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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIFFERENCE

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Discipleship1, 27:and limitation; they must cultivate that "divine indifference" to personal considerations which isDiscipleship1, 57:a certain "don't care" reaction and a form of indifference is one of the quickest ways by which toDiscipleship1, 59:with a complete and carefully developed "divine indifference." Note the use of the word "divine,"Discipleship1, 59:needed attitude. It is a different thing to the indifference of not caring, or the indifference ofDiscipleship1, 59:thing to the indifference of not caring, or the indifference of a psychologically developed "way ofDiscipleship1, 59:from that which is not pleasant; nor is it the indifference of superiority. It is the indifferenceDiscipleship1, 59:is it the indifference of superiority. It is the indifference which accepts all that is offered,Discipleship1, 66:so that you can achieve an attitude of divine indifference to the ephemeral and fleetingDiscipleship1, 82:of impersonality with its subsidiary attitude of indifference where personal desires, contacts andDiscipleship1, 82:that it is the expression of the wrong kind of indifference, leading to an almost immovableDiscipleship1, 88:for what they are, and evoke in you that "divine indifference" which permits the emotion or theDiscipleship1, 97:You will find the cultivation of a "divine indifference" (as I have told you several times) ofDiscipleship1, 170:to impose itself upon you with your first ray indifference - a potent attitude easily assumed byDiscipleship1, 225:humanity, it matters not. The lessons of divine indifference, once mastered, release the soul toDiscipleship1, 260:to struggle. The cultivation of a divine indifference as to where you are and what you are doingDiscipleship1, 429:This insulation is brought about by emotional indifference to your environment and to people, butDiscipleship1, 429:environment and to people, but it is a spiritual indifference, founded on spiritual detachment andDiscipleship1, 429:in the three worlds. This is the true spiritual indifference and - for your own release and forDiscipleship1, 429:in service - I would have you meditate on indifference, during the coming six months as the methodDiscipleship1, 429:in the evening if more suitable, use divine indifference as a theme for review. Will you sometimeDiscipleship1, 429:you have learnt on "Spiritual insulation through indifference," writing a paper upon the subjectDiscipleship1, 430:that insulation does not mean isolation and that indifference does not connote an attitude of coldDiscipleship1, 430:Instructions to Disciples - D.H.B. REVIEW ON INDIFFERENCE What constitutes a review on divineDiscipleship1, 430:INDIFFERENCE What constitutes a review on divine Indifference? Am I confusing it with dispassion,Discipleship1, 430:pain? Am I capable of seeing myself with indifference, detached emotionally from any event? Can IDiscipleship1, 430:self? Do I ever do this? If I use this review on indifference as it should be used, that will beDiscipleship1, 430:Is this review a scientific method of achieving indifference? Have I ever worked in such aDiscipleship1, 430:What are the reasons for any belief that divine indifference is the way for me to tread today? WhatDiscipleship1, 431:my soul lie behind this urge or pressure towards indifference which is brought to bear upon me?Discipleship1, 431:which is brought to bear upon me? Would indifference intensify my capacity for increased usefulnessDiscipleship1, 431:As I review this day, what part has divine indifference played in it? Have I spoken from the angleDiscipleship1, 431:goal; in view of this, what do I know about: The indifference of the soul or self to theDiscipleship1, 431:nature. Therefore: How much part does divine indifference play in this redemption process? [432] InDiscipleship1, 432:love. How can this truly manifest and yet with indifference? Through which body do I most easilyDiscipleship1, 432:be developed in me if I am rightly to practice indifference? What is the objective of such aDiscipleship1, 433:by a loving spirit and qualified by that divine indifference, the acquiring of which has been yourDiscipleship1, 439:much release for you. When that form of divine indifference is active in your life andDiscipleship1, 494:The second suggestion is the cultivation of indifference - that spiritual indifference which paysDiscipleship1, 494:the cultivation of indifference - that spiritual indifference which pays no undue attention to theDiscipleship1, 494:interests, ignoring them and treating them with indifference till they die of lack of attention andDiscipleship1, 503:are learning the occult significance of divine indifference. Your desired focus is not within theDiscipleship1, 522:months you preserve an attitude of spiritual indifference or of divine carelessness and emotionalDiscipleship1, 522:anxiety or to satisfy suspicion, treat it with indifference and care not what may eventuate. NaughtDiscipleship1, 523:I dedicate myself. 