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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATION

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Healing, 313:Some Questions Answered On Fever Fever is simply indication of trouble and is a basic way ofHealing, 336:teaching concerning the iris of the eye is an indication of this. Why not read up on the eye aHealing, 399:need not necessarily be wishful thinking but an indication of a latent subjective knowledge, slowlyHealing, 440:as an idea in the minds of men, lie sure indication. But indication will give place to convictionHealing, 440:in the minds of men, lie sure indication. But indication will give place to conviction andHealing, 541:below, because this will give him a general indication of the point in evolution of the man to beHealing, 546:final sentence of this second law gives a basic indication of the time period: the Law ofHealing, 558:that is not possible, for 1 seek only to give indication of future possibilities. I seek also toHealing, 592:forces. All I can do at this point is to give indication of the type of problem which is related toHealing, 688:it is creative. The Sound which was the first indication of the activity of the planetary Logos isHealing, 699:is easily ascertained, but there is often no indication as to the soul ray. This can apply to bothHercules, 162:thought. In Virgo, the sixth sign, we have the indication of life; in Sagittarius, the ninth sign,Hercules, 163:you are an aspirant, a disciple; it is the best indication you can have of your status on theInitiation, 27:not aid beyond giving to the seeker confirmatory indication. Each soul has to ascertain forInitiation, 76:and pleasure in service, thinking it an indication that all is not well. Suffering comes as theInitiation, 163:course, that only the fact of the secret, and an indication as to the matter with which it concernsInitiation, 193:for himself exists not, then comes [193] the indication that he is nearing the Portal ofIntellect, 219:been done in the past, and in the East, is no indication that it is the best for us in the presentMagic, 15:by the brain) of the eternal verities, and the indication that the race is beginning also to bridgeMagic, 107:an objective to be worked for, but is simply an indication to be registered in the consciousnessMagic, 169:Increased psychic sensitiveness. This is both an indication of growth and at the same time a test.Magic, 183:notes his service in the world. Unless there is indication that the man is what is termedMagic, 245:of feeling are quite immaterial and are no indication of the state of the soul. The aspirant mustMagic, 421:are working in the field of the world. The first indication of it is that instinctive recognitionMagic, 435:he can find the clue to his life problem and an indication of what he can be and achieve. ItMagic, 492:In these Instructions I have sought to give an indication [493] of the first steps in esotericMagic, 500:as an idea in the minds of men lies sure indication. But indication will give place to convictionMagic, 500:in the minds of men lies sure indication. But indication will give place to conviction andMagic, 593:upon the protective apparatus, and is no true indication of spiritual unfoldment and superiority.Meditation, 6:Where is the analogy in the Solar System? An indication I give here. In the direct alignment ofMeditation, 26:periphery, lighting the causal body and giving indication of burning. To the onlooking Hierarchy itMeditation, 93:Remember likewise that psychic phenomena are no indication of a successful following of meditation.Meditation, 140:next in order become clear. The teacher gives an indication, drops a hint, and touches some highMeditation, 277:of the student's ability to do this comes indication of progress, and the possibility of carryingMeditation, 293:as never to be forgotten. It is again an indication of success. The Master has been contacted, andPatanjali, 174:said that a sense of responsibility is the first indication of the awakening of the ego or thePatanjali, 232:of the sense organs. In Book I a general indication was given of the objective of Raja Yoga and ofPatanjali, 232:the hindrances to its practice coupled with an indication of the benefits. In Book II which we havePatanjali, 361:deluded and to consider that psychic power is an indication of spiritual growth and unfoldment.Patanjali, 425:have, esoterically, and symbolically given, the indication that there lies before the initiateProblems, 16:with wisdom - and of this there is too little indication at this time. Problems, 47:it, they are spiritually alive and the first indication of this aliveness is a sense ofProblems, 138:is still vested in the wrong people. There is no indication on any large scale within the churchesProblems, 138:teaching or church government. There is no indication that the great Oriental religions are takingProblems, 169:for humanity, is a sign of progress and an indication of the innate