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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUALLY

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Astrology, 135:he is no longer just a human being, individually [136] self-centered and separative, but becomesAstrology, 444:difficult and cruel situation and leading him individually to sink deep into glamor. TheAstrology, 469:influence, but only in mass formation and not individually. Only theoretically can a disciple takeAstrology, 533:the material nature in response to human need, individually and by the nations not engrossed withAstrology, 585:their interpretation of love. Such people are individually of small moment and of no importance butAutobiography, 270:life of the initiate has still to be ascertained individually, and through contacts in the world ofBethlehem, 274:the kingdom [274] must show. The human family is individually self-conscious and this stage of theDestiny, 64:country to another, taking place today not only individually but also in group formation. ThisDestiny, 106:the material nature in response to human need, individually and by the nations not engrossed withDiscipleship1, 11:truth. Only those truths which are wrought out individually in the crucible of experience reallyDiscipleship1, 13:and daily meditation. These meditations are each individually suited to the disciple concerned andDiscipleship1, 68:which is set in motion by minds-working either individually or in group formation. In trueDiscipleship1, 267:over the entire series of teachings, given individually or to the group as a whole. In this way,Discipleship1, 273:out in practice. That working out lies with you individually; when you have worked out that whichDiscipleship1, 293:time to study with care the instructions given individually to them. I am not interested in muchDiscipleship1, 639:personalities, but take your stand upon your own individually acquired wisdom; preserve the groupDiscipleship1, 648:both the group work and that which I sanctioned individually. Experiment with that which has beenDiscipleship1, 751:with specific duties and tasks for which he is individually responsible to the initiate-chela inDiscipleship2, XIII:and your humility great. I am here speaking individually to you, for you are as yet (the majorityDiscipleship2, XIII:to you, for you are as yet (the majority of you) individually polarized and the group polarizationDiscipleship2, 9:personal instructions. As I am to instruct you individually only once a year, I shall handle youDiscipleship2, 76:for this incarnation. You can still reach me individually, if you fulfil the requirements and seekDiscipleship2, 77:of opportunity and of the work which you are individually asked to do, a great deal of help inDiscipleship2, 138:a position (theoretically at least and dependent individually upon the successful action of allDiscipleship2, 153:consciousness. What impact, my brother, are you individually aware of? Upon this reflection mustDiscipleship2, 183:in a very much wider and larger sense than when individually [184] used. All these results -Discipleship2, 225:world religions) unless all the monies which you individually have to handle are dedicated to rightDiscipleship2, 244:this first initiation, there has always to be - individually and now collectively for the firstDiscipleship2, 263:would ask you to bear in mind that you are [263] individually quite unable to grasp the extent ofDiscipleship2, 301:limitations which encompass each of you individually, I am also aware that you have placedDiscipleship2, 337:The higher initiations will still be taken individually or in groups of three, but not more. WhenDiscipleship2, 379:of astral substance for which he is not individually responsible but which is nevertheless relatedDiscipleship2, 399:planetary correspondence of that which he has individually overcome." These words should beDiscipleship2, 483:of your life. Learn, please, my brother, to be individually outgoing towards the people you meetDiscipleship2, 506:already working in South America; it is through individually refound, reawakened and reinspiredEducation, 105:in racial explosions or, again speaking individually, in a rabidly self-centered attitude to life.Education, 111:is subjected (either your own or that of others, individually or en masse), so that you do not seeExternalisation, 30:because the soul is group conscious and not individually conscious; the newer truths of theExternalisation, 100:vision has to be sensed, sought and discovered individually by each group member, and it is thisExternalisation, 152:greatly increasing that which they may have individually to bear. The capacity to shoulder andExternalisation, 169:human body and the phrase which awakens it (both individually and in the group) is this fourthExternalisation, 329:in this group as I have asked you to follow individually. Subordinate your own wishes and ideas toExternalisation, 345:their interpretation of Love. Such people are individually of small moment and of no importance,Externalisation, 358:attitudes and undertakings must be assumed individually by every person, and by nations asExternalisation, 442:not already know. Do I need to ask you to work individually and in the place where you are forExternalisation, 527:but one which is of no importance to you individually; it serves, however, to present proof of theExternalisation, 618:to achieve freedom by fighting for freedom, individually, nationally and internationally. When trueFire, 77:attains to a kind of nominal Buddhahood individually." - Theosophical Glossary. 