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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Astrology, 473:from the seven crises through which man, the individual, and humanity, the larger whole, must pass.Astrology, 480:transform the exoteric form of the chart of the individual. This will be due to the focusing of theAstrology, 480:has a definite bearing upon the power of the individual to grasp the new astrology and toAstrology, 484:awakening of the mass consciousness so that individual self-consciousness on a large scale will beAstrology, 485:in nature. Leo: the sign of the self-conscious individual is potent in its mass effect and today,Astrology, 485:- the Sun. The mass movement towards individual self-consciousness is today enormously intensifiedAstrology, 485:enormously intensified as is the paralleling individual movement towards initiation. Leo appearsAstrology, 491:still potent from the esoteric angle of the individual disciple or initiate. Libra is also foundAstrology, 496:the mass awareness in Cancer, the man becomes an individual in Leo and the slow unintelligentAstrology, 514:of the planetary Logos) as it is in man, the individual, unless the point in evolution is known andAstrology, 514:is constantly shifting and changing, just as the individual human being is constantly changing hisAstrology, 515:their impact; this, when concerning man, the individual, and the centers within the human vehicleAstrology, 517:for humanity as a whole is the problem of the individual within that whole. To the influences toAstrology, 517:To the influences to which he is subjected as an individual through his [518] past and his ownAstrology, 518:is one which is of general interest but not of individual moment. Arguing as one ever must from theAstrology, 525:fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of the individual disciple is to handle the forces which playAstrology, 527:in the human consciousness from its focus on individual energies, functioning through some specificAstrology, 527:functioning through some specific ring-pass-not (individual, national, continental or racial) to aAstrology, 528:the ajna center in the body of humanity and of individual man. In all three cases, they areAstrology, 529:of the subjective and objective life of the individual in the waking consciousness. A new relationAstrology, 532:vibrations which emanate from the centers - individual, planetary and systemic - and the qualityAstrology, 546:end of men's lives; the spirit of love and of individual right relations are not known - thoseAstrology, 548:of the kingdom of God on earth and also of the individual initiate into the Mysteries. Aquarius isAstrology, 550:our planet as well as over the destiny of the individual disciple. You have therefore an expressionAstrology, 557:nature, controls the whole life cycle of the individual soul through the stages of the lowerAstrology, 569:marking a point of crisis, both in [569] the individual and in the larger whole. Then a process ofAstrology, 570:mounts the Fixed Cross. The above is true of the individual disciple and also today of humanity asAstrology, 572:and that is the good of the whole, and not just individual, peaceful conditions or national peace.Astrology, 573:when expressing themselves fully through an individual disciple and through the Hierarchy, producesAstrology, 575:state wherein you are stabilizing your individual will, and are attempting increasingly to expressAstrology, 583:of it would aid humanity to drive evil (individual, group and planetary) back to the place fromAstrology, 587:above; there is the preparation of the individual for the expression of this energy; there is aAstrology, 591:purpose of God, humanity knows nothing, for the individual will or the collective human will whichAstrology, 591:with the universal and the whole; in time the individual and the particular will stand revealed,Astrology, 599:upon in conformity to the divine will by the individual will. This is the Will to Harmonization.Astrology, 599:group activity. Death always releases the individual into the group. Astrology, 607:relationship can work out on our planet. Individual apprehension will be dependent upon the pointAstrology, 611:as far as the Earth is concerned - and the individual on the Earth - is to be found in the words:Astrology, 612:the entering doors. In connection with the human individual and his progress and initiation orAstrology, 620:little self, the personality, the self-conscious individual. It is next the determination of theAstrology, 620:of the Self, the soul, the group conscious individual, aware of the greater Whole and of itself asAstrology, 632:emerge the mass will-to-good, inherent in every individual; for this humanity must work and wait.Astrology, 633:Christ in the garden of Gethsemane and fused His individual will into the divine Will and thusAstrology, 639:signs of the sun and the heavens... are in each individual case, the personification of theAstrology, 668:the vibratory capacity of the planetary and individual centers." (C.F. 181-182) "For some time theAstrology, 674:the vibratory capacity of the planetary and individual centers." (C. F. 181) [675] "Venus, JupiterAstrology, 677:and the immortal part, the ego or spiritual individual. The personality has nothing in itself toAstrology, 684:atom. Again, as the antahkarana is built by individual man between these two points, so - again inAtom, 15:based on the growing self-consciousness of the individual, and in a recognition of his ownAtom, 58:understood. Let us now extend our idea from the individual forms that go to the constitution of