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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Bethlehem, 13:and unique relationship not only to the individual but to humanity as a whole. This realizationBethlehem, 13:on earth. It is their inner meaning and our individual relation to them that are of importance.Bethlehem, 15:into the racial consciousness: First, that the individual, as an individual, is of value. This wasBethlehem, 15:consciousness: First, that the individual, as an individual, is of value. This was a truth whichBethlehem, 15:failure to emphasize the supreme value of any individual. But Christ came and emphasized the workBethlehem, 15:But Christ came and emphasized the work of the individual, saying, "Let your light so shine beforeBethlehem, 16:technique of the new age, which was to come when individual salvation and the new birth had beenBethlehem, 16:neighbor as ourselves." (St. Matt., XIX, 19). Individual effort, group opportunity, andBethlehem, 16:in an understanding of the value of the individual and his self-initiated efforts at release andBethlehem, 17:Land. He came to prove to us the possibility of individual attainment. He emerged (as all theBethlehem, 18:the lesson and message which Christ brought to individual man He brought also to the nations,Bethlehem, 28:resurrection be undergone. What is true of the individual will be true ultimately of the entireBethlehem, 29:Aspiration is a basic requirement, both in the individual and in the race. Today humanity aspiresBethlehem, 29:seen in so many countries. At the same time, individual disciples are striving anew towardsBethlehem, 29:of painful experiences is ever the lot of the individual disciple. It is becoming obvious that theBethlehem, 33:Christ came to teach the supreme value of the individual, as I have already indicated in theBethlehem, 34:Teacher and Messenger, but the appearing of an Individual Who not only summed up in Himself theBethlehem, 34:unfoldment for the race, as well as for the individual. Finally, we shall consider these unfoldmentBethlehem, 34:these unfoldment from the standpoint of the individual, and study those episodes related in theBethlehem, 34:in the Gospel story which vitally concern the individual human being who, approaching the end ofBethlehem, 35:of humanity is therefore the history of this individual search for divine expression and light, andBethlehem, 35:truth of God transcendent. God in the individual, and God in Christ. God in all forms, and God theBethlehem, 35:in racial history (as in the history of the individual man) critical moments have been reached, andBethlehem, 38:and the center in every human heart. Each individual soul must hear it for itself alone. Each of usBethlehem, 38:until the Bethlehem experience is a part of our individual consciousness as souls, it remains aBethlehem, 38:the idea in terms which link it up with individual experience, and yet preserve the cosmicBethlehem, 38:which it moves." - The Value and Destiny of the Individual, by B. Bosanquet, p. 129 [The italicsBethlehem, 40:ever revealed to us the heights of racial and individual possibility. The Way from the Birth atBethlehem, 47:moment is unique and urgent. The call is to the individual but also, for the first time in history,Bethlehem, 47:of Jesus from the angle, first of all, of the individual aspirant, so that it may become apparentBethlehem, 48:always accompanies the initiation process; the individual learns to subordinate his life to theBethlehem, 48:What is true of the unfoldment of the individual is true [49] of the race; and all these stagesBethlehem, 50:this road..." (The Value and Destiny of the Individual, by B. Bosanquet, p. 111.) At this "end ofBethlehem, 50:in man must be brought to the birth, both in the individual and in the race, and thus can theBethlehem, 67:in the Person of Christ - cosmic, mythical and individual. Associated with the story-book of theBethlehem, 67:stage in the history of the race and of the individual, when we find Coma Berenice symbolicallyBethlehem, 67:concealed within the form of Jesus; or of the individual Christ, hidden within the ordinary man.Bethlehem, 68:the world. We are on the Path of return to the individual and to the racial Bethlehem. We are nowBethlehem, 68:a hard and uninviting place. The life of the individual disciple, prior to taking initiation andBethlehem, 71:Christ Who revealed God, and through the individual Christ, hidden in every human heart, Who mustBethlehem, 73:a minute the specific importance of these to the individual would-be initiate. We are told by theBethlehem, 73:and as we see their meaning as it applies to our individual situation, it becomes equally apparentBethlehem, 79:of that episode in terms of practical individual application? Has this episode any personalBethlehem, 80:a realization of His achievement that our own individual part to be played eventually andBethlehem, 81:a fuller expression of divinity; and yet "every individual is at some point torn between theBethlehem, 82:the historical Christ. God, immanent in the individual, the indwelling Christ, the soul. How canBethlehem, 83:spiritual life, whether for society or for the individual..." - Freedom of the Spirit, by NicholasBethlehem, 87:representative of all a soul can be), the individual initiate - moves on towards greatness. TheBethlehem, 91:one unpredictable element of the future. Some individual of outstanding personality steps out fromBethlehem, 93:mystic Christ, the historical Christ, and the individual Christ, are to all eternity, and