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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATES

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Rays, 131:It produces effects and stimulation; it indicates future receptivity to dimly sensed truths and isRays, 227:Rule XII Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon the upward WayRays, 232:The group, therefore, which "serves as Aquarius indicates" is the Hierarchy; the group which isRays, 236:towards that which is higher and which indicates a better and more spiritual future, with all thatRays, 237:See you not how the present crisis only indicates the success of the previous evolutionary cyclesRays, 262:on Occult Meditation. Transmutation. This indicates here an achievement and not a process; the workRays, 293:that which lies behind the form and that which indicates destiny, soul, place, and status. PonderRays, 297:made; this conveys the sense of attractive love, indicates the nature of things, reveals the worldRays, 299:of evolutionary growth which - when attained - indicates a registered consciousness of unity; thisRays, 325:of the hierarchical possibilities; this itself indicates that the time had come when certain faintRays, 356:the second door - in a most mysterious sense - indicates the route which must be followed by theRays, 405:the Master is far more advanced than the word indicates, He works consciously upon the cosmicRays, 416:of the major Sun." 7. None of the above facts indicates divergence of view between Shamballa andRays, 421:disciple of the Solar Logos, with all that that indicates of cosmic responsibility. We had muchRays, 507:The ray of vision and of application indicates the way direct, evokes the will to follow, and weldsRays, 532:the initiatory process; the consciousness aspect indicates in a mysterious manner the rate ofRays, 532:the Hierarchy; that the symbolic representation indicates to the disciple the Way into Shamballa,Rays, 545:separative term "individual disciple" because it indicates the cause of the possible difficulty orRays, 552:breakdown of the marriage relation. This indicates the emergence eventually of a creativity of suchRays, 566:marks a turning point in human history and indicates the possibility of the transition of humanityRays, 570:triumphs. This you well know. Each initiation indicates a stage in the growth and the developmentRays, 602:body This gives you much food for thought; it indicates the personality goal and the mode wherebyRays, 654:misleading, but it embodies a truth and indicates the unfinished story of solar expression. Today,Rays, 689:point in the career of the initiate, and indicates his entrance into an entirely different cycle ofRays, 714:the purpose; the center at the base of the spine indicates the will as it implements the purpose.Rays, 736:Refusal involves. One thing only I know: It indicates the Initiate's last contact with what weRays, 748:thought and planned. This tendency to thought indicates the coming into activity of a new andRays, 748:on a worldwide scale of right human relations indicates this. We shall have eventually a spiritualReappearance, 49:I go unto my Father." (John XIV, 12.) He here indicates that this passing to the Father's HouseReappearance, 114:and often hopelessly; nevertheless, it indicates a general process of spiritual reorientation, ofReappearance, 172:do give - do so because it fosters prestige and indicates financial success. Necessarily, there areTelepathy, 15:of the elementary mechanics of the process. This indicates, likewise, the most elementaryTelepathy, 21:the intuitional aspect of the disciple, indicates that his soul is beginning to integrateTelepathy, 23:be noted. The awakening of the heart center indicates inclusiveness, group appreciation andTelepathy, 68:human beings in all lands and all races. This indicates soul contact and the consequent awakeningTelepathy, 96:group of which he is a part, and this ability indicates progress in his part. [97] Sensitivity toTelepathy, 97:attained some of the higher initiations. This indicates ability to register impression fromTelepathy, 126:It is, therefore, the first clear fact which indicates the measure and the magnitude of a humanTelepathy, 144:man what he is at any given moment, and likewise indicates the plane on which he should function,Telepathy, 173:a center is involved, because this knowledge indicates the number of the energies which areTelepathy, 173:definitely correct. It is the etheric body which indicates and conditions the aura, which isTelepathy, 175:Triangle of Energies. This central triangle indicates unmistakably the three rays which condition a
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