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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Fire, 1086:Systemic wheels or the atomic life of individual constellations. These again are divided into 343Fire, 1099:plane, and consequently the life [1099] of the individual units who form the mental bodies of allFire, 1099:coupled with the self-engendered action of the individual atoms of any sheath, we haveFire, 1104:activity and speed in the rotary motion of the individual atoms, and also greater speed in theFire, 1106:in the attractive and repulsive action of the individual atoms, and this constant and ceaselessFire, 1108:of the separation of the mental body and its individual functioning. It is anent the process ofFire, 1109:of Solomon. It is the workshop to which the individual stones (good deeds and thoughts) are takenFire, 1116:life of the petal itself, regarding it as an individual unit. There is likewise the life of theFire, 1117:expansions of consciousness, which will admit an individual point of spiritual life into theFire, 1117:infinitesimal part speeded on to its similar individual glorification. The many which form the All,Fire, 1118:The fires of living energy circulate around each individual petal and the method of interweavingFire, 1122:formed of the highest grades of substance, each individual atom, therefore, being capable ofFire, 1133:a term, as the anchor for any particular individual in any particular sphere, and this is true ofFire, 1140:and concerns itself with the tiny life of an individual in that race. The same laws govern all,Fire, 1213:by the units of the human kingdom in full individual consciousness, and the work of each humanFire, 1214:harmony in both cases. It is the harmony of the individual with himself and with his environingFire, 1214:great expansions of consciousness and leads to individual identification with some greater whole.Fire, 1214:atom, and serves as an incentive to those minute individual lives which find their place in the sixFire, 1215:The Law of Attraction 1. Three Atomic Relations Individual. This concerns the central fire of allFire, 1216:and consciously, part of group work. The individual consciousness of relationship is somewhatGlamourare not in general as effective when used as an individual exercise. The potency of an integratedGlamournot as a means of spiritual unfoldment of the individual aspirant. Such group action, voluntarilyGlamour, 3:but which can be discovered only when the individual interior light is recognized as such. This isGlamour, 10:of its living synthetic power to the springs of individual life and action. I would ask you toGlamour, 15:that intelligent understanding of glamor, both individual and planetary, which will enable themGlamour, 27:what conditions in the environment or in the individual constitution induce these situations ofGlamour, 27:teaching on the training and liberation of the individual aspirant. This is, of course, necessary,Glamour, 28:of all the aspirant must learn to deal with individual and group glamor. It is necessary toGlamour, 28:usefulness, problem and glamor. Hence emerges individual group responsibility and individualGlamour, 28:emerges individual group responsibility and individual usefulness. Each of you either hinders orGlamour, 28:his own peculiar problem. In giving you your individual instructions, I will take up with you inGlamour, 28:Thirdly, you must remember that as I look at the individual in any of these groups, I can at theGlamour, 28:and the efficiency and also the potency of your individual group influence, for the positive aurasGlamour, 31:with facility to world glamor and to their own individual inherited and self-induced glamor. TheGlamour, 34:See whether you can discover the form which your individual Dweller upon the Threshold is likely toGlamour, 35:you noticed what is the effect which your own individual aura is making upon your environment andGlamour, 36:students have been fighting glamor in their own individual lives, and for the most partGlamour, 42:second blow with His teaching of the nature of individual responsibility and of brotherhood. TheGlamour, 43:himself can use and master in his own life as an individual can be employed by him in groupGlamour, 45:an oligarchy, or from the dictatorship of some individual. It reduces mankind, as far as one canGlamour, 47:in unison with others. He has exchanged the individual law for the group law, but does not yet knowGlamour, 49:This light is different in its appeal to the individual. Yet it is ONE LIGHT. But its recognitionGlamour, 58:created by man at some stage or another of his individual and racial development. Many of them areGlamour, 68:Your task is to overcome glamor, each in your individual lives, and, as a group, later to approachGlamour, 69:the glamor which confronts the disciple as an individual and also consider the aspect of glamorGlamour, 73:great world process and therefore a part of the individual life process also, and is, in itself,Glamour, 73:by the Aryan race using the right technique. The individual who is learning to dissipate glamor hasGlamour, 75:of evolution which [75] has been reached by an individual. For some people, for instance, theGlamour, 80:the concept of their great importance in your individual lives. The battlefield (for the man who isGlamour, 86:phrase. This etheric energy, focused in an individual etheric body, passes through two stages priorGlamour, 