience of Hercules indicates that such possibilities exist, and that heInitiation, 66:has reached a point of development that indicates a beginning of the coordination of the buddhicIntellect, 148:contemplative state and of soul contact, and indicates, with its sequential effects, the [149]Intellect, 216:"I have no time," is an utterly futile one, and indicates simply lack of interest. Let [217] usIntellect, 250:it is all psychic stuff, and it in no way indicates the revealing quality of the soul. TheMagic, 88:in men, which so distinguishes the present age, indicates to the solar Angel a second crisis, ofMagic, 112:works principally through that vehicle. Polarity indicates the clarity of the channel. Let meMagic, 139:brain, via the mind. Such an enlarged channel indicates that a man can be used. One might almostMagic, 213:within those forms which "illumination" indicates a specific state of being. It opens up the worldMagic, 219:terms of the physical plane, yet the sum total indicates a vibratory activity in the world soul, asMagic, 263:satisfies then is the moment of anxiety; it indicates stagnation. The application of the law causesMagic, 338:in the street as a sense of responsibility and indicates in the individual an egoic vibration. ItMagic, 357:is part of the great heresy of separateness, and indicates faintly the coming period wherein theMagic, 415:with that added touch of genius which indicates a certain contact with the soul. The group that isMagic, 419:The tendency to impose one's own point of view indicates a lack of understanding and it will ruleMagic, 435:than has ever yet been suggested. It embodies or indicates his present problem, sets the pace orMagic, 435:during incarnation. The ascendant or rising sign indicates the line along which his energy as aMagic, 436:science may understand. The birth month indicates the day of opportunity. The door stands open. TheMagic, 436:wax in strength during the incarnation, for it indicates the nature of the soul force that theMagic, 464:books that the trend of life or cycle of lives indicates necessarily the future, and that theMagic, 497:From certain aspects, therefore, that process indicates man's unity with everything that isMagic, 497:and the blood are the exoteric symbols. Moving indicates the integration and response of theMagic, 549:have a higher three and a lower one, which ever indicates the three aspects or principles ofMagic, 579:and quality. I would say that the type of force indicates the life aspect, whilst the qualityMagic, 579:indicates the life aspect, whilst the quality indicates the consciousness aspect, and that both ofMagic, 592:an esoteric significance for the student, and indicates a point in racial evolution. This cross inMagic, 593:therefore of burning and of pain in the back indicates usually undue activity in a center, whichMagic, 596:the light in the head has to be studied, for it indicates the measure of soul control and theMagic, 605:of the growth of consciousness, and indicates emergence from the instinctual stage into that ofMagic, 611:can be seen going on in the starry heavens. It indicates the stage wherein the Great Magician isPatanjali, 71:to balance correctly the pairs of opposites. It indicates lack of equilibrium. Despair is an effectPatanjali, 112:if the aspirant hopes to achieve, and which indicates those methods which will bring about thePatanjali, 112:at the very beginning and in this second book he indicates: The basic personality requirements, ThePatanjali, 156:of a human atom or of a solar deity, and simply indicates the natural triplicity of substance, itsPatanjali, 224:or abstraction becomes possible. It simply indicates perfectly balanced synchronization and theProblems, 15:there is no vision, the people perish". History indicates a long past of battle, of war, ofProblems, 24:the fact that the emphasis is so purely material indicates its relative unimportance, when seen inProblems, 56:to the world as a whole. This in no way indicates neglect of individual or national problems orProblems, 57:new purpose to any curriculum imparted and yet indicates that nothing hitherto included need beProblems, 88:to be found and no nation is free from it; it indicates a blindness, a cruelty and a lack ofProblems, 129:of a loss of the sense of divinity. It indicates exactly the reverse. Perhaps as serious, becauseProblems, 140:by the spiritual leaders of the race, and as it indicates to them the next step to be taken on theProblems, 161:worldwide scale and consciously undertaken. This indicates that because of man's desperate need,Psychology1, xix:the individual and his development; the second indicates the nature and ideals of the group intoPsychology1, 34:to one or other of these three, and which indicates a developing sensitivity. This is leading to aPsychology1, 61:ray quality, which determines the form aspect, indicates the way he should go, and enables him (byPsychology1, 65:has fulfiled its work. Thou art the one who indicates fulfilment. Quality - clear vision. Seek outPsychology1, 75:God. The past reveals the form, but the present indicates the flowing in of