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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUALIZATION

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Psychology2, 27:with the Self. These three words - individualization, initiation and identification, - cover thePsychology2, 29:As we close our discussion of the three steps of Individualization, Initiation and Identification,Psychology2, 32:with which we have been concerned - Individualization, Initiation and Identification - have led thePsychology2, 35:the reaction of the life to the great stages of Individualization, Initiation, and Identification.Psychology2, 36:The Egoic Ray - The Growth of Soul Influence a. Individualization and the Seven Ray Types We willPsychology2, 36:of these seven ray types to the process of Individualization (which is the process ofPsychology2, 52:with the whole, with the first stage (called individualization) in Lemuria, the third stage in ourPsychology2, 208:and the form nature meet and blend is termed individualization. Individualization is the emergencePsychology2, 208:meet and blend is termed individualization. Individualization is the emergence of the soul upon thePsychology2, 209:planet in this world cycle. In connection with individualization the following points should bePsychology2, 209:the following points should be remembered: Individualization upon the moon chain took place in thePsychology2, 209:fifth race of the third round. In Lemurian days, individualization took place because it was thePsychology2, 209:find the "lights which ever shine." This is the individualization of the sixth race types who camePsychology2, 211:the moon chain or during the Lemurian stage of individualization and that these three determinePsychology2, 212:Deity, though it will not be opened for ordinary individualization. These rare and unexpected typesPsychology2, 212:It should here be pointed out that individualization is a crisis and not an unfoldment. This is ofPsychology2, 212:Life of that kingdom in nature), which produced individualization in the more advanced animal-manPsychology2, 215:germ of self-consciousness (such as it was at individualization) and be brought up to that ofPsychology2, 268:at the stage of human evolution which we call individualization. At that time, the form becomesPsychology2, 270:initial appropriation at the Lemurian crisis of individualization, and the ancient enterprise isPsychology2, 274:by the soul of its instrument (called individualization) is duplicated by the appropriation by thePsychology2, 275:happenings, for much time has transpired since individualization, technically understood, has takenPsychology2, 275:technically understood, has taken place. That individualization, the first great soul approach tookPsychology2, 299:of a man's expression at the time of his [299] individualization. This is of course a very ancientPsychology2, 306:summarizing, it might be said: At the stage of individualization The centers throughout the bodyPsychology2, 307:expressed in terms of the rays: At the stage of Individualization, the rays governing the physicalPsychology2, 3o8:of the monad, begins to control. At the stage of individualization, a man comes into being; hePsychology2, 310:produces in time the experience which we call individualization, wherein the seed of personality isRays, 58:is the higher correspondence of the stage of individualization, progressive absorption into everRays, 117:I give only three symbols, which are: The womb...individualization...separation. Leading toRays, 259:stage and during the elapsing aeons since individualization, he has thought only and naturally inRays, 268:had run a long course) brought about the act of individualization and thus brought the humanRays, 268:of Activity are responsible for: The Act of Individualization. The work of the particular BuddhaRays, 291:the Way. In other words, you have the states of Individualization, of Initiation, and ofRays, 372:and from differentiation to unity again. Individualization, Initiation and Identification are theRays, 526:His work brought about the process known as individualization. Down through the ages, these Sons ofTelepathy, 56:it might be said that: Through the door of individualization the subhuman kingdoms pass to humanTelepathy, 73:When animal-man passed through the door of individualization and became a human being he came
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