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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUALITY

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Invocation:of the universe is Love; the truth that a great Individuality came to earth, called by Christians,Astrology, 7:and consciousness and - without depriving you of individuality and of self-identity - yet show youAstrology, 135:and yet, at the same time, preserves his individuality; he is no longer just a human being,Astrology, 163:eye of Taurus) and to use their power of [163] individuality through a developed personality andAstrology, 196:Leo is the sign wherein the consciousness of individuality is developed, utilized and finallyAstrology, 275:symbolic. It precedes Leo, the sign of individuality and of self-conscious effort, and is concernedAstrology, 288:well known. They sound out the note of individuality and of true self-consciousness. Many peopleAstrology, 348:who has an initiated consciousness preserves the individuality, developed in Leo, as well as theAstrology, 565:energies in one divine Personality (expressing Individuality) on the physical plane. Let me brieflyAstrology, 633:of glory. Form. Appearance. Body. Intelligence. Individuality. Remember, nevertheless, that theseAstrology, 677:and the other half which becomes immortal in its individuality by reason of its fifth principleAstrology, 677:a superior kind, when unlinked from the divine Individuality." (Vol. II, 130) "Castor owes hisAtom, 88:that he is a [88] self-conscious unit, with an individuality all his own. Anyone who has brought upAutobiography, 290:without losing, at the same time, their individuality and integrity. It is for this reason that theBethlehemfirst, a recognition of the reality of the Individuality of Christ and of His Mission; andBethlehem, 17:which it would be of value to all of us to read. Individuality, Initiation, Identification - inBethlehem, 17:Father are one." (St. John, X, 30.) That great Individuality, the Christ, through the process ofBethlehem, 114:we are desiring an increase of our real individuality, though a diminution of our formalBethlehem, 114:exclusiveness... It will be rejoined that true individuality - greatness of range and organizationBethlehem, 138:and the lower self; the personality and the individuality; the soul and the body - how are these toBethlehem, 140:He was a Personality, as well as a divine Individuality. His life with its quality and its purposeBethlehem, 141:resolved, is that of the personal self and the "individuality." The finite and the infinite must beBethlehem, 142:Man, His developed Personality blending with His Individuality. He stood forth as the perfectBethlehem, 183:Leo, is the Lion. This sign is the symbol of individuality, and under its influence the raceDestiny, 77:influenced by this sign of self-interest and of individuality as well as by Pisces. They cannotDestiny, 145:Humanity has reached a stage where the sense of individuality is rapidly emerging. In every fieldDiscipleship1, 711:exclusion of your own and also of the Master's individuality. There are many ways which can then beDiscipleship1, 717:individual. Between the stages of "isolated individuality" and "isolated unity" lies one to whichDiscipleship1, 717:the stage which the Master has reached; isolated individuality is that of the disciple; isolatedDiscipleship1, 718:and unstable - of the will-to-love. Isolated individuality is connected with expression upon theDiscipleship2, 94:of awareness lays emphasis upon the fact of your individuality, the group idea cannot take form asDiscipleship2, 152:by the heart. By this means, the selfish individuality of the average man could be transmuted intoDiscipleship2, 167:of the universe is Love; the truth that a great Individuality came to Earth, called by ChristiansDiscipleship2, 251:made" - the little world of the individual (once individuality is achieved) and the greater worldDiscipleship2, 430:that makes you feel a devoted follower of the individuality of any Master and which leads you toEducation, 124:his losing, at the same time, his sense of individuality. Whether he joins a political party, orExternalisation, 48:humanity came into being, developing the germ of individuality, the seed of self-consciousness andExternalisation, 413:be found in our identification with the whole: individuality, initiation, and identification -Fire, 48:Divine Self Higher Self Lower Self Spirit Individuality Personal Self The Point The Triad TheFire, 63:and then appearing in connection with a human individuality for the good of mankind. Or you mayFire, 69:writings, it is called the self-conscious individuality or the Higher Manas. From this point ofFire, 81:central position in the universe and hence his individuality. The individuality or the Higher ManasFire, 81:in the universe and hence his individuality. The individuality or the Higher Manas being the pivotFire, 283:and each repulsing other cells so as to preserve individuality or identity, yet each held to eachFire, 309:is already understood by it. 20 "Manas is the individuality or the spiritual Ego on the side of theFire, 395:within action, duty within duty, sin within sin, individuality within individuality, ascending andFire, 395:duty, sin within sin, individuality within individuality, ascending and descending from every pointFire, 682:of those groups we call egoic groups, The individuality of those Existences whom we callFire, 1133:only who have achieved self-consciousness, or individuality, and therefore relative permanence inFire, 1211:a triple awareness is