anyAtom, 83:uninteresting one, and is as follows: Man is "an individual of the human race," and then follows aAtom, 88:sufficient unto itself. This can be seen in the individual and the race. Then, as life goes on, theAtom, 89:a consciousness that he is not just a separated individual, not only a self-centered unit, not onlyAtom, 90:own shell, and the narrow confines of our own individual life, but we shall begin to radiate, andAtom, 99:consciousness, universal consciousness, and individual consciousness, and of these three it is onlyAtom, 100:either a greater or a lesser unit. Finally, individual consciousness may be defined as just as muchAtom, 100:vague expressions - absolute, universal, and individual consciousness - it might be helpful if IAtom, 101:them from the standpoint of the atom and man. Individual consciousness to the tiny atom in a man'sAtom, 106:is focused upon the things which concern our own individual life. We are in the atomic stage,Atom, 109:with the unreal parallels the stage of individual consciousness. As the atom of substance has toAtom, 112:not embody that which is best for any particular individual. We need to find our own way ofAtom, 138:a tangible something, belonging perhaps to an individual, and through the medium of that, to putAtom, 138:of that, to put oneself en rapport with that individual, or with a group of individuals.Atom, 149:not lose their self-consciousness, nor their own individual identity, and their own spheroidal lifeAtom, 154:lives, or cells, or atoms, each having its own individual consciousness. This corresponds to itsAutobiography, 8:perception. It always has in the life of the individual and of humanity as a whole. The mystic andAutobiography, 14:an organization; Leo, because I am very individual (by which they mean difficult and dominant) andAutobiography, 31:is something to be said for the intensive and individual training acquired if a child is taught byAutobiography, 37:of the supervision and interest of this individual. Then in 1915 I discovered who He was and thatAutobiography, 121:true - although [121] from the standpoint of an individual Jew they are in many, many cases grosslyAutobiography, 140:I found many of my problems, personal and individual, were capable of solution. Many who come to aAutobiography, 151:much time wrestling with themselves over their individual problems. Other people's problems areAutobiography, 170:in disgrace and it was almost impossible for the individual, therefore, to work in the Lodge. TheAutobiography, 170:given up to the attack or the defense of some individual. A strong phase of psychism was sweepingAutobiography, 183:given me Leo rising because they regard me as so individual. Only one of them has ever given meAutobiography, 197:oaths of allegiance or personal pledges to any individual are requested or exacted from students inAutobiography, 199:but I realize that it is a major factor in individual harmony. [200] This whole question of sex isAutobiography, 205:V We had a cat and a dog who were exceedingly individual. The dog was a police dog, grandson of RinAutobiography, 232:cast so that the life purpose of the incarnating individual can be ascertained, and therefore aAutobiography, 240:which permit a much greater freedom to the individual disciple than do the rules so well known inAutobiography, 246:looked upon as renegades. The freedom of the individual was constantly infringed and the weaknessesAutobiography, 257:people to truth and goodness but not to the individual - be he a Master or a disciple. They careAutobiography, 267:inner group or Ashram of a Master. Just as the individual disciple is taught to regard himself as aAutobiography, 268:the emphasis upon the personal attainment of the individual and upon individual perfection. The newAutobiography, 268:personal attainment of the individual and upon individual perfection. The new schools, now forming,Autobiography, 268:wherefore of circumstances and happenings - both individual and universal. He is thus trained toAutobiography, 272:way to the Hierarchy; his emphasis will be upon individual responsibility and the basic occultAutobiography, 276:world affairs. The laws governing the individual, humanity and the kingdoms in nature are studiedAutobiography, 277:to the nature and point of development of the individual disciple. The various grades in theAutobiography, 279:know along which of the many lines he, as an individual, must go; he has to learn to apply theAutobiography, 279:will then recognize the relation of all events, individual, human and planetary, and the why andAutobiography, 295:(though relative in nature) is possible for the individual aspirant and for humanity as a wholeAutobiography, 300:its purpose all of the ashramic energy that the individual disciple is able to carry. Should itAutobiography, 302:for the gaining of that experience, which the individual disciple must have if he is to play hisBethlehemChrist Consciousness and the Christ Nature in individual man, and in the race as a whole, carriesBethlehem, 4:being mystical, futile and incapable of proof. Individual belief is, after all, of no value toBethlehem, 6:meaning which carries life and salvation to the individual and also to humanity. We have been busyBethlehem, 7:and the significant teaching it holds for the individual and for the race. The drama of His lifeBethlehem, 9:of becoming a fact in the experience of an individual, for a myth is a fact which can be proven.Bethlehem, 9:sense, and in its practical application to the individual. This myth divides itself into five great
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