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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUALS

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Glamour, 68:but your major problem - as a group and as individuals - is one of glamor. Your field of livingGlamour, 68:be able to do, if you submit to training and, as individuals, understand and master your personalGlamour, 99:and the glamor which [99] surrounds them, as individuals, and then see it disappear? Be notGlamour, 104:susceptible of correction except in the case of individuals. This means that when individuals reachGlamour, 104:in the case of individuals. This means that when individuals reach the point in evolution whereHealing, 6:I am not interested primarily in training individuals in order to make them more efficient healers.Healing, 25:these en masse. The approach has to be through individuals, and men must clear their astral orHealing, 25:conditions which predispose them to disease, as individuals. At present, the race is astrallyHealing, 101:mind that they will work as a group and not as individuals. The free circulation of force producesHealing, 125:human relations. The problem of workers with individuals and with groups is basically connectedHealing, 237:taste, right feeling and helpful intention by individuals and groups to other individuals andHealing, 237:intention by individuals and groups to other individuals and groups, and in this way crime and theHealing, 262:been happening, therefore, in the lives of individuals, in the lives of nations and in the life ofHealing, 301:constantly summoned, both in group form and as individuals, lead - until understood and used as aHealing, 317:no fluidity and capability of adjustment. Such individuals may suffer, for instance, from what isHealing, 334:temperaments and equipment and at various ages. Individuals are every one of them unlike on someHealing, 334:require to find out what it is that they, as individuals, need, in what manner their bodilyHealing, 356:brevity. When we come to work as a group with individuals whom we shall seek to aid, we shall thenHealing, 357:with the sacred science of healing? Because as individuals and as a group they are predominantlyHealing, 488:and who are called [488] "kama-manasic" individuals. As practiced by advanced people and disciplesHercules, 7:horoscope and the intense interest evinced by individuals in their own petty affairs may be naturalHercules, 9:has always [9] been expressed by the advanced individuals down the ages, but never before has theHercules, 102:to tread the round of the zodiac as conscious individuals with a spiritual goal. Through our ownHercules, 174:same love to everybody that we have given to the individuals close to us. Impersonality is notInitiation, 24:the goal by the very selfsame steps that individuals tread today. These spiritual personalities,Initiation, 40:of karma, or human destiny, as it affects individuals, and through the individuals, the groups. TheInitiation, 40:as it affects individuals, and through the individuals, the groups. The care and tabulation of theInitiation, 56:He works specially with masses more than with individuals, though he has gathered around him quiteInitiation, 75:the group, with a proportionate attention to the individuals and their evolutionary development,Initiation, 75:and because for many lives he has worked with individuals and with groups, gradually expanding theInitiation, 79:can be seen working out in groups as well as in individuals. But, inversely, if the lunar Lords, orIntellect, 23:to those who could profit by it, and rare individuals were produced, who, to this day, set theirIntellect, 30:the race is bound up with the success of those individuals who have the capacity to achieveIntellect, 42:of its particular technique, all the Great Individuals, who have sounded the note for theirIntellect, 42:In the training of the highly developed individuals, however, the masses throughout Asia have beenIntellect, 43:great Groups in contradistinction to the great Individuals. [44] The contrasts might be crudelyIntellect, 44:crudely summed up as follows: West East Groups Individuals Books Bibles Knowledge Wisdom ObjectiveIntellect, 149:Quest, mentions a large number of those great individuals for whom it is claimed that they wereIntellect, 170:disappear from my memory..." "I know a few individuals who are familiar with this phenomenon fromIntellect, 210:into the same [210] Light to which the great Individuals of the race have borne witness. TheMagic, 55:always be borne in mind that, when dealing with individuals, the work required is twofold: To teachMagic, 101:the three subhuman kingdoms. How can we, as individuals, change this? By the development inMagic, 110:however, and during the process of evolution, individuals are distinguished by a predominatingMagic, 129:in the world of men. In the resulting confusion, individuals are appreciating the necessity for theMagic, 139:the things that the Great Ones look for in those individuals whose privilege it may be toMagic, 283:quality of the cells of that body, of the individuals who compose it? What should be the quality ofMagic, 306:We might therefore study depression in individuals and look at its causes. It is caused by: [307]Magic, 307:either affecting the planetary chart and hence individuals, or primarily racial. These two factorsMagic, 357:and hence as lacking eternal persistence as individuals. This is only a glamor of the mind, is partMagic, 397:personality expression and are making themselves individuals in full conscious