energy. That which isPsychology1, 116:that there is no blame attached. It only indicates to you the ground whereon you stand, and thatPsychology1, 249:of an aspect of consciousness, and that it indicates, at any particular time, the point ofPsychology1, 258:consummation of the process of transfusion, and indicates the appearance of the three divinePsychology1, 280:being shown today in the so-called cosmic rays indicates a scientific recognition of the newPsychology1, 334:may be used, and (because it is dual) it indicates both His personality and soul rays, which in HimPsychology1, 403:last sentence is of basic importance, for it indicates the true relation of the personality to thePsychology2, 11:sight in the assertion of the many. He, today, indicates the goal for the lower self, for thePsychology2, 12:Where it is sequential or alternating, it indicates an uneven unfoldment and an [13] unbalancedPsychology2, 13:will be. When initiation becomes possible, it indicates that two great groups of energies (those ofPsychology2, 14:the first initiation is taken. That initiation indicates simply that the germ of soul life hasPsychology2, 64:of the soul on the physical plane. It indicates to those who can see in truth, the grasp or holdPsychology2, 65:substance of the physical body. This statement indicates that, in the location in the human bodyPsychology2, 117:magnetic interplay offers food for thought and indicates the way of group, and of individualPsychology2, 120:position has become to him perfectly natural, indicates that the cross, which has upheld him for soPsychology2, 120:The man with the water jar upon his head indicates to us poise, equilibrium and balance. For thisPsychology2, 122:the served. And yet, in spite of all this which indicates wrong motives and false aspiration,Psychology2, 125:does not net them the true results, but only indicates to them a growing possibility. [126] AllPsychology2, 127:of the world are at this time engaged. This indicates, does it not, the point of evolution reachedPsychology2, 161:and this revulsion against the word itself indicates man's innately spiritual bias. Repulsion, thePsychology2, 161:and scientifically viewed, the word "repulse" indicates simply "an attitude towards that which isPsychology2, 180:groups remain as their destiny and inner urge indicates upon the physical plane; but - to thePsychology2, 250:but simply follows an impulse. Again it indicates an uneven, unbalanced development which resultsPsychology2, 301:in this Treatise on the Seven Rays. This indicates the types of energy and the forces which govern,Psychology2, 319:This should be of interest to all for it indicates that the planetary kurukshetra is now beingPsychology2, 319:expression which we call the human family. It indicates also the advanced point of attainment inPsychology2, 357:of the next step ahead, which, when taken, indicates the procedure next to be followed. A vision ofPsychology2, 364:becomes aware of it," is significant, for it indicates that states of consciousness can exist andPsychology2, 389:into the field of so-called black magic. This indicates, does it not, my brother, thePsychology2, 427:be definitely negated. That the crisis faced indicates progress and opportunity, and that it doesPsychology2, 446:colloquialism, has deep significance, for it indicates the recognition of the need of alignment.Psychology2, 507:the desire life of the present, and which indicates the nature of the desire life of the immediatePsychology2, 553:for it carries with it much of encouragement. It indicates, nevertheless, much physiological changePsychology2, 565:the word telepathy. As generally used today it indicates two powers: An instinctual registering ofPsychology2, 573:a "centering in the place of light". This indicates the growing activity of the head center. HePsychology2, 613:appearance of the lower psychic powers usually indicates that the man who is their victim (for wePsychology2, 652:Age. This statement is of importance, because it indicates that the effort now on foot is in lineRays, 23:and Initiates: Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon theRays, 44:basic instructions are given. Each of them indicates the new attitudes imposed upon all who haveRays, 46:rare indeed to find in these days. Right tension indicates the emergence of the first aspect, ofRays, 66:and purpose with deliberation [66] because it indicates the next phase of the working of theRays, 66:Logos. The directing mind of the initiate indicates within the three worlds the goal of attainment.Rays, 72:present embodies a point of tension; the future indicates a moving forward from that point ofRays, 72:to which all must be subjected, and indicates also the loneliness of the initiate as he movesRays, 77:is deeply symbolical. The clarity of that light indicates the function of the soul, as its greatRays, 80:one point of attainment to another; whilst 4 indicates the technique of conflict and the achievingRays, 86:from the top to the bottom. The episode which indicates the energy of organization and the relation
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