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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Magic, 396:animal consciousness. The emotionally polarized individual, selfish and governed by desire. The twoMagic, 397:to express their personalities and to make their individual impact upon the world or to gatherMagic, 411:This has [411] been the case even when the individual man has been totally unaware himself of hisMagic, 411:a single failure, though again and again the individual has not been cognizant of success. The markMagic, 416:the new type of group worker is a rounded out individual, with a capacity to do almost anything toMagic, 422:of soul-mind-brain are all aligned in the individual and when each aspect of it can beMagic, 423:school will deal with the energy aspects of the individual and his responsiveness to the energy ofMagic, 424:out the immediate future development of the individual disciple. What lies ahead in the immediateMagic, 426:Their outstanding characteristic will be an individual and group freedom from a critical spirit.Magic, 427:upon their own good characters, or upon their individual accomplishments. Later as a result ofMagic, 429:out into manifestation in the furnace of their individual experience and thus given to the world.Magic, 438:standpoint of the horoscope (as well as of the individual problem) is this meeting of the energiesMagic, 439:other, will give the personality diagram, the individual life pattern. Amazing symbolic charts andMagic, 439:when this is done, and the "geometry of the individual" will grow out of this, for it will be foundMagic, 440:incident to these transitions affects the individual chart, and frequently offsets individualMagic, 440:the individual chart, and frequently offsets individual destiny or karma. People are submerged inMagic, 442:the work of the so-called unregenerate selfish individual, full of desire for satisfaction. TheMagic, 452:the distinctive subjective man, his coloring, or individual note; this it is which sets the rate ofMagic, 452:their own and a consciousness which is strictly individual and identified. This aspect of the lifeMagic, 466:becoming smaller and smaller groups as the individual units achieve - one by one - the status ofMagic, 484:in the group aura as has taken place within the individual ring-pass-not, - the group will haveMagic, 484:and to some forms of insanity, both group and individual. [485] Thirdly, the creator of theMagic, 504:questions: - Am I rendering this service to an individual as an individual, or am I rendering it asMagic, 504:I rendering this service to an individual as an individual, or am I rendering it as a member of aMagic, 525:whole, and not from the standpoint of man's own individual progressive development and the part heMagic, 527:and workers, and the ideal set before the individual aspirant, are the same as in the individualMagic, 527:the individual aspirant, are the same as in the individual meditation; the achieving of thatMagic, 535:as a whole achieve along this line? What can the individual do? The task of humanity fallsMagic, 541:thought, whether the potent mass thoughts or individual dynamic ideas, must eventually emergeMagic, 554:the study of the objective world in which the individual aspirant finds himself. He will need toMagic, 555:in collaboration with Him. They subject their individual purposes to the one divine plan.Magic, 556:free from cosmic group influences than the human individual is free from impression by hisMagic, 557:needed to bring about the manifestation of individual spiritual purpose or of group spiritualMagic, 558:with power. The procedure is as follows: The individual aspirant begins to manifest somewhat soulMagic, 559:time and conditions, of world karma, as well as individual karma. What shall then be done? I haveMagic, 602:be eliminated. It must ever be remembered that individual status is rigidly kept to oneself, andMagic, 615:and it is on the field of Kurukshetra that the individual aspiring Arjuna, and the cosmic Arjuna,Magic, 618:closing this treatise on the magical work of the individual aspirant I seek to do two things:Magic, 619:are regarded as of more importance than the individual and his rights; amalgamation, which is theMagic, 620:Purpose, they would do well to study their individual life expression and to ask themselves theMagic, 621:coming in of the new age. In this treatise on individual development and on astral control, aMagic, 625:their likes and dislikes, [625] and their individual life tendencies and habits. These eventuallyMagic, 625:it all by his unrealized separateness and individual methods. This means that such a worker gathersMagic, 625:subjectively by love of personal power, individual ambition, jealousy of other workers, and theMagic, 626:fear. All has tended to the persistence of the individual, and to his preserved condition of being.Magic, 627:also based on fear; it connotes the fear of the individual that he will fail of recognition andMagic, 627:it all, much good has come and will come, or no individual is of value until he realizes that valueMagic, 634:and opportunity, and on an acute appreciation of individual limitation and deficiency. It is theMagic, 635:a span of man's allotted seventy years? To the individual disciple they appear most important; toMagic, 635:today see an almost pitiful distress of individual deficiency, a sustained and strenuous effort onMagic, 636:life of service. I am not here dealing with the