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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Psychology1, 157:the forms in the four kingdoms of nature; the individual form emanations are settled thereby, andPsychology1, 167:human characteristics which differentiate the individual belonging to one ray from the individualPsychology1, 167:the individual belonging to one ray from the individual on another ray, it will be well to refer toPsychology1, 169:monadic ray), the other being the secondary or individual ray, since the manasic atom is thePsychology1, 169:nucleus of the future causal body in which the individual passes from life to life. This body is ofPsychology1, 169:individually, unites with it, and the immortal individual Ego starts on its upward climb throughPsychology1, 169:each soul. The influence of this secondary or individual ray constitutes the main factor in thePsychology1, 169:demand it, for the moment of birth for every individual is fixed in accordance with karmicPsychology1, 169:and probably all of us - whatever our primary or individual rays - have passed lifetimes again andPsychology1, 180:made sensitive to these patterns, so that the individual mind can recognize them and wrest them outPsychology1, 190:the initial Plan, and yet carrying forward Their individual efforts with concentration andPsychology1, 191:specific by referring the same proposition to an individual man, grasping the fact that everyPsychology1, 194:also to an understanding of the response of the individual consciousness to the consciousnessPsychology1, 243:in of ray one, with its stimulation of the individual will. You will therefore have in thisPsychology1, 287:this marriage. At-one-ment with the soul is an individual interior experience, resulting in anPsychology1, 287:in an expansion of consciousness, so that the individual and specific becomes at-one with thePsychology1, 288:of humanity and the demonstration of the fact. Individual man and his soul are also attempting toPsychology1, 293:by intelligent love; the group and not the individual will be the important unit, and unselfishnessPsychology1, 303:In the deciding of problems, the [303] individual and the unit will slowly learn to subordinate thePsychology1, 309:evolutionary result a new factor, that of an individual self-sustaining, self-knowing aspect. It isPsychology1, 314:the "mystical marriage." The aggregate of these individual happenings will produce a group activityPsychology1, 318:to think in larger terms than those of the individual man as we know him. We must look uponPsychology1, 319:of seeing the picture whole, and not in terms of individual man. It may here be helpful if we notePsychology1, 320:the lower aspects, or principles, both in the individual and in the whole. This involves conflictPsychology1, 321:place, and govern the major cycles of the individual. He is controlled not only by his own rayPsychology1, 322:in humanity we have the adaptation of the individual to his environment. The person who worksPsychology1, 333:must be considered in the case of every individual man, for they make him what he is and determinePsychology1, 341:as of major importance, and the welfare of the individual is important just in so far as the unitPsychology1, 352:can be applied also to the development of the individual, and will govern and determine hisPsychology1, 358:men's minds towards an ideal, such as that of individual sacrifice or service, and the mysticalPsychology1, 361:service." The vision of the giving of the individual in sacrifice and service, within the group andPsychology1, 361:are groups of individuals gathered around an individual. The seventh ray will foster the groupPsychology1, 375:of service is literally the tuning-in of the individual to the rhythm of the life, heart and mindPsychology1, 391:by modern psychology in connection with the individual human being, and his emotional and thoughtPsychology1, 395:be of trifling moment. The affairs of an individual are, to him, of momentous import; to humanity,Psychology1, 404:Two - III. The Rays and Man The work of each individual aspirant is therefore to arrive at anPsychology1, 405:life of each man. The egoic ray of the individual, plus the egoic ray of the fourth kingdom,Psychology2, 10:which we call the form nature of man. The individual, on the way to full coordination andPsychology2, 11:to an end through the intelligent fostering of individual recognition of selfhood and thePsychology2, 11:of selfhood and the assertions of the individual as he seeks to express his own ideas. One of thePsychology2, 11:One of the basic ideas underlying all human and individual conduct, is the necessity for peace andPsychology2, 11:carefully cultured growth. The dictator is the individual who has, under the process, floweredPsychology2, 11:for when the many are at the stage of individual self-awareness and potency and seeking the fullPsychology2, 13:also much loss of time. The mental grasp of the individual is oft-times much greater than his powerPsychology2, 15:the successful demonstration of the dominant individual is just as much a divine success in itsPsychology2, 16:well. It should also be borne [16] in mind that individual separative success is in itself anPsychology2, 16:itself an evidence of soul activity, for every individual is a living soul, actuating the lowerPsychology2, 16:ambition to bring this about. Reorient the lower individual self so that the realm of its desiresPsychology2, 16:of the Wisdom, free from the limitations of the individual, garnering the fruits of thePsychology2, 19:the group and the absorption of the personal and individual into the Whole, characterize this