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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Discipleship2, 548:the disciple's personality and to the particular individual to whom the instruction is given. InDiscipleship2, 548:whom the instruction is given. In spite of the individual usefulness, it will profit each member ofDiscipleship2, 549:with a view to group instruction, but with an individual application which will be purely your own.Discipleship2, 568:interlude wherein you can perfect your work for individual souls; you have been provided fullDiscipleship2, 578:the kingdoms in nature, upon man and upon the individual disciple. Much of this karma, especiallyDiscipleship2, 578:Much of this karma, especially now, is not individual in purpose, nor is it generated in any way byDiscipleship2, 578:way by the individuals affected by it, be it an individual disciple, or an ordinary human being. ItDiscipleship2, 578:The problems which have confronted you as an individual, as a disciple and as a member of the NewDiscipleship2, 579:All the outer relations will then - both of the individual disciple and of the group - beDiscipleship2, 583:and not so much from the angle of your own individual conditioning. Which of you investigates hisDiscipleship2, 584:right service [584] and can be applied to your individual life theme in the home, in your business,Discipleship2, 587:specifically to the Christ himself, as a living Individual, attentive to the reactions of disciplesDiscipleship2, 588:entire aura of the Hierarchy. [588] I mean his individual aura. A disciple has "the freedom of theDiscipleship2, 588:can now make this attempt to reach within the individual aura of the Christ; success is entirelyDiscipleship2, 593:growth and the processes of their development - individual, group, and eventually a veritableDiscipleship2, 600:your own consciousness - you repudiate it. Every individual, without exception, is subject to thisDiscipleship2, 600:and characteristics, lies behind every single individual and into it he can at any time throwDiscipleship2, 608:of reading with care the instructions of the individual group members. There was much of esotericDiscipleship2, 624:which is revealed. Feeling and mind are, for the individual, the two basic differentiations in timeDiscipleship2, 631:entire group within my Ashram. I also need their individual cooperation and understanding of theDiscipleship2, 632:the Master. It is of value now to add to these individual steps those which concern a disciple'sDiscipleship2, 635:later between you and the Master is your own individual secret, shared with him. One point I seekDiscipleship2, 640:and the mass karma, superimposed upon the individual karma. You are handling the situationDiscipleship2, 644:and this intensifies the response of each individual body in the lower man and also the personalityDiscipleship2, 645:you, study the instructions given by me to the individual members of the group and to the groupDiscipleship2, 667:an understanding of the part which he, as an individual server, must play. There is more to it thanDiscipleship2, 676:forward as desired, necessarily (as I said) the individual disciple or initiate receives training,Discipleship2, 679:you that the Members of the Hierarchy are highly individual even though relatively free fromDiscipleship2, 709:a sound and beautiful group effect, but your individual contacts are not so constructive, and it isDiscipleship2, 717:BROTHER OF OLD: This is the last specific and individual instruction I shall give You. It is not myDiscipleship2, 717:how frequently, in this series of group and individual instructions, I have used the wordDiscipleship2, 737:listed below, viewing them in two ways: the individual interpretation and, secondly, thatDiscipleship2, 738:the part and the whole. The dharma of the individual in the home. The duty of the individual in theDiscipleship2, 738:of the individual in the home. The duty of the individual in the group. The obligation of theDiscipleship2, 738:individual in the group. The obligation of the individual to humanity. The responsibility of theDiscipleship2, 738:to humanity. The responsibility of the individual to life. The reaction of the individual to karma,Discipleship2, 738:of the individual to life. The reaction of the individual to karma, personal and human. TheDiscipleship2, 738:karma, personal and human. The relation of the individual to the Hierarchy. You have there sixDiscipleship2, 738:involve the practical relation of man to karma, individual life to the mass life as its flowsDiscipleship2, 741:you are not of service to people; but it is an individual here and there that you assist, and thereDiscipleship2, 756:those verbal contacts which reveal too much of individual soul growth. This is one of the firstDiscipleship2, 759:so in your case and in reference to your individual relation to me. My last instruction should haveEducation, viii:a theory of the creative self-development of the individual. (b) Objective Planning; a theory ofEducation, xi:man could become the self-conscious and creative individual he now is? Knowing something about theEducation, 2:of occultism. Therefore, what is true of the individual is also true of the group and as a groupEducation, 8:based on the phases of the growth process in the individual, that make for his best all-aroundEducation, 12:leads to a conscious free use of the mind, to individual thinking, to the creation ofEducation, 15:writing is, curiously enough, concerned with the individual's conscious self-relation to ideas, andEducation, 23:partly due to the recognition that the unit or individual is only