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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATING

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Astrology, 18:"death of the personality." This is a phrase indicating the transfer of the focus for theAstrology, 27:of this vast subject, and in the process of indicating the attitude of the Ageless Wisdom to thisAstrology, 31:affecting their personalities. The Sun sign, as indicating life trends which are alreadyAstrology, 56:crucial in the experience of the human being, indicating as they do the function of the triple formAstrology, 132:off karma and to be successful in so doing and indicating the method employed, that of conflict andAstrology, 133:which is the only standpoint of service to you, indicating to you what lies behind upon the path ofAstrology, 186:this case Sagittarius conditions circumstances, indicating inheritance and forcing the environmentAstrology, 188:great constellations: Pisces - Exoterically, indicating the final goal for man. Aquarius -Astrology, 188:the final goal for man. Aquarius - Esoterically, indicating the purpose of all [189] materialAstrology, 189:incarnating processes. Virgo - Hierarchically, indicating the purpose of the Cosmic Christ. BothAstrology, 223:service. The horizontal arm is Taurus-Scorpio, indicating that desire for materiality is finallyAstrology, 227:be evidenced a slowly emerging soul vibration, indicating that hidden spiritual life of which theAstrology, 274:However, as a form of mental gymnastics and as indicating possibilities, the concept is of use toAstrology, 278:Cross are represented in this interrelation, indicating [279] the completed activity of the MutableAstrology, 287:involving [287] humanity and indicating the three important crisis points in man's career:Astrology, 317:the removal of half of the original symbol, thus indicating freedom from matter. The three waterAstrology, 327:The sweep of known history will aid in this, indicating - as it does - the possibility ofAstrology, 364:linking it again with the Masonic tradition and indicating also again the essential dualism of thisAstrology, 366:timely. Gemini rules the arms and the hands, indicating the service which the two brothers mustAstrology, 520:I am pointing out the immediate goal; I am indicating a problem of our planetary Deity; I am givingAstrology, 556:to illumine this most difficult [556] subject, indicating the significance of this Cardinal CrossAstrology, 564:I must be about My Father's business," thereby indicating the subordination of the form life to theAstrology, 593:our evolutionary process prepares mankind. I am indicating what is the goal of all hierarchicalAstrology, 604:the Sun, and the relationships which I am here indicating are only those in connection with ourAstrology, 611:constellations and their rulers. [611] The indicating of planets, different to those involved inAutobiography, 25:chart hung on the wall of [25] our schoolroom, indicating the next duty. How well I remember goingAutobiography, 133:affirm that the reason is that 7 X 5 = 35; seven indicating a finished cycle, a completeness, andAutobiography, 218:a letter from the president of the college indicating that the faculty believed a mistake had beenAutobiography, 253:which F.B. is responsible, by suggestion and by indicating what is the work that the New Group ofAutobiography, 257:of the Hierarchy" but by a life of service, by indicating that the Masters exist and are known toAutobiography, 288:the agents. Discipleship is a technical phrase indicating aptitude for teaching, a willingness toBethlehem, 11:synthesizing all the past revelations and indicating the future hope. The world expectancy todayBethlehem, 26:is called that of a full-grown man in Christ, indicating an increased experience of the divine lifeBethlehem, 261:He emphasized the necessity for cooperation, indicating that if we truly follow the Way, we shallDestiny, 37:taking form, providing a living example and indicating to the race of men their own divine [38]Destiny, 69:have Capricorn as their personality rulers, indicating age, crystallization and materialism; aDiscipleship1, 46:serve and to cooperate in my plans. Beyond thus indicating the way and the service, I will not go.Discipleship1, 76:that a line of exclusion may spiritually exist, indicating those who can pass on to the preparatoryDiscipleship1, 127:of all, their mutual karmic relationship which, indicating as it does equality in aspiration and aDiscipleship1, 168:unify and to comprehend. At the same time (thus indicating soul purpose), it took a fourth rayDiscipleship1, 295:synthetic, dual activity. Ponder on this. Before indicating your meditation work for the next fewDiscipleship1, 368:started upon the Path three lives ago, but not indicating your highest possibility which is to beDiscipleship1, 655:this as in any way constituting a reward, but as indicating a possibility which will greatly enrichDiscipleship1, 666:intensification of your second ray qualities and indicating the need for some balancing factor. TheDiscipleship1, 738:watching closely their note or vibration and of indicating where changes must be made in attitudeDiscipleship1, 767:The "Master's Heart" is a technical term, indicating the sources of life and many analogousDiscipleship1, 785:Bailey is responsible) by suggestion and by indicating what is the work that the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 789:of the Hierarchy" but by a life of service, by indicating that the Masters exist and are known toDiscipleship2, 19:There will be one meaning for your personality, indicating certain brain and mind realizationsDiscipleship2, 134:as it implements divine purpose. I am