stagePsychology2, 22:The quality of the astral body. This governs the individual for a very long period, and stillPsychology2, 22:It corresponds to the stage of maturity in the individual. The ray of the mind has a very closePsychology2, 31:with the subconscious knowledge and gains of the individual experience. The center of consciousnessPsychology2, 31:of consciousness is so far removed from any individual separate identity that that particularPsychology2, 31:from our present angle of vision, because all individual reactions to the activity of matter or toPsychology2, 44:meanings and motivated by criticism, or by an individual desire to shine. In olden days, thePsychology2, 51:consciousness". I am not speaking in terms of an individual soul, if such a misnomer may bePsychology2, 52:we have five points of crisis in the life of the individual, in conjunction with the whole, withPsychology2, 52:reflection of this fivefold experience in any individual life takes place in the following order inPsychology2, 53:of graphs, which give these crises - racial and individual. Sometimes, with the more advancedPsychology2, 55:all the activities of the Oversoul and the individual souls. Forget not that this term "individualPsychology2, 55:the individual souls. Forget not that this term "individual souls" is but a limiting phrase, usedPsychology2, 59:which is that fragment of that design which the individual had to supply and in search of which hePsychology2, 65:passes to the heart. There it merges with the individual life principle. Through the splenic centerPsychology2, 67:and is today going forward very rapidly. For the individual aspirant, the work has always beenPsychology2, 86:human life - the selfish and the unselfish, the individual good and the group good, the objectivePsychology2, 88:wielded with the selfish intent of personal and individual salvation. But the travestied truthPsychology2, 98:It is, therefore, a tendency greater than the individual unit. It is only possible to express thisPsychology2, 100:There is, first of all, the instinct towards individual betterment, which leads to selfishness, toPsychology2, 106:an adherence to principles as they appear to the individual, and the accumulated experience of thePsychology2, 107:learnt. That necessarily must be personal and individual. But the work itself is one. The Path isPsychology2, 112:the world of spiritual realities. Just as the individual disciple stabilizes this contact andPsychology2, 113:preliminary implications and are of an individual application. Upon this sentence I ask you toPsychology2, 116:- The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life For the individual disciple, the significance of this Law ofPsychology2, 116:but has a very definite relation to the individual unfoldment (in the physical body) of thePsychology2, 117:thought and indicates the way of group, and of individual service. As the individual aspirants losePsychology2, 117:way of group, and of individual service. As the individual aspirants lose sight of self in service,Psychology2, 119:is regimenting the masses in such a way that the individual serves the group by a forced negationPsychology2, 126:two ways. First, there is their effect upon the individual. This occurs when the soul has beenPsychology2, 130:its responsibilities, and the welding of the individual into an awakened group; it [131] involvesPsychology2, 131:will note that I do not say "will not hurt any individual." Those working under the Law of ServicePsychology2, 131:Law of Service need no reminder not to hurt any individual. They often need, under the exuberancePsychology2, 131:them, knowing that the life flowing through the individual server must find its own [132] channelsPsychology2, 132:he himself is learning to stand. To aiding the individual to express his service in his chosenPsychology2, 134:the true nature of service, as practiced by any individual, begins to emerge. The first effect ofPsychology2, 139:aura of the New Group of World Servers. Each individual in the group is sensitive to the Plan,Psychology2, 139:is highest and best in him can cooperate. Each individual in that Group will work in his ownPsychology2, 145:is the difference between the imposition of an individual's response to an idea upon his fellow menPsychology2, 145:of the idea without the dominance of any one individual. This is the major task today of thePsychology2, 149:the divine life, as it expresses itself in the individual or in humanity as a whole. Let us neverPsychology2, 179:Yet they will be constituted of free souls, individual and developed, who recognize no authorityPsychology2, 179:group as a whole. Just as the achievement of an individual has, down the ages, served to raise thePsychology2, 180:are not formed for the purpose of perfecting the individual member in any group. This is aPsychology2, 180:levels. The spheres of daily service of the individual members of the new groups remain as theirPsychology2, 181:plane; but - to the differing [181] fields of individual effort - there will be added (and this isPsychology2, 181:race esoterically. Within the group life, the individual will not be dealt with as such by thosePsychology2, 183:will be of real value in world salvage. For the individual it should be remembered that purity ofPsychology2, 186:both in and out of incarnation, and to Their individual work with Their disciples. Psychology2, 193:capacity to apply the laws of the soul to the individual life, and the laws of the group to thePsychology2, 197:developments must have taken place in the individual before he can consciously become a functioning
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