a part of a greater whole (aEducation, 23:him little opportunity for the free play of the individual will, intelligence, purpose and soulEducation, 26:be so, when the quality and nature of any individual etheric body can be scientifically discovered.Education, 27:appearance. It is the life. It produces the individual process and the evolutionary unfoldment ofEducation, 29:that has always existed but it has concerned the individual hitherto more than the group. Now itEducation, 29:Down the ages individuals have built their individual bridges between the higher and the lower, butEducation, 29:when rightly understood, will not negate individual effort. That always must be met; but the groupEducation, 29:group understanding will increasingly aid the individual. Education, 39:of the child, and evokes the memory (racial and individual) through the impartation of facts -Education, 43:racial consciousness, while culture concerns the individual and the unseen spiritual man. ThereforeEducation, 47:of every country. They are: the value of the individual and the fact of the one humanity. The warEducation, 47:the fascist countries have taught that the individual is of no value except in so far as heEducation, 47:little importance. In still other countries, the individual regards himself of so much importanceEducation, 47:the whole is entirely lost. Yet the value of the individual and the existence of that whole we callEducation, 48:will lead to the intensive culture of the individual and then to his recognition of hisEducation, 49:as a whole. This in no way indicates neglect of individual or national problems or undertakings butEducation, 57:This will be done by training the people and the individual in the rules of Right Approach. TheEducation, 60:and its applicability to the life of the individual aspirant, to community life and world affairs,Education, 66:this the close relation between the work of the individual aspirant or disciple as he redeems,Education, 66:web to be found between the centers up the individual spinal column is its microcosmicEducation, 67:This mediating principle is the soul of the individual aspirant or disciple (if one may use suchEducation, 68:with the meaning which is to be found behind all individual, community, national and world affairs.Education, 70:This science will throw light upon racial and individual types; it will clearly formulate theEducation, 70:types; it will clearly formulate the nature of individual and racial problems; it will indicate theEducation, 70:which are struggling for expression in the individual and in the race; and when the two major raysEducation, 70:studied by the educator in connection with the individual, the result will be right individual andEducation, 70:with the individual, the result will be right individual and group training, and correct vocationalEducation, 73:deprived of that free scope to be himself - an individual (which seems at all times so desirableEducation, 74:immediately inculcated: the unique value of the individual, the beauty of humanity, the relation ofEducation, 74:the beauty of humanity, the relation of the individual to the whole and his responsibility to fitEducation, 74:and at the same time bring about a high level of individual attainment? Is not competition a majorEducation, 76:of the potentialities of the child as an individual, on a sense of true responsibility, freedomEducation, 78:upon the rights of others, the encroachments of individual desire upon group requirements andEducation, 83:national conditioning, his environment and his individual mental and emotional equipment and willEducation, 85:of life as well as with the details of daily individual living. The child, as an individual, willEducation, 85:of daily individual living. The child, as an individual, will be developed and equipped, trainedEducation, 85:attention; the child will be spurred on to individual effort suited to his temperament [86] andEducation, 86:thrown open to him also in an appeal for his individual effort and personal contribution. What IEducation, 96:is one of the many ways to God; it relates the individual mind eventually to the higher mind andEducation, 99:The Angle of Citizenship IV. The Culture of the Individual The culture of the individual will beEducation, 99:The Culture of the Individual The culture of the individual will be approached from three angles,Education, 99:to the completed whole which is to make the individual: an intelligent citizen of two worlds (theEducation, 100:thus can be of social value yet play a distinct individual part, and at the same time aEducation, 100:he must necessarily sustain himself; that his individual life and interests count less than theEducation, 101:process the emphasis was laid upon himself as an individual, and the point of interest was uponEducation, 102:sense. This has been strikingly aided where any individual ambition has been present which wouldEducation, 102:inculcated into his consciousness that his individual life must be subordinated to the greater lifeEducation, 103:[103] that in times of great emergency he, as an individual, does not count at all, but that theEducation, 103:empire or nation, and not only people with an individual future, but that they are intended to beEducation, 103:three states of consciousness - that of the individual, of the citizen, and of the idealist. TheEducation, 105:breaks out into some form of revolt in the individual, in racial explosions or, again speakingEducation, 105:of the first indications that the soul of the individual is awakened. [106] The soul of humanity is
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