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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Glamour, 202:- The Ending of Glamor a. The Dissipation of Individual Glamor Let us first of all consider theGlamour, 202:us first of all consider the mode by which the individual aspirant can succeed in dissipating theGlamour, 203:of this, down the ages, man has supplemented individual emotional and dramatic living with aGlamour, 203:- the embodiment of the Forces of Good in the individual, in the group and in humanity. ThenGlamour, 206:his non-separateness and of the relation of his individual will to the divine will. We are nowGlamour, 206:the astral plane are carried forward: first, the individual learns to use the light of the mind,Glamour, 207:you see it. They are as they are because their individual glamor is fed by the greater glamors, andGlamour, 207:slight changes and additions - can serve the individual and the group in the task of eradicatingGlamour, 208:for it is only an aggregate of forms, created by individual man, by nations and by races, and theseGlamour, 211:give you two formulas - one for the use of the individual and the other which groups can use asGlamour, 211:of the presentation or the appearance of the individual's or the group's expression of divinity.Glamour, 212:minor glamor would be a sense of self-pity in an individual or the glorification of some notableGlamour, 212:individual or the glorification of some notable individual by an individual, a group or a nation.Glamour, 212:glorification of some notable individual by an individual, a group or a nation. Time and commonGlamour, 212:work at major dissipations. In the case of the individual who is seeking to break up glamor in hisGlamour, 212:who is seeking to break up glamor in his individual life, he should be mentally polarized byGlamour, 214:of the coming [214] technique as fat as the individual is concerned has been registered. Men andGlamour, 214:however, let me briefly offer for the use of the individual aspirant a formula whereby he may aidGlamour, 215:Formula for the Dissipation of Glamor (For the Individual) I. Preparatory Stages Recognition of theGlamour, 224:the need to do this in group formation. Certain individual characteristics are essential for theGlamour, 224:general that effects cannot be grasped by their individual minds. They are too close to theGlamour, 224:perception of the assets and the debits of an individual or a race. The ability to [225] do this isGlamour, 227:until he has freed himself with the aid of the individual formula. Those who can face themselvesGlamour, 227:which it is attempting to dissipate. Their individual tendency to glamor is the factor which givesGlamour, 227:the Dissipation of Glamor. The work done by the individual in dealing with his personal problems ofGlamour, 229:its historicity and effects - psychological, individual, group and national, and also itsGlamour, 229:formula for the dissipation of glamor for the individual. You have therefore the following: TheGlamour, 231:into day." OM - O M - OM The processes of individual and group alignment and integration can now beGlamour, 233:point of tension, and the dedication of the individual and group will to the will of God. This isGlamour, 233:words are very nearly the same as those in the individual formula and gain strength from theGlamour, 235:But the effort is well worth while both from the individual angle and as an act of service toGlamour, 235:Formula for the Dissipation of Glamor (For the Individual) Preparatory Stages Recognition of theGlamour, 236:the beam of light fades out. Brief Form of the Individual Formula The four preparatory stages:Glamour, 241:directed light; this is true of the life of the individual or of humanity as a whole. IlluminationGlamour, 242:appearance is maya. It must be remembered that individual maya is a fractional part of the world ofGlamour, 246:dedicated desire. [246] The etheric body of the individual is, as you know, a part of the ethericGlamour, 246:confine ourselves to the consideration of the individual problem, advising the student to endeavorGlamour, 251:when dealing with a group of people or with an individual. The left eye, the eye of manas, theGlamour, 253:in the etheric body and becomes aware of their individual existence as force agents. The twoHealing, 3:through the veins and arteries. This constant, individual - human, planetary and solar -Healing, 3:that much of the chitta or mind stuff which an individual human unit can use and impress,Healing, 7:of his own soul; this involves alignment through individual meditation. Those whom he can help;Healing, 25:etheric substance, free from all control by the individual human being, and quite unrealized by himHealing, 25:state of consciousness, much concerning individual physical conditions can be deduced. We must,Healing, 25:predisposing agent in the ill health of the individual, just as group ills and the sweep ofHealing, 25:racial and planetary find their way to an individual via his etheric body, but are not so personalHealing, 29:walker through the woods can note, so germs - individual and group - today devastate and destroyHealing, 31:studies is the fact that disease is seldom of individual origin, unless a man misspends his lifeHealing, 33:of particular types of force, attached to each individual, and possessing their proper inlets andHealing, 48:in mind as they ponder on these matters: Individual disease, due to