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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Discipleship2, 138:and of experience - experience in work and not individual life experience. You will note that thisDiscipleship2, 141:until the chain of Hierarchy reaches the individual disciple, leading him to a later realizationDiscipleship2, 157:work for the initiation which you (again as an individual disciple) should take. The final stanzaDiscipleship2, 162:of a higher nature - similar to those which the individual soul (paradoxical term) makes availableDiscipleship2, 175:mantram from the highest possible point of your individual intuitive perception. I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 176:but would also remind you to consider the individual parallels. All that is invoked on behalf ofDiscipleship2, 180:should also endeavor to realize not only your individual reaction, but to [181] recognize also theDiscipleship2, 184:individually [184] used. All these results - individual and general - are brought about by rightDiscipleship2, 187:of this presentation of a cosmic, planetary and individual alignment exercise, prayer orDiscipleship2, 196:the spiritual, meditative way of life of the individual disciple in relation to his own soul, andDiscipleship2, 198:It is therefore meditation which [198] produces individual, group and planetary alignment, and thisDiscipleship2, 198:and (if I may use such a term) ejects out of the individual and out of the group that which isDiscipleship2, 199:why I have laid such emphasis upon your individual meditation, but have also laid a still greaterDiscipleship2, 202:creative agent on our planet. When you, as an individual, are endeavoring to "build the new man inDiscipleship2, 205:- the Ashram of the Master on whose ray the individual server is to be found. This will necessarilyDiscipleship2, 205:impairs the efficiency of the Ashram or of the individual disciple, because two or more lines ofDiscipleship2, 205:meditation rhythm, he learns to swing his own individual meditation into the set rhythm of theDiscipleship2, 206:towards alignment is going on, and when the individual aspirant can so [207] meditate that hisDiscipleship2, 207:World Servers, that group can then impress the individual; through him humanity can be reached. ItDiscipleship2, 209:this does not refer to the law as it affects the individual human being because of such individualsDiscipleship2, 211:as disciples, that your meditation - both individual and group meditation - if it is of an adequateDiscipleship2, 215:seven grades, of which four might be regarded as individual and the other three types asDiscipleship2, 218:the reflective, concentrated meditation of the individual aspirant, in the united reflection andDiscipleship2, 222:meditative methods; planetary, group and individual meditation is creative in results, and it isDiscipleship2, 229:purposes and for the satisfaction (where the individual is concerned) of purely personal desires.Discipleship2, 238:the incentive towards activity lies with the individual and there is no imposing authority. TheDiscipleship2, 244:the birth of the Christ in the heart of the individual - only this time it is the hearts of allDiscipleship2, 244:or initiation which may be, for you as an individual, possible. You have, therefore, to considerDiscipleship2, 244:possible. You have, therefore, to consider your individual response to the demands of your own soulDiscipleship2, 250:to the "jewel in the lotus," where the individual is concerned, to the Hierarchy, where humanity isDiscipleship2, 251:the worlds were made" - the little world of the individual (once individuality is achieved) and theDiscipleship2, 251:definitely should have ideas. The angle of the individual. The angle of a group of chelas. BothDiscipleship2, 274:possible to you at this time: the individual application of the symbol, its national application,Discipleship2, 278:to be. In these three hints lie much scope for individual education and expansion of consciousness,Discipleship2, 297:[297] being laid upon the relation of the individual to his sold, to his Master and to the Ashram,Discipleship2, 297:what I say when I express the opinion that your individual or personal love of humanity and theDiscipleship2, 302:have to do with humanity and not with the individual man. This is a point of importance to bear inDiscipleship2, 302:am not (in these group instructions) giving you individual hints as to your own lives. This I haveDiscipleship2, 317:that in the past this readiness was a purely individual matter; today it is something which isDiscipleship2, 317:is closely related to a man's group, and the individual aspect is of secondary importance. As timeDiscipleship2, 320:"Circle of Liberation" is ever entered by the individual initiate, and has been down the ages, butDiscipleship2, 321:keynote of this one would be: Lead us from the individual to the Universal. Discipleship2, 321:you as descriptive of the stages concern the individual disciple or initiate and express the stagesDiscipleship2, 324:at this time with group life and not with the individual. That initiation concerns the future andDiscipleship2, 331:that none of this is a personality or an individual attack upon an Ashram. The relatively feebleDiscipleship2, 331:though it is released through the agency of an individual disciple. That is a totally differentDiscipleship2, 332:place along the following lines: The sharing in individual limitation but not in individualDiscipleship2, 332:The sharing in individual limitation but not in individual problems or personality difficulties.Discipleship2, 333:today concerned with the group and not with the individual. This is not an easy matter to elucidateDiscipleship2, 334:think in terms of cycles and not in terms of an