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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDICATIVE

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Astrology, 18:man. Fundamentally, the forces here found are indicative of the line of least resistance. TheAstrology, 145:which appear in the personal horoscope, indicative of planetary control and not of solar control.Astrology, 158:Crocodiles. The keynotes of this sign are all indicative of a crystallization process. ThisAstrology, 161:of the mass consciousness of Cancer which is indicative of the activity of the Cardinal Cross inAstrology, 161:by Leo, the most human sign of all, and indicative of the Fixed Cross; and Gemini, which gives theAstrology, 170:one holy place to another upon his knees, is indicative of this deep need of the Capricornian forAutobiography, 7:of our past educational systems are all indicative of a divine and spiritual [8] ferment which isAutobiography, 233:communion service was instituted. All this was indicative of the recognition by the Christ of theAutobiography, 288:ages and in every civilization and culture is indicative of a divinely presented spiritual fact.Bethlehem, 4:To fall back upon the "way of belief" can be indicative of a living experience, but it can also beBethlehem, 10:What happens on the outer plane of experience is indicative of a similar happening in a more subtleBethlehem, 53:Each time, a symbol or form was seen which was indicative of the revelation. Christ Himself tellsBethlehem, 98:and of Jesus produced a synthesis which is indicative of the immediate objective of our racialBethlehem, 103:of the whole man to an ideal are conditions indicative of the state of initiation. All life'sDestiny, 49:periodic ray influence. Interesting as it is and indicative of the present national trends andDestiny, 62:spiritual motto: "I disperse the clouds," is indicative of the magical work for which Spain willDestiny, 82:point of view has not aided world peace and is indicative of the control of Taurus. I would addDestiny, 83:to choose between them and are all equally indicative of personality control. This is, as you know,Destiny, 120:and dynamic nature of war in this century is indicative of this, for the will energy in one of itsDestiny, 133:their aliveness or their lack of activity are indicative of the [134] condition of those centers.Discipleship1, XIII:One other reason might be mentioned here as indicative of the value of this book. In every case,Discipleship1, 40:it with the present and finding it likewise indicative of the future. 10. This is the group ofDiscipleship1, 244:in the center and the one who stands alone) are indicative of the fact that your first ray soul isDiscipleship1, 648:has been suggested and to which I make no new indicative reference because the matter lies betweenDiscipleship1, 733:thought-forms will steadily increase and are indicative of growth and of expansion. Undirected,Discipleship1, 741:their clairvoyant and clairaudient powers are indicative of the advanced type of high spiritualDiscipleship2, 278:and all hindrances to a better world state are indicative of this? Do you grasp the fact that theDiscipleship2, 312:an event in the life of the initiate. It is indicative of success and of contact and present - theDiscipleship2, 366:thus producing a life-pattern which will be indicative to the watching Masters as to the point inDiscipleship2, 381:in the same way, initiation may be regarded as indicative of successive planetary consummationsDiscipleship2, 416:Such hints fall into various categories, indicative of progress and of attainment, i.e., CertainDiscipleship2, 662:this for yourself, full of information, indicative of your soul's desire or plan for you, and fullDiscipleship2, 701:from a minor ray is involved, and this is ever indicative of preparation - at some future date -Discipleship2, 757:which you feel seething within you, are only indicative of a pronounced personality inhibitionDiscipleship2, 757:the other secretaries. Why is this so? It is indicative of the quality which you radiate. ThisEducation, xii:state is essentially spiritual in nature and is indicative of the livingness of the inner divineEducation, 3:aggression, war and conquest. That has been indicative of racial achievement. Geography has beenEducation, 3:nations, and the conquests of territory are all indicative of the Piscean method, with itsEducation, One of:formation of the New Group of World Servers is indicative of the crisis. They are overseeing orEducation, 105:refusal to face the real values of life, are all indicative of this. This is to be seen at itsEducation, 111:at any cost, a dire and dreadful happening indicative of the wickedness of man and the incredibleEducation, 123:network throughout the world which is indicative of two things: The steadily growing power of theEducation, 133: Education in the New Age - Chapter IV - Trends Indicative of Future Developments Trends IndicativeEducation, 133:Trends Indicative of Future Developments Trends Indicative of Future Developments As I said before,Education, 133:but certain statements can be made which will be indicative of future developments and point theEducation, 137: Education in the New Age - Chapter IV - Trends Indicative of Future Developments 5. The sexExternalisation, 70:formation of the New Group of World Servers is indicative of the crisis. They are overseeing orExternalisation, 105:scope and the vast extent of the conflict is indicative of an [106] inner unity and a subjectiveExternalisation, 242:which is no wish fulfilment or fantasy but indicative of an emerging