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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Hercules, 6:achievement will be brought about by the many individual perfections. Hercules, 7:of humanity as a whole, and in the life of the individual, who is ever the microcosm of theHercules, 8:we will approach it from two angles: that of the individual aspirant and that of humanity as aHercules, 9:of a son of God. He has to find himself as an individual, only to discover that individualism mustHercules, 10:years ago in Palestine; this is the story of the individual Christ, crucified upon the cross ofHercules, 10:objective of both the Cosmic Christ and of the individual aspirant. They give us the clue to theHercules, 22:sacrifices everybody and everything to individual soul unfoldment? This is a most common fault withHercules, 33:of the universe. It may be likewise the urge to individual creation, of the soul to take a body, orHercules, 33:high estate, took form, and started upon their individual round upon round of the Zodiac. Thirdly,Hercules, 68:symbol of the universal soul as well as of the individual soul. It is therefore, esotericallyHercules, 71:attention to the aspirant, are two: First, the individual aspirant is of no personal interest toHercules, 82:through the medium of which the Self-conscious individual, emerging out of the mass in Cancer,Hercules, 82:of the mass in Cancer, knows himself to be the individual in Leo, the potential Christ in Virgo,Hercules, 88:eventually produce, in Leo, the emergence of the individual and, in Capricorn, the birth of a worldHercules, 90:so strong that it lifts the hidden, struggling individual out of his environment of stabilizedHercules, 92:of test and trial, wrestling by himself as an individual, from Leo to Capricorn, until the timeHercules, 101:of the human being who knows himself to be an individual and becomes aware of himself as the Self.Hercules, 102:individuality of the Leo type. The individual in Leo becomes the initiate in Capricorn, andHercules, 102:Leo, Father-spirit and Mother-matter meet in the individual and their union produces that consciousHercules, 102:the sign wherein man recognizes himself as the individual and begins the cycle of experienceHercules, 103:the cross on which the Cosmic Christ and the individual Christ are ever crucified. Perhaps the wordHercules, 104:In Leo, we see cosmic mind working out in the individual as the lower reasoning mind, and thisHercules, 104:being and bringing about the sacrifice of the individual life and its merging in the universalHercules, 104:of the lower aspect to the higher, and of the individual unit to the great sum total. It was theseHercules, 104:of the lower self and the conquering of individual self-assertion. Originally the zodiac consistedHercules, 105:man was the ruler, the king, God incarnate, an individual son of God; second, the man was governedHercules, 105:subordinate himself; third, that the work of an individual is to apply the sickle and to cut out,Hercules, 105:the formation of the human family composed of individual units. Another technical term for thisHercules, 105:outpouring is "individualization", becoming an individual with self-awareness, thus linking it upHercules, 108:the aspirant has always to be a highly evolved individual. With the triple aspects of the lowerHercules, 108:are unusually powerful; hence, he is exceedingly individual, often very aggressive, self-confidentHercules, 109:are seeking the Way. People are now very individual, the world is full of personalities, and theHercules, 122:attitude at full moon meditations and our use of individual horoscopes. "The point I seek to makeHercules, 133:aid and too little; if too much is given, the individual will not be encouraged to use his ownHercules, 133:must be carefully suited to the needs of the individual involved. In many cases, help would only beHercules, 137:constantly meet, in one form or another. The individual who is consecrated and true to the spiritHercules, 143:easily discovered. A long time passes before the individual realizes that he is nourishing andHercules, 145:it is true, but often stops at that point. The individual realizes that a monster lies concealed inHercules, 147:of mental distortion is self-centeredness. The individual suffering from this affliction too oftenHercules, 148:where fear is found. The spiritually-oriented individual has centered his thought at a level tooHercules, 158:so many now are, and became a very forceful individual. He was [159] sure he could do everything,Hercules, 163:Consider what goes on in the life of the individual aspirant in Sagittarius. There has been aHercules, 164:truth; it is the sum of all Truth growing out of individual revelation. Now the usual happeningHercules, 164:Now the usual happening when there is an individual revelation is sectarianism; an illustration ofHercules, 166:In Leo, the gift of opportunity. I am an individual. I shall use life for myself, if I am a littleHercules, 174:an expansion of the personal love we have for an individual, our family, our circle of friends,Hercules, 175:will result in a group loneliness rather than in individual loneliness. Aquila, the eagle, isHercules, 177:hell. You learn the nature of the universal by individual experience; only that is realization. YouHercules, 182:are no longer sheep, until they learn to have individual thought, become goats, climb the mountainHercules, 184:sign to Aquarius is Leo, the sign of the individual, the man who has found himself as a humanHercules, 