individual life; as you cannot yet do that, exceptDiscipleship2, 335:or blame, but inevitably putting you - as an individual - upon the judgment seat. There no MasterDiscipleship2, 335:initiation in place of the laborious process of individual initiation is proving successful, evenDiscipleship2, 336:necessity is - as you will perceive - a test of individual integration, with a view to groupDiscipleship2, 339:little chance to do much else than relate it to individual affairs, if they were going toDiscipleship2, 343:which you should not overlook. The unit, the individual and the part are always viewed in relationDiscipleship2, 343:in group instructions, given not to the individual but to the members of an Ashram at someDiscipleship2, 343:which are capable of a dual interpretation, of individual reception, and of group conditioning. ItDiscipleship2, 343:of group conditioning. It is with the aspect of individual receptivity that you should beDiscipleship2, 351:was a sequential process as well as largely an individual process. This is slowly being changed;Discipleship2, 352:initiation, growing out of the slow method of individual initiation. [353] These are difficultDiscipleship2, 353:idea as a basis for your further thinking. The individual disciple, seeking initiation, is withDiscipleship2, 353:the group; he achieves this fusion by his own individual effort and is (throughout the entireDiscipleship2, 353:demonstrating in all totalitarian countries; the individual is not free and his fusion with theDiscipleship2, 354:to the training and the unfoldment of the individual aspirants, and is therefore in line with theDiscipleship2, 355:[355] Ashram, which is not the standpoint of the individual. I know not what you did. I can onlyDiscipleship2, 355:which you believe lies ahead of you as an individual, and the consequent revelation which will thenDiscipleship2, 360:with a part which an aspirant must play as an individual, nor does it include the factor of mentalDiscipleship2, 360:becomes apparent and important to him as an individual as well as to the group as a whole. [361] ItDiscipleship2, 364:formulas of integration, both universal and individual. They present certain great creativeDiscipleship2, 365:creation. Formula 5. Transition from the individual consciousness to the universal. EvolutionaryDiscipleship2, 365:plan and then into manifestation. The nature of individual renunciation. The one Life. Formula 6.Discipleship2, 370:the revelation in its primary and initiatory individual recognition; the meaning is, however, farDiscipleship2, 377:of the astral world - have, fortunately for the individual man, become entangled? At this point, heDiscipleship2, 382:simply some of the capacities unfolded by the individual aspirant and - if you study them with careDiscipleship2, 384:attitude of the group during initiation if the individual members are undergoing differentDiscipleship2, 386:work, and is "a sudden blazing forth of the individual glory and its merging at initiation with theDiscipleship2, 386:it is, however, distorted by them into a form of individual and racial possessiveness, owing to theDiscipleship2, 394:The above is true of the life and work of the individual aspirant as he tackles the problem of hisDiscipleship2, 398:breaks down all impediments and removes all individual [399] obstacles, thus releasing the initiateDiscipleship2, 409:the Way and tread the Path of Return through individual experiment and experience. The Masters (inDiscipleship2, 418:are contained therein. It is a statement of individual, group, planetary and cosmic import and isDiscipleship2, 418:the nine initiations. This sentence both in its individual, tonic and orchestral sounding forth,Discipleship2, 420:this statement by the words that "the unit, the individual and the part are always viewed inDiscipleship2, 424:- at first reading and consideration - an [424] individual connotation. These points of revelationDiscipleship2, 430:be forgotten. It is really not the fault of the individual that he warps and distorts a presentedDiscipleship2, 430:in its appeal, but serves only to feed individual pride and the sense of personality achievement,Discipleship2, 430:ask you to consider them from the angle of your individual approach to the Initiator. There areDiscipleship2, 430:this needed consideration: that of yourself, the individual disciple, and that of the group ofDiscipleship2, 435:consciousness - that of which the Soul or the individual consciousness is an integral part. AfterDiscipleship2, 437:the discarding of his own personal, or rather, individual limitations. The next point to beDiscipleship2, 438:the fate, the attainment and the progress of the individual initiate are of small importance in theDiscipleship2, 452:- but that time is not yet. As I give you this individual instruction, my brother, I would enjoinDiscipleship2, 456:We are only interested in the good which any individual may be demonstrating; only the good reachesDiscipleship2, 469:therefore not so potently identified with the individual consciousness, you yourself can perhapsDiscipleship2, 475:those who have responded to you - to you as an individual and as someone to whom they can look forDiscipleship2, 500:will be largely dependent upon the depth of your individual spiritual focus, the closeness of yourDiscipleship2, 519:of a solar system, a planet, humanity or the individual. It consequently has its immediateDiscipleship2, 520:aspects of the will: the relation of your individual self-will to the loving plan of the soul, ofDiscipleship2, 536:and consequent clear exposition. Ideas become individual possessions as you think them and writeDiscipleship2, 540:contact, and as your radiation produces its individual effect upon the ashramic group, the
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