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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUAL

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Psychology2, 198:great triangles of energy will be found in the individual and consequently increasingly inPsychology2, 210:earlier, so that they have a background of slow individual development, which is only now beingPsychology2, 215:this time with mankind is not centered upon the individual aspirant in any manner which could bePsychology2, 218:than the minute detail of the human being's individual capacity to grasp his own immediate placePsychology2, 220:hierarchical activity, leaving wide scope for individual effort, but providing the vital activePsychology2, 221:tendency is the basic cause of all initiation - individual, racial, planetary and systemic. It isPsychology2, 221:in the heavens, as well as that which makes an individual man a light-bearer, and which willPsychology2, 222:the basic cause of evolution itself - individual, planetary and systemic. This instinct is thePsychology2, 227:and obeyed) will induce soul control in the individual and in the universe, are the expression ofPsychology2, 228:away from the minute study of the psyche of the individual man (and usually an abnormal individual)Psychology2, 228:of the individual man (and usually an abnormal individual) to a concentrated consideration of thePsychology2, 230:stands the formless One, That which is not an individual, being free from the limitations ofPsychology2, 232:the activity aspect and achievement of man, the individual. This instinct is the governingPsychology2, 240:with mankind falls into two parts: the work with individual human beings, in order to awaken themPsychology2, 245:obliterate them. This happens in the case of individual human beings; it will happen in the case ofPsychology2, 254:history give us an account of the evolution of individual man and of nations and their [255]Psychology2, 270:come to soul consciousness, for the soul of each individual is intensifying its initialPsychology2, 271:good will. This in its turn results in peace - individual, racial and planetary - and the greatPsychology2, 271:to us all to study these three soul approaches - individual or hierarchical - and to ponder uponPsychology2, 272:Atlantean experience - Aryan experience and the individual stages of Experience - Discipleship -Psychology2, 274:life when upon the probationary path. Then the individual aspirant - after much struggle and effortPsychology2, 275:of an activity which is a reflection in his individual personality life of the Approach ofPsychology2, 278:by humanity as time transpires, through their individual re-enactment (on a tiny scale) of thePsychology2, 279:which are the goal of human endeavor are individual in nature, and constitute, as it were, aPsychology2, 283:primarily occupied with the relations of the individual man to the soul and to the Hierarchy. TherePsychology2, 291:to endure, no matter what the difficulties. Individual isolation. The man is always the "One whoPsychology2, 301:anent the time factors which govern every individual, little as he may think it. It will bePsychology2, 309:due recognition. Etheric energy, focused in an individual etheric body, passes through two stagesPsychology2, 311:in the sequence of human unfoldment. The individual aspirant is prone to think only in terms ofPsychology2, 311:to think only in terms of himself, and of his individual tests and trials, He must learn to thinkPsychology2, 311:Many people are occupied today, in their individual lives, with exactly the same process andPsychology2, 316:aware of the soul as the conscious, thinking Individual. The comprehension of each of us willPsychology2, 318:"wish-fulfilments" [318] in the life of the individual, with the fact that they lead to manyPsychology2, 319:races. Such a time is now upon us. As far as the individual is concerned, the psychologist isPsychology2, 324:explanation. [324] The integration of an individual into his environment is proceeding apace, andPsychology2, 324:will be no true wisdom. Knowledge comes, as the individual integrates into his environment. WisdomPsychology2, 330:of evolution, and also between those taken by an individual and those by a group. Then, when thePsychology2, 331:separative thinking and attitudes, it is the individual life of the individual man, separate inPsychology2, 331:and attitudes, it is the individual life of the individual man, separate in time and space from allPsychology2, 332:of transcendent aspiration, wherein desire for individual experience is lost and only the longingPsychology2, 337:and so demonstrating as a great or intrepid individual, demonstrating power and purpose in a worldPsychology2, 346:the will of the personality (the separative individual, governed by the concrete, analytical mind)Psychology2, 351:larger and wider whole gradually supersedes his individual and separative consciousness. He knowsPsychology2, 364:of individuality, though it is that of an individual who can merge at will with the whole. It is anPsychology2, 364:fusion with a greater whole, and not so much individual fusion with the whole. Until this isPsychology2, 367:unfoldments of consciousness in the life of the individual and the group produces a definitePsychology2, 382:all the time, each growing at the same time in individual potency. The personality ray is makingPsychology2, 403:and coordination and the release of the individual to a life of usefulness, fulfilment and service.Psychology2, 403:the confines of this science as are found in the individual man or in the religious field. There isPsychology2, 403:The outstanding weakness or weaknesses in an individual's