186:with the self of the group and the self of the individual; that is the work of the initiate. FromHercules, 188:will enter that sign in a loving spirit. The individual aspirant cannot take initiation until heHercules, 189:Regulus, the lawgiver, [189] the law for the individual, the law of selfishness, if you like, theHercules, 189:the law of competition. Regulus, the law of the individual, has to give place to Kefus, the law ofHercules, 189:of law will be, based upon the suffering of the individual that has led him to lose interest inHercules, 198:group concept underlying the work rather than individual soul saving. The symbolism of the redHercules, 201:interest in themselves. I am convinced that no individual World Savior, utilizing a physical body,Hercules, 201:body, will come to us. I believe in that individual World Savior, but I believe that he will saveHercules, 203:and appreciation of the need of the individual just as you find him. When you are up against theHercules, 207:as a whole. It is this unfolding plan for man, individual and racial, that is revealed in the storyHercules, 209:We see him from two viewpoints: that of the individual disciple and that of humanity as a whole,Hercules, 210:mission of a son of God. He finds himself as an individual only to discover that individualism mustHercules, 210:form life and under the rule of matter are fear, individual competition and greed. These have toHercules, 210:Pisces, the fishes. This is the story of every individual man, crucified upon the cross of matterHercules, 212:Sagittarius). Quality: Sensitivity leading to individual awareness. Emergence out of the herd.Hercules, 213:Turning point in the life of humanity and of the individual. Hercules became the triumphantHercules, 214:lower self, then the higher Self. World service. Individual consciousness transmuted into groupHercules, 214:consciousness. Polar Opposite: Leo, A fire sign (individual awareness; urge toward self-knowledge;Hercules, 228:the world. His tests are no longer personal and individual, but are universal in their applicationInitiation, 12:large scale, and not from the standpoint of the individual. When viewed from the individualInitiation, 12:of the individual. When viewed from the individual standpoint it has come to be narrowed down toInitiation, 24:their methods can be exquisitely measured to the individual need; yet at the same time theirInitiation, 27:only those facts which are realized within the individual consciousness as truths are of any realInitiation, 29:highly evolved Entities, who represent his own individual karmic group and those Beings who are theInitiation, 41:Racial karma, National karma, Group karma, Individual karma, and who are responsible to theInitiation, 84:(people do not usually develop evenly), upon his individual karma, and also upon the exigencies ofInitiation, 95:due to the varying characteristics and the individual karma of the incarnating Planetary Logos orInitiation, 106:but only at times of great crises, when some individual is given the opportunity to bring peace outInitiation, 110:one, just as man, though a triplicity, is yet an individual unit. The human being is a form throughInitiation, 134:the initiate finds: That the activity of each individual atom in the various bodies is increased,Initiation, 143:invariably cast so as to check the time for an individual initiation, and only when the individualInitiation, 143:for an individual initiation, and only when the individual signs blend and coincide with theInitiation, 217:the mental, are found the causal bodies of the Individual men and women. These bodies, which areIntellect, 9:a universal arrival at that knowledge which the individual mystic has had. Our ears are deafened byIntellect, 21:generative possibilities that lie within the individual." - H.A. Overstreet One of the many factorsIntellect, 21:it will be in a synthesis of these two methods - individual and mass education - religious andIntellect, 22:not have to be found whereby the culture of the individual can proceed alongside the civilizing,Intellect, 23:the eighteenth century, trained and cultured the individual. An intensified training was given toIntellect, 24:much as theologies formerly did. The pioneering individual has still as much difficulty in makingIntellect, 24:method of specialized training for the special individual - a reversion which will not involve aIntellect, 27:the greatest good to the greatest number, the individual must be given his full heritage, andIntellect, 28:therefore, the training and development of the individual for social ends, that is, for the largestIntellect, 30:an education requires a proper perception of individual growth and status, and a rightIntellect, 31:wherein that larger Self is contacted which the individual selves exist only to reveal. KeyserlingIntellect, 32:and self-culture can be applied by every individual unit who [33] is capable of desiring thisIntellect, 33:gladly seek the way. The method proposed is an individual technique which will enable the student,Intellect, 33:of human life. Its task is to reorient the individual, to enable him to take a richer and moreIntellect, 38:systems may regard the preparation of the individual to transcend his natural limitations as anIntellect, 40:a new method of mental training, imposed on the individual by his soul, and called forth by theIntellect, 40:In the East we have the careful culture of the individual, with the masses left practically without
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