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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUALS

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Discipleship1, 722:groups and between nations. Are you prepared as individuals, as disciples and aspirants to submitDiscipleship1, 742:of the consciousness of ordinary and mediocre individuals will be on to levels of consciousDiscipleship1, 749:This in no way negates his ability to work with individuals or to give understanding love andDiscipleship1, 788:organization, nor do they indicate [788] certain individuals as being of supreme importance andDiscipleship2values are more subtle and slow to emerge. Individuals benefited greatly. As a group achievement itDiscipleship2, XII:instructions. Indeed sometimes when certain individuals did not like what the Tibetan said to themDiscipleship2, XIII:you in the instructions as a group more than as individuals, and I will therefore ask you to readDiscipleship2, 5:work per se; none of them concerned you, as individuals. I could continue with the groups as theyDiscipleship2, 19:until there is established by the disciples - as individuals - a proper relation to each other,Discipleship2, 20:on loving understanding in which they - again as individuals - ask nothing for the separated selfDiscipleship2, 31:of thinkers and minds. These work both as individuals and as members of a group. There is alsoDiscipleship2, 31:What is the task which confronts you, both as individuals and as a group? It is a fivefold task: ToDiscipleship2, 35:all, the various lines of force which relate the individuals in the group to him, to the innerDiscipleship2, 36:as a group. That is serious, my brothers. As individuals, many of you are serving in some way orDiscipleship2, 44:is for you to decide what part you will play, as individuals and as a group, in the coming cycle -Discipleship2, 45:group, under inspiration from me, when you - as individuals - reach me, and under the inspirationDiscipleship2, 51:more phenomenal results and with what they, as individuals, sensed, and have neglected to pay dueDiscipleship2, 56:upon the Path of Approach is possible for individuals, for groups, and for humanity as a whole, asDiscipleship2, 110:of opportunity, and I would have you - again as individuals and as a group - measure up to thisDiscipleship2, 113:center never demonstrates in connection with individuals. This is a basic fact. What devastatesDiscipleship2, 114:[114] and consecrated) to identify itself with individuals. The heart center cannot react, exceptDiscipleship2, 125:- Teachings on Meditation - Part III Part III As individuals, many of you have used regularly, (andDiscipleship2, 157:I shall be able to judge your readiness, as individuals, for certain specific preparatory work forDiscipleship2, 209:the individual human being because of such individuals the Council Members have no knowledge, forDiscipleship2, 250:to the feeling and sensitive reactions of the individuals in the group, and these, together,Discipleship2, 316:responsibility, and oftentimes danger. Men, as individuals, can grasp certain of these truths ofDiscipleship2, 383:question is: Is the group - composed as it is of individuals - taking the same initiation? Are allDiscipleship2, 383:no means. A group should be (and is) composed of individuals at varying points of development; someDiscipleship2, 407:of this kingdom among men; there have ever been individuals in all parts of the world - in theDiscipleship2, 469:center never demonstrates in connection with individuals. This is a basic fact. What devastatesDiscipleship2, 469:and consecrated) to identify itself with individuals. The heart center cannot react, except underDiscipleship2, 578:purpose, nor is it generated in any way by the individuals affected by it, be it an individualDiscipleship2, 660:one each month for a year. Group love, embracing individuals. Humility, signifying your personalityDiscipleship2, 673:a large and general scale. You can transmute for individuals you love or for whom you feel a senseDiscipleship2, 684:you need to grasp with greater clarity, both as individuals and as a group, is the present need ofDiscipleship2, 692:prejudices and [692] from criticism of certain individuals. This service you can do in the quiet ofEducation, xi:providing universal principles for enlightened individuals seeking the benefits of the good life.Education, 29:men are ready for this building. Down the ages individuals have built their individual bridgesEducation, 40:unconsciously. Their attitude to each other, as individuals or nations, was primarily sensitive andEducation, 79:down the centuries, of certain carefully chosen individuals and a complete neglect of the masses.Education, 84:Rule will come about and right relations between individuals, groups, parties, nations andEducation, 103:in their earliest years that they are not only individuals, not only members of a state, empire orEducation, 112:sensed benefits to be gained. This is true of individuals, of nations and of races. Sensitivity toEducation, 118:type and ray - to be desirable. These individuals in the fields of government, religion, science,Education, 120:must gladly sacrifice the individual or group of individuals. Such idealists are apt to forget thatEducation, 121:the attitude of nations and of races as well as individuals. Aggression in order to possess hasEducation, 125:of practical education we shall find nations and individuals developing the ideas which seem toEducation, 125:and usefulness of the point of view of other individuals and nations. When, for instance, the ideasEducation, 143:by which the individual relates himself to other individuals or to groups. For the sake of clarity,Education, 148:through the medium