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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATIONS

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Astrology, 87:of Destiny will be applied and the future indications discovered. Of this, the personal progressedAstrology, 90:be called "charts of the crosses" and not simply indications of planetary influences in the twelveAstrology, 146:along these esoteric lines is that all the outer indications do not indicate truth but only pointAstrology, 217:and pains of this era are symptoms or indications of the "entering into manifestation" of the newAstrology, 222:ray from a study of character, of the physical indications, of the emotional qualities, of the typeAstrology, 290:key to modern exoteric psychology and also some indications as to the astrological key to TheAstrology, 324:is here that there will be found certain basic indications as to the nature and the processes ofAstrology, 334:of both the personality and the soul, character indications, as well as a close study of the Law ofAstrology, 335:activity. Of the second initiation. The above indications may not conform to the ideas generallyAstrology, 379:[379] with this sign and this is one of the indications that today the conflict in the worldAstrology, 421:also take up with you some of the points and indications which are hinted at in Tabulation IX,Astrology, 481:and Sirius. I could fill many volumes with the indications of the various triangles as they areAstrology, 606:man. I am simply giving faint and inadequate indications of that which emerges in the humanAtom, 151:our Deity aspires? Are there anywhere indications of such an attractive force, or goal? Are thereAutobiography, 37:years intervals (until I was thirty-five) I had indications of the supervision and interest of thisAutobiography, 104:I had fallen in love and married him. All the indications were good except his social setting andAutobiography, 227:was a most unfortunate marriage, though the indications were that it should not have been anAutobiography, 229:some presentation of esoteric truth. The first indications of a rising spiritual tide could be seenAutobiography, 237:has been to present the platform and certain indications as to rituals upon which the new worldBethlehem, 28:itself to see truly, then there will come the indications that the Christ, latent in each son ofBethlehem, 176:the signs of it can be seen. Already there are indications of the coming of this new era, and theBethlehem, 192:of sin in the animals, though there may be indications of a conscience among the domesticatedBethlehem, 242:may regard these "moral disturbances" as hopeful indications of an emergence from the staticBethlehem, 253:is being steadily assured, and the world indications (as manifested through the nations and groups)Destiny, 27:difficult for a student to arrive at those true indications which will truly present the future.Destiny, 27:which will truly present the future. Character indications and small personality happenings canDestiny, 28:upon two factors: First of all, the logical indications to be gathered from past and present eventsDestiny, 60:development is certain and inevitable and the indications of this happening can be seen today byDestiny, 122:magical patterns, the digging up of hints and indications of crystallized and worn-out methods fromDestiny, 130:these three express themselves; I gave you also indications as to the laws which govern group work.Destiny, 131:study of their tonal values, their numerological indications and their inherent potency, men willDestiny, 149:the world disciple, is now ready for this. Indications of the accuracy of the above statement canDiscipleship1, 46:studied; weaknesses can then be offset and right indications fostered... [47] Discipleship1, 77:would-be initiate. I warn you to watch for the indications of these conditions and to assume anDiscipleship1, 250:destructive, no matter by whom it is given. The indications of a needed change in attitude,Discipleship1, 384:of all events and look upon them as symbolic indications of spiritual, mental, or emotional causes.Discipleship1, 501:may surprise you because the outer, physical indications are those of the first ray, but that isDiscipleship1, 704:this responsibility which brings about the first indications of what I might call "ashramicDiscipleship2, 53:according to ray and [53] type, but the general indications will be in the field of similarity andDiscipleship2, 142:for the evocation of the Will, the first faint indications of which I called that of "fixedDiscipleship2, 209:application, according to transient planetary indications. The great Wheel of Life, with itsDiscipleship2, 302:thinking, as the future is faced, are the first indications in the history of mankind of theDiscipleship2, 341:the capacity to indicate the truth, even if such indications were fruitful and of use even to theDiscipleship2, 359:Two. "Human planning today is one of the first indications of the emergence of the Will aspect." SoDiscipleship2, 359:plane; he then begins to see what are termed "indications of direction"; he sees them in terms ofDiscipleship2, 387:II. - Human planning today is one of the first indications of the emergence of the will aspect.Discipleship2, 411:its meaning and to find the significance of its indications. Owing to the point attained in theDiscipleship2, 414:the abstract mind is likewise active, and faint indications of the functioning of the intuition andDiscipleship2, 611:command of your soul to "move forward." Look for indications of this moving, forward