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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUALS

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Astrology, 7:forces; I will seek to remove you, as individuals, from out of the center of your own stage andAstrology, 65:astrological conclusions. Disciples and advanced individuals, conforming to the conclusions ofAstrology, 219:group which is integrally a collection of individuals who are imbued with the group idea and areAstrology, 311:mass conscious stage and becoming self-conscious individuals. [312] This accounts for much of theAstrology, 327:the reincarnating groups, as groups and not individuals, through their ray qualities, and it wasAstrology, 327:the astrological signs and by the rays just as individuals are, and these rays affect them, via theAstrology, 377:It produces in [377] certain nations, races and individuals, a welling up of the self-will or ofAstrology, 377:of the glamored peoples, to the stiffening of individuals in their separate, wrong idealisms and toAstrology, 377:force, secondly, brings to other peoples and individuals a measure of illumination - anAstrology, 458:with countries and cities just as they do with individuals: Rays City Soul Personality Sign 1.Astrology, 462:crises of initiation and this is true of men as individuals, of nations and of humanity as a whole.Astrology, 471:respond to the Leo force and are consequently individuals in their own consciousness but areAstrology, 471:initiation emerges out of the group of world individuals. The awareness, universal in nature, ofAstrology, 526:of shifting rays and that they change both for individuals and nations, for hemispheres andAstrology, 636:and mysterious influence on, and connection with individuals. And if with the tatter, why not withAtom, 137:which we use every day, put us in contact with individuals, but when we have developed the powersAtom, 138:rapport with that individual, or with a group of individuals. Psychometry is the law of Autobiography, 26:those Victorian days to do anything which we, as individuals, might want to do. It was a life ofAutobiography, 74:that understanding and love will work with individuals when condemnation and accusations will fail.Autobiography, 173:they could to show a friendly spirit to us as individuals. Some of them, towards the dose of theAutobiography, 302:occupying herself with running around to individuals, telling them what they ought to do or whatBethlehem, 11:of the universal myth, may have for us, as individuals, more than an historical and personalBethlehem, 21:dramatic stories and procedures in which we, as individuals, play no conscious part. Christ enactedBethlehem, 30:(as they have ever [30] opened in the past to individuals), and humanity will enter into a newBethlehem, 35:service of the kingdom of God. Down the ages, individuals throughout the world have passed throughBethlehem, 41:can help are to be found, and until we have, as individuals, penetrated into that state, it is notBethlehem, 46:which precedes the path of initiation. Individuals have ever emerged out of the rank and file andBethlehem, 47:Such is the situation now. The voices of these individuals who have entered into the kingdom callBethlehem, 89:can be seen working in many fields where individuals are concerned, but the impulse is still weakBethlehem, 118:expressed in every part of our human nature as individuals and - at some distant date - in humanityBethlehem, 140:humanity as a whole, and through specific individuals, as the ages slipped away. Then Christ came,Bethlehem, 183:at self-consciousness and men can function as individuals. Christ, in His teaching, emphasized theBethlehem, 188:spiritual humanity of today. "Nations, like individuals," we are told, "are made, not only by whatBethlehem, 190:depicted a Savior Who gave His life for us as individuals, believing that had He never died weBethlehem, 247:seriously to give an answer, would feel that as individuals we warrant arrangements being made forBethlehem, 257:than from that of their significance to us as individuals. We have seen that there has been aDestiny, 26:them as existing. There is little that you, as individuals or as groups, can do about them beyondDestiny, 29:groups that are primarily affected and not just individuals. A rhythm and a momentum is then set upDestiny, 32:vertical activity of the mind which has affected individuals everywhere down the ages has alwaysDestiny, 52:ray. It should be remembered that as with individuals, so with nations - the reaction to anDestiny, 80:beyond pointing out that both for nations and individuals the first great crisis in Scorpio uponDestiny, 83:know, a thing to be overcome in all nations and individuals. Governing Great Britain, therefore,Destiny, 101:of shifting rays and that they change both for individuals and nations, for hemispheres andDestiny, 111:some particular teacher who attracted to himself individuals throughout the world who wereDiscipleship1, X:of a growing responsiveness to contacts and to individuals of which the average human being knowsDiscipleship1, 8:this statement as basic and essential. The individuals are intended to supplement each other andDiscipleship1, 12:in a group of disciples - all of them individuals but all sincerely anxious to cooperate and aid inDiscipleship1, 13:kingdom of the soul and strengthening all the individuals involved. Group activity... resulting inDiscipleship1, 21:of communication are between the various individuals in the group and the Master, and between theDiscipleship1, 36:at the facilitation of communication between individuals so that the rules and methods wherebyDiscipleship1, 37:about the right healing of