divinity in man. That is trulyPsychology1, 68:phrases with care, they will be found to convey indication as to one's individual ray, lifePsychology1, 121:of an externalization of ray force, and as an indication of the value of the esoteric science whenPsychology1, 195:sets its seal, for scientific knowledge is the indication of man's response, through the collectivePsychology1, 229:are as yet non-existent. I mention this as an indication of the difficulty of our subject.Psychology1, 231:make answer by asking another question: What indication has the would-be server that his mentalPsychology1, 246:the body is "transfigured" as the indication of triumph. At the fourth initiation, Mercury andPsychology1, 246:In the basic color, green, we have the indication of the potency of Saturn. Esoterically speaking,Psychology1, 250:explanation. In the animal kingdom the first dim indication of sorrow and pain is seen, whilst inPsychology1, 253:sees more clearly than the left." The first dim indication of this tendency towards lucidity isPsychology1, 304:is abnormal. But that an enforced celibacy is an indication of a deep spirituality, and a necessaryPsychology1, 306:time to readjust itself. But again it is no indication of spiritual development, rather thePsychology1, 326:Thus the outer form or mechanism is ever an indication of the point of evolution of the innerPsychology1, 427:sees more clearly than the left." The first dim indication of this tendency towards lucidity isPsychology2, 117:centers." The symbol is then completed, and the indication is that the disciple is now controlledPsychology2, 121:relieve the sufferers. Service is frequently an indication of a busy and over-active temperament,Psychology2, 126:in the world work of late, is a hopeful indication. [127] Psychology2, 135:ideas embodied in the words, that is perhaps an indication of how much they need the impression ofPsychology2, 139:of the New Group of World Servers today is an indication that there are enough egoic ray types inPsychology2, 159:to be free, and a dispassion which is the indication of a hard heart, will land the aspirant in thePsychology2, 171:he cried. The Follower found no words, no indication Leader, no formulas of truth, no forms orPsychology2, 178:are now ready for "more light." The major indication is, however, their reaction to the Law ofPsychology2, 347:of destruction and rebuilding, with a brief indication of the process and the result. The finalPsychology2, 480:careers which should be followed, plus a general indication [481] of lines of activity which "God"Psychology2, 605:in the East or in the West) which gives any indication of a sense of world need or of humanity'sPsychology2, 642:a sense of responsibility. This is the first indication in the race that man is divine. It is uponPsychology2, 750:is carried forward diligently, there is every indication that the work of the Hierarchy and of theRays, 36:instructions, which aim only at a "tentative indication" (note that phrase), it is not necessary toRays, 103:links them with the world of form, and is the indication of life. But the desire of the initiate isRays, 121:manner today. Others may refrain from all outer indication of esoteric and occult training, and yetRays, 122:have been satisfactorily grasped and there is indication of some measure of real success. By thatRays, 211:at a point of tension in service, is the first indication that the group is ready for furtherRays, 215:is free and unimpeded; outside those levels, no indication is given that the other spheres ofRays, 233:mark of a Savior" and it will embody the mark or indication (the signature as medieval occultistsRays, 359:unprincipled dense cosmic substance; the mark or indication of the true initiate is the transfer ofRays, 433:that this is a major and most necessary indication of a developing awareness; a Master has to beRays, 453:activity during the past two hundred years is an indication, so that today the creative thread is aRays, 469:into the world of the focused will. Another indication is that he begins to interpret life in termsRays, 614:in human history will inevitably come. The first indication that the distant vision has beenRays, 668:subjective and may have but little phenomenal indication. They embrace the recognition of those whoRays, 685:and struggle of attainment. Let me give you an indication (no more than that) of what I mean.Rays, 699:or from above downwards. You have here again an indication of the central position of thisReappearance, 43:have not seen Him and there has been no tangible indication of His Presence. Today, thousands knowSoul, 43:there not, perhaps, some real connection, some indication of hidden truth? Children have a readySoul, 144:all the ancient pictures of both hemispheres an indication that the artists knew they were paintingTelepathy, 59:and for spiritual adventure, and as the indication of a wider field wherein consciousness may
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