of the Hierarchy composed of individuals. This is basically the Science of theExternalisation, 48:and no indication of the higher centers. These individuals, along with the more advanced humanityExternalisation, 62:first to go. I told you before that accidents to individuals are the [63] result, usually, of anExternalisation, 63:world - hatred of people and of races, hatred of individuals and of those in power, or ofExternalisation, 64:This they can do if they divorce themselves, as individuals, from all separative ideas and learn toExternalisation, 76:as existing, but there is little that you, as individuals or as groups, can do about them beyondExternalisation, 86:the growth of what is called spirituality in individuals and in nations, and this science willExternalisation, 86:bodies of the planet, of nations and of individuals, so will be their reaction to the five kinds ofExternalisation, 86:impact of Shamballa energy upon the first ray individuals and nations can be potent in the extreme.Externalisation, 96:which correspond to the illumined minds of the individuals - intuitional and acting as a cohesiveExternalisation, 101:as you have, in the past, attached yourself to individuals; the vision is a vision of group work,Externalisation, 155:or a personality scale (for nations as well as individuals have personalities). Ponder on this andExternalisation, 219:cooperation on a world scale. This is true of individuals, of nations and of races; as you, anExternalisation, 224:It is the test of group work. The faith of many individuals is real and deep, but they stand alone;Externalisation, 226:you preserve ever a spirit of love for all individuals who have been swept into the vortex of theirExternalisation, 244:The vision will appear as fact on Earth when individuals willingly submerge their personalExternalisation, 287:and focused through three great spiritual Individuals, Who evoke recognition both in the East andExternalisation, 317:of crisis and - in the case of many of you as individuals - at the time of your deepest personalExternalisation, 325:- Forces behind the Evolutionary Process You, as individuals, in this group (or in your relationsExternalisation, 330:the many proposals that have been formulated by individuals, groups of world thinkers andExternalisation, 354:of the Masters rest upon you as a group and as individuals, and may the Holy Ones Whose pupils youExternalisation, 380:average citizen is that the mass is made up of individuals; that each of us, as an individual, is aExternalisation, 416:center, Shamballa, through its most advanced individuals, just as humanity is related to theExternalisation, 429:from the point of view of how it affects them as individuals and their nation as a whole. AnExternalisation, 467:the Forces of Enlightenment I call all today. As individuals, you must work for an open andExternalisation, 467:mind, free from prejudice or national bias; as individuals, you need to think in broader terms andExternalisation, 468:I plead is that this great group of spiritual Individuals, Who receive so general a recognitionExternalisation, 469:acclaim Him as Savior; this they must do both as individuals and as representing the organizedExternalisation, 475:and that to which certain nations and certain individuals had responded appeared, and thus WorldExternalisation, 477:States. He has been hindered also by those individuals who [478] seek to exploit the plight ofExternalisation, 509:automatic. They will also teach human beings as individuals and as a race to expand theirExternalisation, 547:New Age. The effects of the experiment upon the individuals involved have not proved encouraging;Externalisation, 631:cleansing of the subconscious to which individuals submit themselves, and it presages theExternalisation, 647:the instigator of constructive changes between individuals, communities and nations. About it IExternalisation, 672:method of the Hierarchy is to work through [672] individuals and through groups for the productionFire, 122:he destroys, and builds up again. These three Individuals preside over the three Departments intoFire, 207:of all the planets. Just as the karma of individuals differs, so differs the karma of the variousFire, 813:involved, and to the interaction between individuals and other individuals, between groups andFire, 813:to the interaction between individuals and other individuals, between groups and other groups.Fire, 867:can be seen working out in groups as well as in individuals. But, inversely, if the lunar Lords ofFire, 910:race. They reincarnate in groups, and not as individuals, though each group is composed of units,Fire, 913:the path of service lies in the guarding of the individuals of the human family, in the care andFire, 950:work of the Hierarchy in training and teaching individuals, who thus break away from blind groupFire, 1079:lasted for a couple of hundred years, and though individuals here and there have since achieved theFire, 1085:Logos is as mysterious relatively as the effect individuals have upon each other in the humanFire, 1141:groups (involutionary and evolutionary) and individuals (human and superhuman) which enables theFire, 1177:the Masters Who do not concern Themselves with individuals and their development are not. It is notGlamour, 5:And is it not something that each of you, as individuals, needs in a peculiar sense? Where it isGlamour, 18:that you are to work as a group and not as individuals. Three great events are immanent in theGlamour, 27:necessary, for the mass is made up of the individuals, and in the steady release from the controlGlamour, 35:state what form it takes? That you may indeed as individuals and also as a group learn the meaning
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