6th month - With true divine indifference I shoulder every load that comes myDiscipleship1, 659:you to study for six months the words "a trained indifference" and each morning to do the Review onDiscipleship1, 659:and each morning to do the Review on Indifference, prior to assuming the duties of the day. ForDiscipleship1, 659:to assuming the duties of the day. For you, indifference holds the key to release - release fromDiscipleship1, 661:others and ignoring your reactions with a divine indifference. Discipleship1, 661:easily all be changed, if you learnt that divine indifference which you need - indifference toDiscipleship1, 661:learnt that divine indifference which you need - indifference to yourself and to your personalityDiscipleship1, 661:your personality interests, likes and dislikes, indifference to your cares, anxieties andDiscipleship1, 680:mechanism will be required, plus a divine indifference to personal feeling and health reactions.Discipleship1, 737:day in world affairs; it requires also a "divine indifference" to outer events in the life of theDiscipleship2, 36:and your co-disciples is one of a relative indifference, but of a mental recognition of your jointDiscipleship2, 243:suffer from their failure to develop that divine indifference which is the hallmark of the trueDiscipleship2, 257:To contact the Master at will. To develop divine indifference. In connection with the formulas, twoDiscipleship2, 444:to direct transference of energy; develop divine indifference as to your form of service and ponderDiscipleship2, 460:your brothers. You need to acquire that divine indifference which leaves the soul free to serve -Discipleship2, 461:body which enables you to express that divine indifference to feeling and to personal suffering asDiscipleship2, 512:be ended through the cultivation of that divine indifference which changes or shifts the presentDiscipleship2, 550:of his equipment, plus a [550] divine indifference - he drops the possessiveness of his approach toDiscipleship2, 663:of your personality life, and that divine indifference is your quality objective. Do you realizeDiscipleship2, 663:learnt the meaning of pain, and again divine indifference is your goal. You have made many contactsDiscipleship2, 674:to you an instruction I gave you in 1938 upon indifference? Ponder upon it again. Go ahead, brotherEducation, 111:the wickedness of man and the incredible blind indifference of God. To us, on the inner side, theExternalisation, 56:approaches to the other two - the Technique of Indifference and the Technique of Service (SeeExternalisation, 668:and to all the ideologies. The chaos produced by indifference, the chaos produced by uncertainty,Glamour, 172:power of transformation. The Technique of Indifference. By means of this technique, maya is ended;Glamour, 172:to the Probationary Path. Where there is "divine indifference" to the call or pull of matter, thenGlamour, 193:disappearance of that plane. The Technique of Indifference renders ineffective or neutralizes theGlamour, 241:- The Ending of Glamor 3. The Technique of Indifference We come now to a brief study of the thirdGlamour, 241:it. We will deal next with the Technique of Indifference which is concerned with the distributionGlamour, 242:is supremely indifferent and it is this divine indifference which has led to the great theologicalGlamour, 243:or the plaything of the Gods. It is this cosmic indifference which has led to the human glamorGlamour, 244:little world is concerned, at the same "divine indifference" which characterizes Sanat Kumara, theGlamour, 244:motivates the Will of God. It is this divine indifference which is responsible for the fact that inGlamour, 245:are preliminary to our study of the Technique of Indifference. It is necessary to point outGlamour, 245:and the breath. Inspiration. The Technique of Indifference. Through concentration. ThroughGlamour, 260:- The Ending of Glamor c. The Technique of Indifference I have, in my other books, given muchGlamour, 262:and the practice of the Technique of Indifference, he stands free and liberated and is essentiallyGlamour, 262:manifestation. What is this technique? What is indifference? I wonder, brother of mine, if youGlamour, 262:if you understand the significance of this word "indifference"? It means in reality the achievingGlamour, 263:of which the etheric body is ever composed. Indifference, technically understood, signifies directGlamour, 263:at this point that he applies the technique of indifference for, if he does not, that which he isGlamour, 264:and braces himself for the final stage of indifference or repudiation of all forces except thoseGlamour, 264:centers because there will be complete indifference or non-identification with maya. Where theGlamour, 270:no longer hinder. Discrimination, dispassion and indifference have produced the dispelling throughHealing, 385:soul. It might be called an expression of divine indifference. [386] An effort upon the part ofHealing, 673:of what I have earlier mentioned: Divine Indifference. A Completed Point of View. This necessarilyHercules, 123:without a taint of smugness and self-centered indifference to everything but one's own truth... ItHercules, 133:of his instincts; on the other hand, display indifference to his plight, and he will denounce youPsychology1, 202:of Ray: Over-absorption in study, coldness, indifference to others, contempt of mental limitationsPsychology2, 117:in service, and as they arrive at the stage of indifference to personality claims and happenings,Psychology2, 175:and wrong speech, right understanding and right indifference and their opposites, so the man who isRays, 73:that this impersonality is not based on indifference or upon preoccupation, as he had thought, butRays, 210:but upon a real comprehension of "divine indifference," spiritual detachment and deep, persistent,Rays, 218:been effectually [218] brought about and divine indifference has been achieved to all lowerRays, 219:be made - again by the simple practice of divine indifference. This divine indifference was theRays, 219:practice of divine indifference. This divine indifference was the outstanding quality of the MasterRays, 718:true meaning involves a detachment, a divine indifference and the spiritual perception of which no
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