possible, - awareness of individuality, awareness of the forces which areGlamour, 148:not bring in the energy of the soul, the true Individuality. This analysis should proveGlamour, 175:concept specifically into occult terminology: Individuality has led to the steady perfecting of theHealing, 478:unfamiliar but sometimes well known and loved. Individuality is not lost; the same person is stillHercules, 43:is," the uprising of the unit against the whole, individuality versus the group, selfishnessHercules, 82:of unfoldment can be traced. The soul achieves individuality in Leo, becomes the nurturer of ideasHercules, 100:clothed itself in a mental sheath. It added to individuality, those combinations of mentalHercules, 102:in contradistinction to the self-assertive individuality of the Leo type. The individual in LeoHercules, 108:Having emerged out of the mass, and developed individuality, he then has to slay that which he hasHercules, The So:that the lion of the developed personality or individuality has its lair, and it is here that theHercules, 188:My self consciousness has dropped away, my individuality is of no importance, my personality isHercules, 222:constellations: Taurus Illumination. Mind. Leo Individuality. Self-consciousness. Scorpio The finalInitiation, viii:itself again in II. The Ego, Higher Self, or Individuality. This aspect is potentially SpiritualInitiation, 180:These factors are founded in the individuality of the Heavenly Man himself, and involve suchIntellect, 157:and will endure even though this illusion of individuality perishes... He will live his life asIntellect, 195:last analysis, and becomes united with the All. Individuality, however, remains in consciousness,Magic, 131:pure or so wise but necessarily colored by the individuality of the thinker. These thought-formsMagic, 311:identification with this greater life is man's individuality and the potency of his rapidlyMagic, 392:Their fusion produces that sense of individuality, which justifies the use of the word 'I', andMagic, 392:of mind is inherent in all forms, the sense of individuality and of self-awareness is alwaysMagic, 440:was definitely self-conscious. He registered his individuality. The figures for the first dateMagic, 531:of conditions are only found where what we call individuality is present, where the "I" complex isMagic, 614:the sense of I-ness and the spirit of separative individuality which has brought humanity to itsMeditation, 32:merges itself with its fellows, yet preserves individuality; and that absorbs all that isPatanjali, 318:It is this which gives them their sense of individuality, of their separate identity; it is thisPatanjali, 369:of the organs through which the sense of individuality is enjoyed. 5. Consciousness is one, yetPatanjali, 385:of the organs through which the sense of individuality is enjoyed. Here we have the key toPatanjali, 386:enable the spiritual man to enjoy the sense of individuality. When this stage is arrived at, therePatanjali, 400:governed him from the earliest [400] dawn of his individuality until the present lifecycle, produceProblems, 165:of the universe is Love; the truth that a great Individuality came to earth, called by Christians,Psychology1, 330:[330] Those awakened to the condition of individuality. These are called "the flickering lights."Psychology1, 341:This will not eventually destroy initiative and individuality. It is only in our initialPsychology1, 363:forgetting that it is only the sense of individuality that permits this attitude, and that no groupPsychology2, 10:fourth kingdom in nature arrive at: Conscious individuality, through experiencing the life of thePsychology2, 10:the life of the senses. The assertion of individuality through the use of the discriminating mind.Psychology2, 10:mind. The ultimate sacrifice of that individuality to the group. Today, the masses are occupiedPsychology2, 15:will indicate the nature of the consummated individuality and the success of this part of thePsychology2, 31:perfected spiritual life. It is a state of non-individuality, yet with the subconscious knowledgePsychology2, 34:from the world of phenomenal life and of individuality is inevitably forced upon us. We arePsychology2, 119:ideas, his own personal well being and his own individuality are subordinated to the whole, and hePsychology2, 230:divine life is to speak in terms of Person, of Individuality. Hence we speak of God as a Person, ofPsychology2, 231:should we say, unenlightenment? Thus the idea of individuality, of personality, and of form isPsychology2, 231:There is but life, formless, freed from the individuality, unknown. In the teaching of the West,Psychology2, 272:the focus of consciousness is Form. In the individuality, that focus is transferred to the Soul. ItPsychology2, 307:Bodies At the stage of discipleship, when the individuality and the personality are beginning toPsychology2, 364:with that there is still an awareness of individuality, though it is that of an individual who canPsychology2, 433:dramatic episodes which feed the innate sense of individuality of the reincarnating man, andPsychology2, 601:of God, adoration of some deified and loved Individuality, such as the Christ, the Buddha, or ShriRays, 206:we know, and all is focused in and through the Individuality of Sanat Kumara, implemented andRays, 526:Vyasa - the original Vyasa, Who was the Great Individuality evoked by the invocation of the earlyReappearance, 34:of the universe is love; the truth that a great Individuality came to earth, called by Christians
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