awareness. This is,Magic, 410:vital, with all forms of life. The names of the individuals in any group are legion and ofMagic, 453:aspirant, leaving other interpretations to those individuals who have the internal equipment whichMagic, 466:one by one - the status of truly self-conscious individuals, and begin to work as souls. Then theyMagic, 620:reveal to him the fact that at that time great individuals were the prominent factors, and thatMeditation, 17:tones of the solar system, the note and tone of individuals, and the endeavor to harmonize theMeditation, 26:the Logos achieve polarization. Here and there individuals are, as units, accomplishing the workMeditation, 34:to the attainment of the fourth Initiation by individuals from time to time. These egos atMeditation, 42:definite forms built up and assigned, both to individuals and to groups, resulting in an increaseMeditation, 67:will be recorded and noted. The elimination of individuals from different groups and theirMeditation, 67:of the work done by them. Later, as individuals develop the higher consciousness, wardens of groupsMeditation, 68:geometrical forms, to note its effect on individuals in the groups, and to note the extraneousMeditation, 89:in meditation cannot yet be safely given to individuals, though a beginning is being made withMeditation, 146:individual, will rise through the various other individuals to the Master. The other type willMeditation, 167:development of philosophical concepts both in individuals and races. The Mahachohan, whoMeditation, 178:to do this, and among savage peoples and by some individuals in civilized countries the art isMeditation, 179:as a rule devas are handled in groups and not as individuals until you contact devas of a very highMeditation, 191:having enlarged a little on the use of forms by individuals, we can now take up the considerationMeditation, 278:Ego or with his Master he may be aware of it. Individuals differ so much that no universal rule inMeditation, 282:for the race through love and wisdom. But some individuals express this in one way and some inMeditation, 298:laid down here as a starting point. That some individuals here and there achieve the goal, thatMeditation, 322:room of small proportions for his work with individuals, and a larger room for joint concourses,Problems, 9:the problem) or by spiritually minded groups and individuals. The work to be done is so acutelyProblems, 11:as all families, have also in them groups or individuals who are recognized sources of trouble toProblems, 38:in its main implications, though incorrect where individuals are concerned. For this sad and direProblems, 39:of these factors upon a nation and upon those individuals in a nation who are so situated (usuallyProblems, 50:down the centuries, of certain carefully chosen individuals and a complete neglect of the masses.Problems, 57:Rule will come about and right relations between individuals, groups, parties, nations andProblems, 76:known and a primary modern interest. Powerful individuals among the union leaders came to theProblems, 148:eternally struggling to express itself through individuals, nations and races. The true expressionProblems, 173:practical goodwill, expressing itself through individuals, in communities and among nations. SuchPsychology1, 105:of thought, and does no work with private individuals. He works practically entirely on the mentalPsychology1, 105:but does not contact them as physical plane individuals. [106] The urgency of the time is great,Psychology1, 124:will enable human beings, as a race, and not as individuals, [125] to expand their consciousness soPsychology1, 324:and which often breaks down when the loved individuals assert themselves. The tie is not strongPsychology1, 340:now, on such a universal scale in the lives of individuals in the world, that it is one of the mainPsychology1, 356:as the present. Hence the tremendous potency of individuals at this time; hence the difficulty, butPsychology1, 356:definite purpose. This is demonstrated today by individuals in all departments of human activity.Psychology1, 361:Groups exist, but they are groups of individuals gathered around an individual. The seventh rayPsychology1, 378:seek to do is analogous to that which they as individuals have to do in their [379] own privatePsychology1, 385:ray. It should be remembered that as with individuals, so with nations, - the reaction to anPsychology2, 11:out, into world activity, those conscious individuals who will undertake the work of self-assertionPsychology2, 11:of the emerging self-assertion of the massed individuals must therefore be turned in thisPsychology2, 12:intelligent group, composed of the self-aware individuals, can then identify themselvesPsychology2, 12:world disciples today. This work of training the individuals in group purpose must be accomplishedPsychology2, 15:of Soul Influence A study of the outstanding individuals in all fields of world expression today,Psychology2, 112:intelligent devotion of the group carries the individuals of which it is composed to greaterPsychology2, 139:has been possible. Up till this century, individuals could be impressed, here and there, inPsychology2, 182:be determined by the quality of the life of the individuals composing it, and their selflessnessPsychology2, 188:an endeavor to facilitate communication between individuals so that the rules [189] and methodsPsychology2, 189:about the right healing of the personalities of individuals, in all aspects of their nature. [190]
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