equipment or presentation of life (andPsychology2, 405:diseases, with consequent crippling of the individual. With this third group I shall deal veryPsychology2, 405:with an effort to bring amelioration to the individual thus afflicted, to supply glandularPsychology2, 406:called desire-impulses or the wish-life of the individual; through the mind comes eventuallyPsychology2, 407:- and body. This produces a sense of destiny, individual and racial; a sense of purpose, and ofPsychology2, 420:case has to be diagnosed and dealt with on its individual merits and preferably by dealing directlyPsychology2, 423:and become power in expression. Recognition of individual goals and group goals, between thePsychology2, 423:these lines but the emphasis is still upon the individual and not upon the group. When this is thePsychology2, 426:own soul before fusion can be made and he, as an individual, can "be made whole". This same truthPsychology2, 427:in evolution by just such crises. So does the individual human unit progress. In the last analysis,Psychology2, 429:recognition of the environing whole in which the individual has to play his part, whilst the entirePsychology2, 441:I would like here to point out that when an individual becomes aware of the higher aspect ofPsychology2, 448:This bridges not only the major cleavage in individual man, but it is that which will bring aboutPsychology2, 451:the same as the situation in the life of an individual mystic. This must be carefully borne inPsychology2, 451:to confine myself to the problems of the individual mystic and leave my readers to draw thePsychology2, 452:the great Reality in the life of the incarnated individual (even if he does not know it). APsychology2, 464:relate itself to that which lies beyond the individual's mental world. It is part of an effort toPsychology2, 477:and not along any line connected with the individual. When a man has wandered into the bypaths ofPsychology2, 516:consciousness. A pronounced introversion of the individual. There is, therefore, a mass effect andPsychology2, 516:There is, therefore, a mass effect and an individual effect and these two must be more carefullyPsychology2, 520:doors into the larger whole of which [520] the individual unit is a part. They put the man intoPsychology2, 524:to stimuli coming from the astral plane, via the individual astral body. A period wherein therePsychology2, 543:of a vision of God which will suffice to meet individual need and thus bring relief, peace,Psychology2, 545:ill-health, and disease are indicative of individual error, of failure and of so-called sin. TheyPsychology2, 548:qualities react or are "turned back" upon the individual life like a boomerang. The diseases ofPsychology2, 550:give some idea of the strain under which the individual man labors, and will account, therefore,Psychology2, 555:inclusiveness which is always found in every individual being. This secondary aspect of thePsychology2, 570:the race and according to the basic trend of his individual aspiration at the moment so will be hisPsychology2, 572:the real from the illusory? This constitutes an individual problem for every mystic and there is noPsychology2, 575:and influences and not so much on a man's individual unfoldment. The beginnings of this can alreadyPsychology2, 583:is the medium divorced (as an astral-mental-soul individual) from his physical body that it becomesPsychology2, 585:and indicated a sequence of unfoldment which is individual, racial and universal. If we extendPsychology2, 593:and radiant brightness", the whole story of the individual stands [594] revealed. The head center,Psychology2, 606:longings and aspiration in the life of the individual and of the race. Mistake Me Not. The visionPsychology2, 615:understood) is relatively new, and because the individual, working at this time in a group, isPsychology2, 616:to physical disease) and the problems of the individual who is sensitive to group pressures andPsychology2, 617:in jealousy, thwarted ambition, or pride of individual intellect. Each member of any group,Psychology2, 619:forward as a whole and is not the act of one individual or a small handful of individuals withinPsychology2, 621:the same difficulties which are brought by the individual to the group. Esoterically, the reasonPsychology2, 621:enough this whole subject of breathing - individual and group breathing - is evoking its ownPsychology2, 623:of the seventh ray. This force, as far as the individual is concerned, will play upon the center atPsychology2, 624:This will indicate to you the potency of the individual and the fact that he can temporarily and atPsychology2, 642:into a whole, as the loyalty and effort of the individual man of good will has hitherto been givenPsychology2, 649:the need, and bending anew every effort - individual, financial and spiritual - to the helping ofPsychology2, 654:are the political rivalries and the selfish, individual, national ambitions. The providing ofPsychology2, 657:consciousness and of the uniquely separative individual has been the right and desired technique inPsychology2, 672:expression of their divinity along the lines of individual heritage, and yet at the same time existPsychology2, 673:unity, and of cooperative interdependence. The individual in every nation and group must be taughtPsychology2, 673:it, whilst giving the widest latitude to individual servers and workers. [674] This program willPsychology2, 675:of objectives which recognizes the value of the individual and at the same time the significance ofPsychology2, 678:ideal of group welfare in contradistinction to individual aims of a selfish and ambitious kind, and
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