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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Healing, 215:when properly established, will solve the individual problem of sex, and without recourse to eitherHealing, 216:transformed into aspiration and service; selfish individual love is transformed into group love,Healing, 224:have always happened upon a small and individual scale; they are now happening on a large scale.Healing, 233:for the first time, mental relationship between individual action and death was recognized - as yetHealing, 234:theft and rape. Today these evils are not only individual sins and faults, but can be nationalHealing, 236:family. As the life of God (expressing itself as individual divinity and universal divinity)Healing, 243:having a direct emanatory effect upon the individual atoms of which the dense physical body isHealing, 250:emphasis will not be upon the specific and the individual. I am laying a foundation also for aHealing, 260:all the divinity of which one is capable as an individual, or which a nation can present to theHealing, 260:upon the personal liberty and rights of the individual. The growth and development of this basicHealing, 261:watching it in process. The liberation of the individual has moved onward through the symbolicHealing, 263:as a whole, mankind in groups as nations, and individual man - has instituted, carried forward,Healing, 266:humanity as a whole, and not just the good of an individual nation or people or race. The JewishHealing, 270:not only on a large scale but in relation to individual lives. Of this Law, the public is yet, as aHealing, 274:in its immediate cause, can be traced to the individual etheric body when the difficulty is purelyHealing, 275:force," indicating as they do the karma of the individual, are in the last analysis the majorHealing, 275:They indicate the point of development of the individual and the areas of control in hisHealing, 289:Karmic Liabilities 1. Karmic Liabilities of the Individual We have already studied (perhaps withoutHealing, 289:This concerns the karmic liabilities of the individual, emerging from the subjective vehicles andHealing, 290:was, for infant humanity and for the undeveloped individual, a group matter. The man was a memberHealing, 290:the Path, the karma of the chosen group, of the individual, and of those with whom the man choosesHealing, 290:through world service is added to that which the individual has already experienced, and he sharesHealing, 290:Elementary group karma - of the primitive man, Individual karma of the self-conscious developingHealing, 292:difficulties, including ill health and disease - individual, national and racial - still furtherHealing, 293:thus introduce a karmic condition over which the individual human being has absolutely no control,Healing, 302:outstanding characteristic - cleavage within the individual or between the individual and hisHealing, 302:- cleavage within the individual or between the individual and his group, rendering himHealing, 327:and our civilization militate, and the individual has therefore to resign himself to a state ofHealing, 327:to a state of affairs which lies outside his individual control. A normal, sane, regulated life isHealing, 328:synthesis of energies. If the energy in which an individual primarily lives and moves and has theHealing, 328:these two types of energy, when evidenced by an individual, is based on the fact that they are theHealing, 335:as is all else in nature, and has its own individual life; its focus for the distribution of energyHealing, 344:but according to the age of the soul, and the individual status upon the Path. There is aHealing, 349:of penalty, and of evil happenings, both for the individual and for the group. Yet, such is theHealing, 353:medicine and the psychological adjustment of the individual within his group, and the providing ofHealing, 355:in the light - the group mind, and not their individual minds. In using the imagination to thisHealing, 356:types of energy according to the need of the individual to be healed. It would serve a real groupHealing, 357:a group they are predominantly personal in their individual and inter-group relations. This mayHealing, 357:would point out that any group member who, as an individual, is free from the above frailties ofHealing, 358:that [358] the achievements or failures of the individual group members are entirely their ownHealing, 360:His group, he is then, automatically and as an individual, linked with the Master of all Masters.Healing, 362:of the feminine force in nature in some individual in female form who is then called the "WorldHealing, 362:who is then called the "World Mother." Such an individual has never existed in our particularHealing, 367:have to be cured primarily through individual self-effort, through decentralization, transferenceHealing, 368:not negate, the majority of their theories. Individual students might aid in this if they took someHealing, 387:attention of the healing agent - group or individual. One of the first things that any healingHealing, 390:and knowers of the wisdom. Healing groups and individual healers will find it necessary at times toHealing, 406:of all astral emotion which takes place for the individual aspirant at the time of the secondHealing, 418:cycle draws to its close, will be true of the individual human being, of the Heavenly Man, and ofHealing, 429:body. The stream of pranic energy vitalizes the individual atoms