88:in the sequence of human unfoldment. The individual aspirant is apt to think only in terms ofGlamour, 88:apt to think only in terms of himself and of his individual tests and trials. He must learn toGlamour, 88:Many people are occupied today in their individual lives with exactly the same process andGlamour, 94:TWO The Causes of Glamor 1. The Racial and Individual Growth of Glamor We shall now employ the wordGlamour, 96:is one of great difficulty for the man, as an individual, and for humanity as a whole. Men areGlamour, 97:the field of human affairs and in the field of individual average human living. It is, however,Glamour, 97:the reorientation of the race and of the individual to the truer values and to the world ofGlamour, 97:successfully waged - which lands the man, as an individual, and the mass, as a whole, upon the PathGlamour, 99:facing the pairs of opposites, just as does the individual disciple, ready - when these pairs haveGlamour, 100:of Arjuna's plight," and to racial, national and individual glamor, they have added a spiritualGlamour, 105:by humanity itself. Causes induced by any individual person which are, nevertheless, founded andGlamour, 110:a period of conflict in the consciousness of the individual and of humanity as a whole, as theGlamour, 114:The Causes of Glamor c. Causes initiated by the Individual. If you have studied all the above withGlamour, 114:needed care, it will be apparent to you that the individual man enters upon incarnation alreadyGlamour, 116:would be well-advised so to study it. The individual glamors of which the disciple becomes awareGlamour, 116:Their potency is accentuating at this period of individual history, for the disciple is polarizedGlamour, 119:The comprehension of the Path of Life for an individual, through a study of his astrologicalGlamour, 120:warrant careful attention. The problem of the individual is complicated by certain inheritedGlamour, 120:These produce powerful illusions to which the individual man easily succumbs. There are also theGlamour, 122:glamor of cooperation with the Plan in an [122] individual and not a group way. The glamor ofGlamour, 125:an aeonial past. Glamor engendered by the individual himself, either in the past, throughGlamour, 129:form - to dominate the mental processes of the individual or of the race and consequently toGlamour, 129:consequently to produce the limitation of the individual or group expression. Such ideas andGlamour, 135:formulated thought-forms dominate the mind of an individual, a race or humanity in general, to theGlamour, 143:sun. I might here point out that this is, in the individual, the microcosmic correspondence to theGlamour, 145:of fact. The problem is to [145] induce the individual or the race or nation which is acting underGlamour, 147:of the race that it is far bigger than the individual can possibly vision; the individual point ofGlamour, 147:than the individual can possibly vision; the individual point of view is consequently so limitedGlamour, 148:realm of force. Maya is predominantly (for the individual) the aggregate of the forces whichGlamour, 153:and planetary glamor, fostering and feeding individual glamors and making the entire problemGlamour, 156:between the Dweller and the Angel, both in the individual and in humanity as a whole. These fiveGlamour, 158:The development of sensitivity in the individual and in the race indicates the imminence of theGlamour, 159:major glamor in the life of humanity and of the individual disciple. It is a synthesis of glamor,Glamour, 162:approached by God Immanent - immanent in individual man, in groups and nations, in organized formsGlamour, 168:disciple. What is true, therefore, of the individual is true also of humanity as a whole, and todayGlamour, 171:maya can be brought to an end in the life of the individual, and eventually in the life of nationsGlamour, 171:process and progress in connection with the individual, the idea can then be extended to the group,Glamour, 173:world illusion can be clarified and incidentally individual illusion also. The unfoldment of humanGlamour, 174:process itself whereby the mind of the individual has been gradually unfolded until it becomes theGlamour, 175:involves a consequent moving of the point of individual focus out of the world of phenomena intoGlamour, 177:- The Ending of Glamor a. Intuition dispels Individual Illusion Today we have reached a crisis inGlamour, 182:you, the intuition is never concerned [182] with individual problems or enquiries, as so manyGlamour, 183:rendering of a great truth. In the case of the individual initiate, the third initiation, theGlamour, 196:The use of this focused light as it dispels individual glamor teaches the disciples the earlyGlamour, 197:and timely. The ridding of the world of the individual and the world of humanity as a whole of theGlamour, 197:working at the dissipation of glamor in their individual lives and who are doing so not so much inGlamour, 197:phase of world glamor by the power of their individual illumined minds; untidily they will turnGlamour, 198:statement is true whether one is speaking of an individual or of that focal point of light which isGlamour, 200:attempts to satisfy desire. From these forms the individual aspirant has ever to rid himself,Glamour, 201:learning or have learnt to dissipate their own individual glamors and can bring understanding to
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