31 "From the viewFire, 198:85 both in their totality and likewise individually. This topic is of the most imperativeFire, 320:becoming known to those advanced beings who are individually able to cognize their place in theFire, 453:and enabling them to reveal what they have individually long realized. Etheric vision isFire, 503:of the evolutionary plan as it affects him individually and his groups. [504] Fire, 507:and the physical permanent atom; they correspond individually to the seventh principle of each ofFire, 645:animal and human) either collectively or individually. Man is coming into contact with them alongFire, 943:these two the work proceeds as far as the Ego is individually concerned, and they set in motion forFire, 979:world he gathers together the substance which he individually seeks to use. Next he copies the workFire, 1158:they are fourth dimensional and are not only individually alive but are all linked up with theGlamour, 165:attitudes and undertakings must be assumed individually by every person, and by nations asGlamour, 211:the unquestioning following of instructions, individually and as a group. It is my intention toGlamour, 239:of the soul is shut off. The sounding of the OM individually and aloud by each member. Brief FormHealing, 19:not here be considered. For these no child is individually responsible. I am concerned with theHealing, 28:from the accumulation of the past, both individually and as a group, and in so doing to clear hisHealing, 263:some level at some time, by human beings, both individually and en masse. Karma is therefore thatHercules, 88:and the collective imagination. It stands, individually, for the totality of the life and theHercules, 106:symbolizes God in nature, whether cosmically or individually. Hydra the serpent, represents theHercules, 150:test. This primarily is humanity's problem, but individually we are so profoundly concerned withHercules, 179:two thousand years, really beginning to try, individually and in group formation? This is the workHercules, 194:happening that is going to take place individually when the World Savior will again emerge andInitiation, 67:beginners, so the Masters themselves work not individually with men until they have attained aInitiation, 69:usually imparted at night in small classes, or individually (should the occasion warrant it) in theMagic, 144:not here with light as the soul, cosmically or individually. I touch not upon light as theMagic, 239:yet which remains profoundly difficult to apply individually. The fears to which aspirants areMagic, 604:guided in their knowledge as to where they stand individually and may, in sincerity and truth,Patanjali, 158:incarnation. "The Word is made flesh" both individually and in a cosmic sense. 2. The unspecificProblems, 80:values. They are the hope of the future but are individually imprisoned in the system which,Problems, 170:problem today; other factors - though important, individually or nationally - are from the true andPsychology1, 169:which has through the ages also evolved individually, unites with it, and the immortal individualPsychology1, 264:planetary sense, - a resurrection enacted also individually by each achieving son of God. This isPsychology1, 356:are the power to organize, and to work individually with definite purpose. This is demonstratedPsychology2, 93:by the souls of men as each of them enters individually into conscious relation with his own soulPsychology2, 149:upon the measure of soul force of which we may individually be aware, and the extent of our soulPsychology2, 272:- Racial discipleship - Racial initiation and individually The probationer - The Disciple - ThePsychology2, 319:would be waged in its full strength, both individually and within all nations and races. Such aPsychology2, 364:unity the soul in all forms. This is achieved individually at first, then it takes place in groupPsychology2, 366:revelation comes to the race in three stages: Individually, when the disciple "relinquishes thePsychology2, 379:but which men of all time and all races have individually demonstrated. The Aryan state ofPsychology2, 578:the disciples everywhere, in group formation or individually, to succumb in some form to glamor,Psychology2, 617:is powerfully focused and strongly, though not individually directed; it issues continuously and asPsychology2, 667:unorganized and unlabelled, free to work as they individually see fit. It is the organization ofRays, 70:are members of the Council at Shamballa and are individually Registrants of the Purpose. The annualRays, 275:triangles unless it is deemed wise and they are individually advanced enough to react correctly,Rays, 298:attempts to do two things: to realize it individually, and to bring the nature of planetary unityRays, 584:and always has been - mass initiation, even when individually registered and recorded. Thousands ofRays, 585:the present world period, these initiations are individually administered and registered, and areRays, 685:can unfold and all men be free because of an individually attained freedom." Reappearance, 164:and to achieve freedom by fighting for freedom - individually, nationally and internationally. WhenTelepathy, 35:these done also in group formation as well as individually. All the activities mentioned above mustTelepathy, 97:embodies three types of energy for which you are individually responsible. These three types are
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