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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATIONS

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Healing, 170:But the time is not yet. I but give occasional indications of such a science upon which theHealing, 219:and the influence of the sun are wholesome indications. The use of the mind will be regarded, aboveHealing, 241:to excess of energy. I can only lay down general indications, state causes, and then leave to theHealing, 317:are several predisposing factors, and often only indications of trouble which may never come toHealing, 416:purely secondary. What we seek mainly is to give indications of the development and correspondenceHealing, 537:for a long time to come, but the theory and the indications of possibility must be considered andHealing, 549:the intent of getting behind the outer formal indications of wrong conditions to that vehicle ofHealing, 551:healer can be supposed to know from character indications and the effectiveness of his life. Or theHealing, 624:and difficult. All I can do is to give certain indications. It is with this system of centers andHealing, 675:is usually enough psychological evidence, or indications of inherited tendencies, to give theHercules, 149:the whole. Greater emphasis is placed upon the indications of diversity than on the over-archingHercules, 215:in our western Christian tradition, there are indications of the influence of the ancient scienceHercules, 221:speak of as the birth of the Virgin. Two other indications can be given to show how widely andInitiation, 26:of all nations, the Christian included, give indications that seem to substantiate these ideas. LetInitiation, 152:the Words of Power, but certain general indications may be given which will help the student toIntellect, 114:serves two purposes: [114] To give some faint indications as to the idea and concept. This linksIntellect, 203:a growing soul awareness, and are the faint indications of the coming brotherhood of souls. AppliedMagic, 18:future sign posts may be found and more definite indications noted. The comprehension of thatMagic, 131:vision is given of tremendous possibilities and indications are also granted of the manner in whichMagic, 476:sell an idea, we shall find the first distorted indications of the emanations of those mysticMeditation, 72:more fully with this center beyond these general indications. Few people have the faculty ofMeditation, 104:fatigue is felt, and should stop at the first indications of trouble. All these dangers can beMeditation, 105:nervous system. I only desire to give general indications and warnings and (for your encouragement)Meditation, 114:be said on this particular matter, save broad indications. Each of these various subjects that IMeditation, 115:Affiliated Groups Perhaps I could here give some indications of the groups on the various planes toMeditation, 159:out that I but outline broadly and give general indications. Violent emotion and unstableMeditation, 288:to serve. What I seek today to bring out are the indications in the physical brain consciousness ofMeditation, 321:incarnations must be somewhat looked up, and the indications given through their study will guideMeditation, 343:and by adjustment of the life of service to my indications comes correction and inspiration. A lifeProblems, 11:and a general national assertiveness. These indications express reaction to the particular nationalProblems, 13:childish to take strong action when the first indications of the war were seen. The race faces aProblems, 42:above all, of the United Nations, are hopeful indications of the moving forward of humanity into aProblems, 63:objective of the coming educational systems. Indications of this can be seen on every hand but asProblems, 155:be the preliminary first steps? Are there any indications of developing trends which would inclineProblems, 178:Unity There is only one true way and there are indications that it is a way towards which manyPsychology1, xxii:and thus seek to gather those analogies and indications which may substantiate the point of view.Psychology1, 4:the psychoanalysts in connection with their ray indications, and as the newer sciences come intoPsychology1, 43:the underlying purpose will emerge with clarity. Indications of this can be dimly sensed and thePsychology1, 109:increased devotion to the Plan, and those indications which will eventually bring us assurance. MenPsychology1, 347:with the various phases or even to recognize the indications of humanity's reactions to these rays.Psychology2, 49:plane, or from a lower plane onto a higher. Indications of the importance and the crucial nature ofPsychology2, 86:slowly appearing virtues of humanity are only indications of hidden potentialities, which have notPsychology2, 86:and of economic interdependence, are all of them indications of the energies of soul life upon thePsychology2, 158:in this section. It is as yet seldom satisfied. Indications of its presence are ever to be found,Psychology2, 200:of the soul - serenity and joy - are the indications that the soul, the ego, the One Who standsPsychology2, 273:on this point except to observe that the first indications of the work done during the WesakPsychology2, 301:condition his consciousness. Astrology, with its indications (little realized as yet) of a man'sPsychology2, 450:the understanding and right use of money. Such indications are unusual and of a deeply spiritualPsychology2, 482:various sounds, voices and so-called inspired indications which that attentive ear may be trainedPsychology2, 504:to ray type, evolutionary status, astrological indications and inherent characteristics, but alsoPsychology2, 547:it is in these regions that one must look for indications of trouble. Speaking generally, diseasesPsychology2, 556:Certain mystics regard these powers as indications of divine grace, however, and as guarantees ofPsychology2, 563:the animal nature, are in every case embryonic indications of soul capacities. [564] Once this ideaPsychology2, 596:governing rays and a grasp of the astrological indications as to a man's "path of life" can thePsychology2, 612:forces and a right development (following ray indications) of all the centers in the body. ThroughRays, 215:living and physical plane events. These are only indications of what I mean, but will suffice toRays, 240:of service. This, in itself, is one of the major indications of the success of the evolutionaryRays, 251:Information as to the nature of the will aspect. Indications as to the underlying purposes of SanatRays, 325:that the time had come when certain faint indications of that which lies behind the Mysteries andRays, 348:pass through this door unless these character indications are developed, but that is due to theRays, 436:and the demonstration of spiritual speed are indications that the dual life of discipleship isRays, 469:control of substance by the initiate. One of the indications that a man is no longer upon theRays, 506:of the antahkarana; it means that there are indications of it (to say the least) between the mind,Rays, 559:civilizations and cultural remains, plus indications of inter-world relationships of which there isRays, 565:by which to express the familiar hints and indications given by the occult groups who have soughtRays, 606:increasingly clearer in men's minds and the indications are that man will eventually decideRays, 608:its fullest expression in advanced humanity; the indications that it has achieved its purpose, asRays, 625:energy expressing itself through the soul, the indications are that the country concerned isReappearance, 21:this phenomenon is one of the strongest indications that the Christ is on His way. He is theReappearance, 113:about a great and general transformation; the indications of this are easily to be [114] seen byReappearance, 181:this group on Earth at this time is one of the indications of the success of the evolutionaryReappearance, 187:testimony and of prediction, and where all the indications of "the time of the end" are with us, isSoul, 122:more essential to the organism than the heart. Indications of the importance of the heart are notTelepathy, 14:connected with initiation, and is one of the indications that a man is ready for that process. TheTelepathy, 169:three aspects of life - as listed - are merely indications of its existence. It is that which has
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