the personalities of individuals in all aspects of their nature. TheDiscipleship1, 37:the students as they work; they must not work as individuals but as units in a coherent whole. ThisDiscipleship1, 37:healers must learn to work as souls and not as individuals. They must learn to communicate healingDiscipleship1, 44:salvation and the emergence of outstanding individuals with spiritual sense, vision and achievementDiscipleship1, 44:steadily on to the mental plane. Some of the individuals on this way of the mind wereDiscipleship1, 44:of science. There were also those outstanding individuals, such as the Christ and the Buddha, whoDiscipleship1, 52:The groups have not been formed to train individuals. They have been formed (each of them) as seedDiscipleship1, 53:of service in which you - as a group and not as individuals - can function. This manipulation ofDiscipleship1, 53:on earth - composed of the isolated, responding individuals - so that more light and more knowledgeDiscipleship1, 64:find and direct the mind and activities of those individuals whose task is not only to beDiscipleship1, 64:are selfish ones. This is true both of individuals and groups. Forget not that these Lords of FormDiscipleship1, 71:is substance; their effort is to create - as individuals and also as a group of disciples - a greatDiscipleship1, 75:on yours. What is my attitude towards you? As individuals, you may be of small importance; as unitsDiscipleship1, 75:the personality. This you have seen happen. As individuals I seek to help you but only with a viewDiscipleship1, 75:group of disciples will lie in the fact that the individuals who compose it are not only egoicallyDiscipleship1, 77:individual aspirant. See to it, however, [77] as individuals, that your group is not held backDiscipleship1, 149:those surroundings, both from the mass and from individuals, and you know not yet how to give inDiscipleship1, 164:to be accomplished in connection with these individuals. One other point remains for me to touchDiscipleship1, 214:You have wide knowledge as to the psychology of individuals. Study now world psychology and massDiscipleship1, 240:astral form. Your Tibetan brother and other individuals do not count. If they count with you, thenDiscipleship1, 266:sincerity as a group and your willingness as individuals to conform to the requirements. ThisDiscipleship1, 270:I now cease my instructions) you have, both as individuals and as a group in my Ashram, sufficientDiscipleship1, 271:fear of definite action, of clear speech where individuals are concerned, where the need is for aDiscipleship1, 296:early stages by an increasing understanding of individuals and a growing awareness of groupDiscipleship1, 300:keynotes of your [300] life - as a group and as individuals - for they carry the healing vibrationDiscipleship1, 325:the advanced men and women of the world, the individuals who stand at the portal of discipleship -Discipleship1, 343:This will not be easy for you. Groups, just like individuals, have their three functioning aspects.Discipleship1, 452:to situations and conditions which exist between individuals, families and groups or to the largerDiscipleship1, 465:by you. My brother, you have the power to help individuals, and you have an unusual capacity to fanDiscipleship1, 468:pointed out to you, the task of "lifting" individuals and clearing away the problems which confrontDiscipleship1, 473:make one suggestion: Work more carefully with individuals, with people you meet, with your friendsDiscipleship1, 485:and a fresh way - to endeavor to bring light to individuals with a pure, disinterestedDiscipleship1, 485:dislikes entirely eliminated. Let this work with individuals and this part of your service toDiscipleship1, 488:at a suitable time, to contact them - as individuals and collectively - and draw on their strengthDiscipleship1, 490:engrossed with some individual or group of individuals. This dynamic and intense preoccupation canDiscipleship1, 491:the physical plane. I would remind you that as individuals or as active personalities (which is it,Discipleship1, 567:and do not occupy myself with any of you, as individuals. I am not seeking to get in touch withDiscipleship1, 601:you in your group work. All the work I assign to individuals in the group has but one aim in view -Discipleship1, 601:the group moves forward as a group; though the individuals may have grown, the group has not movedDiscipleship1, 610:not with the work. They are occupied in aiding individuals and, through individuals, the world.Discipleship1, 610:are occupied in aiding individuals and, through individuals, the world. They do not occupyDiscipleship1, 623:your activities and work increasingly with individuals. Thus does the first ray type achieveDiscipleship1, 644:will follow the practice and active work with individuals. You will learn much more throughDiscipleship1, 692:will, therefore, surely come when you will, as individuals and as part of a Master's group,Discipleship1, 702:his Ashram. An Ashram is a subjective fusion of individuals and not of personalities, gatheredDiscipleship1, 703:their facility to contact the Master - both as individuals or in group formation. One of the thingsDiscipleship1, 705:As a group they are pledged to world work; as individuals, they are learning so to work. Would-beDiscipleship1, 705:revealer. The power to withdraw completely, as individuals and as a group, from the world ofDiscipleship1, 707:is no weakness and no strength in themselves, as individuals, which may not be submitted to theDiscipleship1, 722:in man's nature, all separating walls between individuals, between groups and between nations. Are
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