individual training of the disciple but with hisMagic, 636:sleep, right food (which must vary for each individual), and those surroundings, if possible, whichMagic, 638:their minds any hope of contacting a phenomenal individual whom they call a Master, with so muchMeditation, 14:the scientific application of the method to the individual is being demonstrated, you can then seeMeditation, 18:of one-pointed application, through love of some individual or ideal. A man learns to includeMeditation, 22:deciding wisely upon a method suitable for the individual. We have up till now considered first theMeditation, 22:commencement of the work of liberating the individual from the periphery of the causal body canMeditation, 34:Masters each on His own ray, and with Their own individual groups, who are affiliated with ThemMeditation, 38:mental plane egos are separated into groups - individual separation exists not, but groupMeditation, 43:that inner guide reveals is of more value to the individual than aught esoterically imparted.Meditation, 53:Sacred Word. Its pronunciation and use: a. In individual meditation. b. In group and congregationalMeditation, 60:consciousness, is so unlike any other that the individual need can only be supplied when fullMeditation, 61:Word in Meditation Pronunciation and Use in Individual Meditation I shall now be very practical. IMeditation, 63:very briefly studied the Word as used by the individual who begins to [64] meditate, - the effectMeditation, 67:checked. The geometrical forms created by the individual, and by the group, in sounding forth theMeditation, 68:of the rays, and studying color and sound, their individual and group effects, and theirMeditation, 69:groups will deal with child culture, with the individual training of people, with the guidance ofMeditation, 89:the necessary evolutionary rate, except in a few individual cases where certain pupils (perhapsMeditation, 92:[92] The karma of his present life, his own individual "ring-pass-not," as represented by hisMeditation, 105:or a lowering of the vitality, and of many individual modes of showing tension and nervousness,Meditation, 105:cured through meditation wisely adjusted to the individual need. Proper meditations will be set toMeditation, 106:is not so, and each must then work out his own individual problem. Meditation, 113:more by the use of collective forms and not individual mantrams; he does not work so much inMeditation, 113:always the goal will be the same. Forms may be individual or collective, mantrams may be chanted byMeditation, 120:to meditation. We have dealt somewhat with individual dangers inherent in the three bodies; we haveMeditation, 146:The first type will start with some beloved individual, and from that individual, will rise throughMeditation, 146:with some beloved individual, and from that individual, will rise through the various otherMeditation, 151:out later how the two have to merge and their individual elements be fused into one. The line ofMeditation, 161:the man recognized as an unhappy, unpleasant individual, to definite brain disease, resulting inMeditation, 180:on meditation in all its branches - specific, individual and collective, based on form or formless;Meditation, 180:to reach some goal, to communicate with some individual Intelligence, to control some involutionaryMeditation, 187:are the four most important mantrams as regards individual evolution and development, and areMeditation, 190:considered in this series of letters individual meditation and have taken up the subject from manyMeditation, 191:be achieved, and the methods to be employed in individual meditation, and having enlarged a littleMeditation, 194:power. If it is so effective in the case of the individual, as has been again and againMeditation, 222:and to the races, and to the cycles of his own individual life. When he can do this he holds in hisMeditation, 223:out of action that sets the law loose in the individual life? Simply adherence, as stated above, toMeditation, 238:of letters, concern ourselves. The growth of the individual and his increased capacity to be ofMeditation, 238:expect to see the same effect in the life of the individual, for always the macrocosm affects theMeditation, 266:souls, - those group souls being made up of the individual human and angel units of consciousness.Meditation, 323:separate will be in the ray color also and each individual shrine curtain will carry the sign ofMeditation, 330:the preceding curriculum and deals directly with individual development. It covers the followingMeditation, 336:of this force will be possible in individual cases. Herein lies one of the secrets of initiation.Meditation, 343:always that material gain in knowledge for the individual causes stagnation, obstruction,Meditation, 352:the mental, are found the causal bodies of the individual men and women. These bodies, which arePatanjali, 28:Himself through a solar system) or the individual Christ the potential savior within each humanPatanjali, 30:and being constructed for himself by each individual is as varied as there are people participatingPatanjali, 52:through certain factors: The identity of each individual soul with the Oversoul. The attractivePatanjali, 52:to their source. It involves the response of the individual soul to cosmic soul force. ThePatanjali, 123:in the heart. It covers also the relation of the individual Ishvara to the universal or cosmic
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