and cells of which that body isHealing, 429:of which that body is composed. The stream of individual consciousness. This is anchored in theHealing, 429:case of the developed man, the mental type of individual, the aspirant, disciple or initiate, theHealing, 430:appear to be born with no centralized point of individual consciousness, the following triplicityHealing, 431:may not even involve the karma of a man or his individual destiny, as in the case of war. Then vastHealing, 431:and Effect as a factor in the soul career of any individual. It is not an act of restitution,Healing, 431:planned by a particular soul as it works out its individual destiny. Death, through the destructiveHealing, 432:destruction of the cycle of separateness as an individual upon the physical plane which we callHealing, 439:group life makes effective in the case of the individual, is one of the strongest arguments for theHealing, 439:arguments for the fact of continuity and for individual, identifiable persistence. Note theseHealing, 447:will which, when set in motion in an individual, in a group, in a nation, in a kingdom of nature (aHealing, 448:but the release of the life. Death comes to the individual man in the ordinary sense of the termHealing, 448:war, for instance, it is not then a case of the individual will-to-withdraw, but an enforcedHealing, 448:abstraction. From its own place, the soul of the individual man recognizes the end of a cycle ofHealing, 449:ancient writings put it. It is identified and individual, but has no implementing form, except thatHealing, 464:has been completely transcended as far as the individual's own nature is involved. Healing, 471:divine aspect. There the condition is different; individual karmic necessity may not be involved atHealing, 478:of existence, and will forever remain - individual, qualified by ray type, part of the kingdom ofHealing, 480:syphilis and cancer - inherent in the individual man, in humanity as a whole, and also in ourHealing, 488:of which are now non-existent. The kama-manasic individual uses two techniques. This wouldHealing, 494:planes is not only as conscious of himself as an individual - with his own plans, life and affairsHealing, 497:directed potency instantaneously reorients the individual kamic man to the downward path ofHealing, 507:The personality life of the now coordinated individual persists for a large number of lives, andHealing, 513:potent and the man develops into an intense individual. The head center begins to exert anHealing, 522:that this statement negates the free will of the individual unit thus enclosed or enfolded. ItHealing, 544:has its roots in the past (a group past or an individual past) and may, in the last analysis, be aHealing, 545:expression of soul contact and influence in the individual's life and in the life of mankind - theHealing, 545:means is that the channel of contact between the individual and his soul and the soul of humanityHealing, 549:of mankind closely correspond to disease in the individual. There is lack of a free flow of theHealing, 549:of energy will the ills of the physical body of individual [550] man also be cured. This is aHealing, 560:of disciples will remain to disturb the peace of individual man. With these I have dealt in anHealing, 563:any time in the life history of the race or of individual man. It is stated here and is onlyHealing, 599:with which we are dealing, and so give to the individual patient a sense of proportion, where hisHealing, 606:of an advanced person than in the case of the individual in whom the center is normally inactiveHealing, 610:be far fewer upon the planet and therefore in individual man; areas of frustration and of futileHealing, 615:(and by this I mean the cosmic, planetary and individual etheric vehicles) is the intermediaryHealing, 618:from the seven centers, but their effect - individual and combined - is magnetic. The radiationHealing, 624:to you also that the karmic process in any individual life must therefore work out through theHealing, 634:structure of the dense physical body of an individual informing soul in any kingdom of nature -Healing, 634:kingdom. What is true in this connection of the individual or of [635] man, the microcosm, is trueHealing, 639:spirit of the earth - is in abeyance as regards individual reaction to the planetary life. Only theHealing, 644:of the planetary etheric body as it uses his individual etheric body as a channel whereby prana canHealing, 647:and thousands of bodies were involved. An individual not highly developed who endeavored toHealing, 662:all else) its suppression of the rights of the individual citizen to certain of the essentialHealing, 662:as you know, always a correspondence between the individual man and the world of men as a whole.Healing, 663:with the general situation rather than with the individual relation between the healer and aHealing, 664:years the entire picture has been altered. Individual men, in adequate numbers, achieved initiationHealing, 664:myriad occurrences and difficulties which make individual life, national life and planetary life soHealing, 666:and to the rights, as yet unclaimed, of the individual. Man's ability to resist slavery has becomeHealing, 676:seldom concern themselves with the healing of an individual. Their work is too potent and tooHealing, 676:might prove destructive in its effects upon an individual. The patient would not be able to receive
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