interior conditions in a man'sHealing, 53:factor in all matters with which the individual concerns himself, apart from those conditions whichHealing, 53:in its effect because of the stage of the individual consciousness at which that majority findsHealing, 71:that there is group selfishness as well as individual selfishness. I have cited sufficient reasonsHealing, 74:cases, the outer cause is not an effect of the individual inner cause, which is interesting. YouHealing, 74:or psychological in origin as far as an individual is concerned, [75] but are sometimes bothHealing, 77:centers, the order of their awakening, and their individual and basic note or notes. The newHealing, 83:which awareness of that which lies beyond the individual human life can enter. The etheric body isHealing, 89:world events and should also condition the individual and so establish rhythmic life habits - oneHealing, 92:up to the demands of the thought life of the individual. These are, naturally and usually, a partHealing, 93:thought produce healing effects when used by an individual or a group? In view of the fact thatHealing, 94:and the right use of the will (which in the individual is the reflection and the agent of the willHealing, 95:and conditioned by the emotional life of the individual, and the emotional life is a fruitfulHealing, 96:health, and this has proved true whether the individual thought has been good or bad, rightlyHealing, 96:life. The second question asks whether an individual or a group can heal by thought power. MostHealing, 96:certainly the generalization can be made that an individual and a group can heal and that thoughtHealing, 98:great importance. The concentrated will of any individual and the directed will of a united groupHealing, 99:should never be employed. The free will of the individual must never be subjected to the impact ofHealing, 99:to the impact of a powerfully focused group or individual; it is far too dangerous a procedure toHealing, 101:circulation of force produces good health in the individual or group. The free circulation of forceHealing, 102:and the entire aura or the magnetic field of individual or group activity. The mind is notHealing, 111:and epidemic; in the tuning in of the individual to streams of poison emanating from world hate, orHealing, 114:or of Karma, governs all disease. This embraces individual, group, national and total human karma.Healing, 114:mistakes, so-called sins and errors of the individual concerned, committed in this life or anotherHealing, 127:into the higher is one of deepest moment to the individual and to the race. Once the individualHealing, 127:to the individual and to the race. Once the individual disciple, and humanity as well, symbolizingHealing, 127:in this respect, we shall see the new order of individual service and of world service established,Healing, 130:air with all other human beings, denotes both an individual center of life and participation alsoHealing, 130:in the general life of all. To these problems of individual or separative existence and of itsHealing, 139:It is only in the life of the undeveloped individual that clear simplicity is to be found. InHealing, 141:relate the man to the etheric [141] body - both individual and planetary - and likewise to theHealing, 143:distributing agents of the combined rays of the individual man will the true nature of materialHealing, 147:the head center and the basic center produce the individual "electric fire" which, when fullyHealing, 158:here use the word "soul" I refer not only to the individual soul of man but to the soul also of theHealing, 160:As the heart center becomes active, the individual aspirant is slowly drawn into an increasinglyHealing, 161:In the early stages of unfoldment, of both the individual and the race, the inverted heart lotusHealing, 171:and extreme difficulty. Mankind, through the individual and also through the collective solarHealing, 172:where average man is concerned; this is due to individual and collective causes. Healing, 175:small moment; in the short cycle of the individual disciple's life it is of great difficulty andHealing, 183:and they together form the path of life for the individual man and are awakened into activityHealing, 185:is the result of the livingness of the individual centers which, [186] through the potency of theirHealing, 190:determines the life expression of the incarnated individual. It is a secondary truism that thisHealing, 190:of similar difficulties which arise in the individual unit; these are based on the conflict of theHealing, 192:but this will only happen when the soul of the individual controls and the lower personal selfHealing, 193:related to the mass diseases, they are based on individual causes. When a man steps out of theHealing, 195:upon the point of development reached by the individual and the preponderant type of energy toHealing, 195:and the preponderant type of energy to which the individual reacts. The incoming energy isHealing, 199:making the endocrine system what it is in the individual man, and the blood stream is responsibleHealing, 204:in connection with the general health of an individual; they indicate not only his psychologicalHealing, 214:is established, you then have a highly sexed individual who is also a creative artist along someHealing, 214:From the solar center to the heart center. Individual, emotional consciousness is transmuted into
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