theBethlehem, 94:established a synthesis broader than that of the individual and God - the synthesis of the kingdomBethlehem, 95:of man, and demonstrated therefore the perfect Individual. He unified in Himself soul and body, theBethlehem, 104:is the heritage and the revelation of each individual disciple. This mystical revelation can beBethlehem, 113:'magically.' What in our more developed and more individual psychology has become a 'subconscious'Bethlehem, 114:personality." (The Value and Destiny of the Individual, by B. Bosanquet, p. 245.) Such aBethlehem, 118:and wishes, and their glamorous effect upon the individual, provide psychological laboratories withBethlehem, 120:when diseased, would be satisfactory to the individual, but living as a soul is of more importance.Bethlehem, 121:affirming of the divine nature for purposes of individual healing, seem a prostitution of reality,Bethlehem, 125:just a name for everything that is, and, for the individual conscious soul, there is no definiteBethlehem, 130:submergence of the part in the whole and of the individual in the group. But this is brought aboutBethlehem, 130:we have to give up the laborious struggle for individual assertion in the desire to be the life ofBethlehem, 130:whole to parts, but human soul Must rise from individual to the whole. [131] Self-love but servesBethlehem, 139:no other unity." - The Value and Destiny of the Individual, by B. Bosanquet, p. 210. Here liesBethlehem, 141:inner spiritual man, which we might call the "individual." It is here again that Christ achievedBethlehem, 141:and the ordinary rules governing the finite individual, with its petty problems and its smallBethlehem, 141:surmounted, and consequently He functioned as an individual and not as a human personality. He wasBethlehem, 142:The low-grade human being or the unthinking individual has a collective consciousness. He mayBethlehem, 142:or beguiled by words. He is a thinking individual, and the collective consciousness and the massBethlehem, 143:of God, synthetic and comprehensive, and the individual will, which is personal and limited. In aBethlehem, 152:inner body of light is present both in the individual and in the race, unseen and unrevealed, butBethlehem, 169:been apt to regard salvation in terms of the individual, and to study it from the angle ofBethlehem, 169:individual, and to study it from the angle of individual salvation. This attitude must end if weBethlehem, 176:must be lifted out of the realm of its purely individual application, into the realm of theBethlehem, 176:the Cross was not primarily concerned with each individual man who claims to profit by it. It was aBethlehem, 176:of humanity, and do not concern specifically the individual. We are so apt to take to ourselves, asBethlehem, 176:concerning themselves with the relation of the individual [177] to the truth or with his personalBethlehem, 183:His teaching, emphasized the significance of the individual and in His life demonstrated theBethlehem, 183:His life demonstrated the supreme value of the individual, his perfecting, his service and hisBethlehem, 184:than simply bringing about the salvation of any individual human being. It signified far more thanBethlehem, 190:our divinity; and we have been so intensely individual in our consciousness that we have depicted aBethlehem, 192:The mysteries had always been revealed to the individual who fitted himself to penetrate into aBethlehem, 201:is to be found in 'the self-assertion of the individual against the herd, a principle which we canBethlehem, 205:of separateness, this emphasis upon personal and individual good, which is of the nature of sin.Bethlehem, 210:purely selfish terms. We are concerned with our individual interest in the matter. We haveBethlehem, 210:matter. We have emphasized the importance of our individual salvation and feel it to be ofBethlehem, 211:of the Crucifixion upon Calvary to save our individual souls. Yet in His conversation with theBethlehem, 214:to that kingdom, and not the usual small, individual or selfish relation which we have so oftenBethlehem, 214:words have been interpreted as having either an individual application in connection with theBethlehem, 214:of God, and with a wider connotation than the individual one. His words were Words of Power,Bethlehem, 222:we all share, not from the selfish angle of our individual salvation, but from the consciousnessBethlehem, 226:is today a natural revolt against the idea of individual salvation through the blood sacrifice ofBethlehem, 227:best minds of the age have repudiated the idea. Individual salvation is surely selfish in itsBethlehem, 233:of the whole, and not the selfish good of the individual, comes to be the supreme regard. OnlyBethlehem, 240:enemy, will lose its power in proportion as the individual conforms to certain conditions which (inBethlehem, 241:are of far greater importance than the individual may deem. We are too apt to study these problemsBethlehem, 241:the scientific angle or from a purely selfish individual one. Death is the only event which we canBethlehem, 241:in God and His predestined purpose for the individual carries them triumphantly through the gate ofBethlehem, 247:in some heaven which is the extension of our own individual consciousness, and the concept of anBethlehem, 251:is admirable, but is also the negation of the individual. The orthodox Christian doctrines areBethlehem, 252:man's determination [252] to know himself an individual, with his own life cycle his own innate
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