reality. It is felt andExternalisation, 363:way to go; it does not reveal the goal. It is indicative but not conclusive. So with all truth upExternalisation, 547:founded on the past, of service today, and indicative of the future. In those books I isolated forExternalisation, 584:and therein lies its major value. It is not indicative of a new technique of government in reality,Externalisation, 601:That phase of the preparatory work which is indicative of His coming has now reached a stage whereFire, 558:can be seen working out in any round, it will be indicative of a decided mental polarization of theFire, 772:or mantrams chanted on the mental plane. This is indicative of the stage of perfection, and showsFire, 809:The psychoanalytic theories which (though indicative of progress) are yet tending in a wrongFire, 870:that which the union worker displays, but it is indicative of group interplay. Fire, 941:sounding of the appropriate note, which note is indicative of man's place in evolution, and of theFire, 984:gives us all those other words that are so indicative of authority, wisdom, superiority. Then weFire, 1089:possible. The correspondence is not exact but is indicative of the truth. The vast cycle ofGlamour, 120:the sun sign [120] into which a man is born, as indicative of his personality trends, and asGlamour, 170:way to go; it does not reveal the goal. It is indicative but not conclusive. So with all truth upGlamour, 200:moment once the higher light pours in. They are indicative of the Real and are often mistaken forHealing, 279:which undertake to bring about cures, are all indicative of new and hopeful trends; they areHealing, 429:the type of consciousness which is, in its turn, indicative of the point attained in evolution.Healing, 445:naught but life processes. Abstraction is indicative of process, progress and development. It isHealing, 584:of service, the character he displays, are all indicative of the potencies which control hisHealing, 596:so. These two phases of the process of dying are indicative of the destiny of the patient, andHealing, 596:area where the disease is located and which is indicative of its nature. All words in these lawsHealing, 635:here only to the lowest physical aspect. This is indicative of the life of the elemental of ourHealing, 636:It is inherent in the form nature itself, being indicative of the imperfections from which theHealing, 641:not compliant produces disease. Yet death is not indicative of a full victory of the lunar lords,Initiation, 125:all description, with a few outstanding points indicative of the major steps thereto. He sees forMagic, 134:men in the Occident. Remember that this point is indicative of the success of the evolutionaryMagic, 183:time. The light in the head, when present, is indicative of: a. The functioning to a greater orMagic, 185:its glory. d. Finally, the light in the head is indicative of the finding of the Path and thereMagic, 190:of expression. Their efforts, to the seer, are indicative of an inner stirring, of an innerMagic, 248:enumerated (in their energy aspects) meet, it is indicative of a focusing in the soul consciousnessMagic, 470:in no way be considered to be anything except indicative of a process, veiled and couched so thatMeditation, 292:admonition. This is one of the methods which are indicative to the pupil that he is succeeding,Meditation, 292:a certain amount of Causal Consciousness This is indicative of the pupil's having developed (mayhapMeditation, 292:consciousness (when consciously recognized) is indicative of contact and access. Many soulsPatanjali, 323:towards clairvoyance or clairaudience is indicative of progress and a sign that his practice ofPatanjali, x:the rules it provides for man's unfoldment, is indicative of the general trend of this risingProblems, 129:time; this is regarded by orthodox churchmen as indicative of dangerous tendencies and as a turningPsychology1, 126:into color, and the combination of the two is indicative of some measure which is peculiarly hisPsychology1, 382:nor the inclination. Interesting as it is, and indicative of the present national trends andPsychology2, 192:linking it with the present, and finding it also indicative of the future. 10. Members of otherPsychology2, 251:used by the Masters to weave the web of life is indicative of this primary differentiation of thePsychology2, 261:be averted. The bad effects above mentioned are indicative of the difficulties incident toPsychology2, 427:In the last analysis, psychological crises are indicative of progressive steps upon the Way,Psychology2, 468:is prone, and the ceaseless making of plans as indicative not only of mental ability but of realPsychology2, 493:way. They have arrived at a most important and indicative fact - the fact of the interior, innerPsychology2, 495:sex or unfulfiled idealism; they are all indicative of an urge, a powerful urge, either to selfishPsychology2, 545:idea that sickness, ill-health, and disease are indicative of individual error, of failure and ofPsychology2, 564:Such people are apt to consider these powers as indicative either of an advanced spiritualPsychology2, 565:form of the Christ or of one of the Masters as indicative of a direct and personal interview withPsychology2, 584:evolution of the race proceeds. Those which are indicative of an exceeding sensitivity toPsychology2, 612:beginnings of these developments. They are indicative, [613] therefore, of unfoldment. ButRays, 25:wishes. Laws are occult and basic. Orders are indicative of human frailty and limitation. Rules
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