in the growthDiscipleship2, 724:refusal) to seek a suitable place to live are indications of a mental condition which should beEducation, viii:Jung's analytical psychology are only a few indications of contemporary inwardly-orientedEducation, 57:is long and varied and lost in the speculative indications of the esotericists (which, when true,Education, 70:and group training, and correct vocational indications. The acceptance of the Teaching anent theEducation, 76:verge of soul consciousness. One of the first indications of such soul contact is a [77] rapidlyEducation, 89:objective of the coming educational systems. Indications of this can be seen on every hand but asEducation, 99:a culture of which, as yet, only the faintest indications can be seen. It is of more value if I layEducation, 100:the light of the present world problems, and the indications of the coming world which we can drawEducation, 105:The sense of responsibility is one of the first indications that the soul of the individual isEducation, 106:time awakening en masse, and hence the following indications: The growth of societies,Education, 107:conclusions. This is embryonic as yet, but the indications of his effort are undoubtedly there;Education, 121:material goods constitute a handicap and are no indications that humanity has found the true roadExternalisation, 133:study. It would be found that the first faint indications were felt around 1575 A.D. This was dueExternalisation, 318:I would ask you also to study carefully the indications I have given in the past as to the workExternalisation, 363:which must be recognized as only partial indications of great unrealized truths - truths which canExternalisation, 435:is phenomenal today, could you but see the indications as the workers on the inner side do. OurExternalisation, 637:is blocked. Today it would appear, from all the indications and from the dominant world trends,Fire, 109:and organic ills of the etheric, giving certain indications for the extension of the concept toFire, 128:purely secondary. What we seek mainly is to give indications of the development and correspondenceFire, 151:solar periphery is a recognized occult fact, and indications are available to prove that scienceFire, 424:and the prophesying of definite achievement, indications may be given of the path which concreteFire, 428:as well understood as is hydrogen at this time. Indications of this can already be seen in theFire, 463:and better trained, considered and utilized. Indications of this already can be seen; for instance,Fire, 526:mystery for a long time, and only a few general indications can here be given. The fundamentalFire, 622:and inconceivable, except the vague and general indications of these currents and forces as theyFire, 685:exalted Beings is consummated, and one of the indications of this is the appearance of the egoicFire, 719:in the next round will begin to show indications of the third method, - that of the next system.Fire, 786:system and the planet, and giving only general indications which may be of use to him in hisFire, 814:the sense of responsibility is one of the first indications of egoic control, and as more and moreFire, 848:to the mental plane, and which will serve as indications as to the direction in which the solutionFire, 852:to the unpledged disciple. Only these general indications are in any way possible. It must also beFire, 868:to the basic mysteries which man has to solve, Indications as to certain correspondences, PracticalFire, 888:The realizable probabilities. The indications in occult literature of a corroborative nature.Fire, 934:of further information. Only the briefest indications can be given and touched upon. It is neitherFire, 1078:Scattered throughout this Treatise, are numerous indications of the cyclic nature of thisFire, 1233:serves two purposes: To give some faint indications as to the idea or the concept. This links theGlamour, 45:its roots in mass psychology and is one of the indications that humanity is at the nursery stage asGlamour, 100:yet truly aware of the implications or of the indications. They are called the "bewilderment phaseGlamour, 107:and illusion developed very rapidly. The first indications of glamor arose when the disciples andGlamour, 119:individual, through a study of his astrological indications. It is necessary in this connection toGlamour, 120:regard the rising sign as holding within it the indications of the way that a man's soul would haveGlamour, 126:from the complete thralldom of illusion are indications to the watching Hierarchy that a man isGlamour, 156:of importance in your own lives when I gave you indications as to the nature of your fiveGlamour, 170:- which must be recognized as only partial indications of great unrealized truths - truths whichGlamour, 200:achievement later. They have in them the indications of the new and the possible. These likewiseHealing, 76:knowledge of his astrological inclinations and indications, a far more accurate diagnosis can beHealing, 100:with its systems and their maleficent [100] indications. These are fully covered in any ordinaryHealing, 110:all that I am here attempting to do is to give indications as to the lines along which the new artHealing, 157:heart center. Heart thinking is also one of the indications that the higher aspect of the heartHealing, 157:sensitivity. It gives us the first faint indications, likewise, of [158] that state of being whichHealing, 160:of responsibility we shall have [160] the first indications of soul alignment, of personality
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