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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIGENOUS

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Healing, 112:[112] (if I might so call them) which are indigenous to the matter of which humanity has chosen toHealing, 121:The reason that these three major diseases, indigenous to the planetary life in which we live andHealing, 190:psychological generalizations to the diseases indigenous to our planet. We can, however, considerHealing, 192:time a much greater responsiveness to the three indigenous diseases, to infectious [193] andHealing, 198:as the result of inherent (or should I say indigenous) or hereditary tendencies or predispositions,Healing, 199:I am not here referring to the three major indigenous diseases (if I may call them that) - cancer,Healing, 261:Englanders and all other stocks which are not indigenous in this country, and the Constitution isHealing, 301:debility, quick and bad reaction to the disease indigenous in the planet itself, and a rapid takingHealing, 323:which are not peculiar to man, but which are indigenous in the planet itself. These diseases areHealing, 382:There will be a much greater resistance to the indigenous and inherited diseases and a real abilityProblems, 26:come out of those countries. They have no indigenous people except the Red Indian who has beenRays, 753:kind of evil dwells - an evil which is not indigenous to our planet, an evil with which it was
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