therefore indicating a far more advanced stage, and I do soDiscipleship2, 167:line then contains the idea of restoration, indicating the keynote for the future and that the dayDiscipleship2, 185:of energy to the whole; it does this not by indicating the modes and acceptances of transference,Discipleship2, 194:symbolism; there is no door, but simply a symbol indicating means of access. In the total evolutionDiscipleship2, 253:made by me in the previous instruction, indicating those which embody important hints and showingDiscipleship2, 264:occult obedience. I have the responsibility of indicating to you the work I want done and the stepsDiscipleship2, 265:spirit, it is the Monad. The Eye of Vision, indicating this time not the directing energy, but theDiscipleship2, 331:of perfection (limitations in soul expression, indicating the grade or stage of discipleship) areDiscipleship2, 396:disciple (and it is for disciples I write): As indicating the direction in time and space fromDiscipleship2, 396:make an impact upon the receptive disciple. As indicating (again in time and space) the directionDiscipleship2, 418:single and isolated initiation. It is capable of indicating to the initiate - no matter whatDiscipleship2, 452:them also mark the pattern of your daily life, indicating the gathering in of the sources of supplyDiscipleship2, 485:What I am really doing, my brother, is indicating to you the field of your future training - aDiscipleship2, 524:some measure of comfort and of strength, and of indicating certain steps which - if you will takeDiscipleship2, 553:your thinking. Do not infer from this that I am indicating to you the way of fire, of pain or ofDiscipleship2, 589:other workers in the task of reorganization by indicating the type of worker needed today in theDiscipleship2, 660:signifying your personality attitude. Service, indicating your soul's preoccupation. Patience,Discipleship2, 684:also my expressed intention to waste no time in indicating weaknesses in character and areas ofDiscipleship2, 689:limitations. Perhaps I am. I might, however, be indicating the need to foster some divine quality,Education, 93:agency from the earliest years, finally indicating vocation and avocation and thus aiding in theExternalisation, 94:of human expression. These I outlined when indicating the work of the nine groups planned by me.Externalisation, 113:good out of evil, illuminating situations and indicating the solution of a problem, but furtherExternalisation, 169:as it does great and vital potencies and indicating process (Sacrifice) and purpose, plus theExternalisation, 222:Christians, who regard this world war as indicating the end of the world and as preparatory to theExternalisation, 315:your reactions to the suggested endeavor, indicating how you feel you can best aid in the task. IExternalisation, 317:in the important task of preparation, in indicating the needed world principles, in spreading theExternalisation, 357:future of slavery. Fellowship and separation, indicating a world order where racial hatreds, casteExternalisation, 478:the true issues in the minds of men, towards indicating the lines along which right action shouldExternalisation, 576:the youth of the age the new modes of living, indicating to them the better values, and thus slowlyExternalisation, 685:public attention. The present can also be seen, indicating the way of the future and revealingFire, 367:great Entities, little more can be done beyond indicating some probabilities, and pointing outFire, 434:is given by way of elucidation, and by ray of indicating the relative importance of the influenceFire, 649:over-vitalized, the physical vehicle vitality indicating to them the line of least resistance. ToFire, 665:They can be divided into certain groups, indicating their place in the scale of consciousness.Glamour, 8:to the majority it is not easy at all, thereby indicating a lack that must be supplied by the useGlamour, 164:future of slavery. Fellowship and separation, indicating a world order where racial hatreds, casteGlamour, 171:dispelling illusion, revealing the Angel, indicating the Presence, and opening up to the discipleGlamour, 240:practical - as it does - all human living, and indicating likewise the steps whereby Reality can beGlamour, 248:into action, the frequency of their appearance, indicating to him novelty or habit, and likewiseHealing, 160:making its presence felt in the world today, indicating the coming into activity of the heartHealing, 182:and yet at the same time I must refrain from indicating modes and methods of arousing the activityHealing, 197:modern science is already recognizing as a fact, indicating that the blood stream conveys certainHealing, 220:in the future. I am but pointing the way and indicating a future technique whereby disease will beHealing, 242:light will come. It is only the necessity of indicating the major sources of diseases and notHealing, 249:you by now that I am principally concerned with indicating factors which are the result of the pastHealing, 275:the soul body. These "qualifications of force," indicating as they do the karma of the individual,Healing, 393:universe; there is the Presence of the Christ, indicating to humanity the fact of the soul and thatHealing, 428:like to present a somewhat different picture, indicating what is known by the departing soul. IfHealing, 471:"God is a jealous God" is an expression indicating God as form, circumscribed and limited,Healing, 536:last few pages I greatly clarified the issue by indicating - even at the risk of somewhatHealing, 538:or related to it, as it is a basic statement, indicating the major underlying theory upon which the
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